How to earn points on Shein

Discover the best methods to increase your Shein clothing store points portfolio: what Shein points are and what they are for, quick and easy

Let's see how to earn points on Shein, the well-known clothing store in Internet with the best prices on the market. And although we can find other stores of similar clothing on the network, Shein offers a series of advantages to its customers such as points, valid to obtain great discounts. Shein is a Chinese digital commerce with clothing for women, men, girls and boys, as well as accessories and beauty products. All of this at truly affordable prices that make it one of the most interesting stores in the current offering. But it is its points program that has made Shein one of the most popular, a promotion with which to obtain discounts of up to 50%. Don't miss out below how to earn points on Shein and get the best discounts.

Shein: how to get points for discounts

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What are Shein points and what are they for?

Shein points are part of the operation of the Online store and serve to obtain discounts on prices of the store itself through user interaction with the app and completing certain requirements. So, 100 points equal 1 dollar of the United States.

If you want to check your points balance in the section My points which you will find in the Shein user panel. The maximum points you can use on your purchases is equivalent to 70% of the value of your purchase excluding shipping costs or taxes; In addition, points expire from time to time, so you will have to use them before you lose them. Finally, if you return a product on which you have spent points, they will be returned to you with the amount.

How to earn points on Shein

Let's see how to get points on Shein to get great discounts on your online purchases.

How to get Shein points

Below we detail the main methods for increase your points balance on Shein, either by completing certain requirements or by regularly interacting with the application. Get great discounts at Shein now!

Download the Shein app

The first and most obvious step is download the Shein app for your iOS (iPhone) or Android mobile. Thus, after downloading the app and just by logging in with your username, you will get one point for each login.

Check in every day in the Shein app

Within the app you can also get points for checking in. To do this you just have to access the points section of your account every day and Click on each of the circles corresponding to the day where you are to obtain different amounts of points. Additionally, you can activate notifications so that they notify you on your mobile phone every day so that you can come in to complete the daily check-in.

How to earn points on Shein

Verify your email

On the other hand, if you access the Shein website and you verify your email You will get 100 free points valid for 4 months to spend them. In addition, with the email you receive for verification you already get 3 euros off your first order over 29 euros.

Buy in store

As we say, for every purchase you make you will get 1 point for every dollar spent in said purchase; However, remember that to obtain the points you must confirm receipt of your order in the section My orders.

How to earn points on Shein

Comment on Shein products

If you leave comments on products you have purchased you will also get points; Thus, for a comment you will earn 10 points, for a comment with an image you will get 20 points and for a size rating you will earn 5 more points. To do this, access My orders, click on Details and finally in Post Comment on the article you want to leave your comment. Once sent you will have to wait for verification to obtain the points.

Participate in Shein live shows

Very often, Shein hosts live shows or broadcasts to promote products or the platform itself; They are usually on Wednesdays and if you participate in them you can get points opening chests that appear during the same or sharing the link of the program.

How to earn points on Shein

Share your looks

Finally, another of the most fun methods to obtain points is sharing your looks; Shein very often organizes look contests, offering 5 points to its users for each look they share with Shein products. Publish your best looks with Shein clothing and earn points/discounts for your next purchases!

How to earn points on Shein

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