How to recover a deleted Instagram story

Do you regret deleting a photo or Instagram story? Through this trick you can recover Stories that you have deleted by mistake

Let's see how to recover a deleted Instagram story through a simple trick implemented in the popular social network to share photos, videos, Reels, Stories and more. And the app owned by Facebook It continues to be renewed and updated with new features and formats, all to try to cope with other applications such as TikTok. Thanks to this, it is now possible to recover deleted posts, although not everyone knows this possibility and how to do it. Therefore, below we show you how to recover deleted Stories from instagram.

Instagram: how to recover deleted stories

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What is the Recently Deleted feature?

And many users may have sorry for deleting a post specific. It is possible that at the time deleting a story or photo it was the right decision, but after a while we can change our mind. Unfortunately, previously it was not possible to recover a deleted post if it was not archived; now, we can finally resort to the function known as Recently deleted.

Thus, if an account was hacked, in many cases contents were deleted before its owner recovered it, losing unrecoverable posts. Luckily, it is now possible recover deleted photos or stories; so much so, that the photos and videos deleted from an Instagram user's profile will remain in the section Recently deleted during 30 days. If after 30 days, these posts will disappear permanently. The same thing happens with stories, although in this case only 24 hours to recover the Deleted stories if the user wants it.

How to recover deleted posts on Instagram

If you want to recover deleted posts on Instagram, you just have to follow a few simple steps. To do this, access Instagram Settings and then to the section Account. The section will appear there Recently deleted, where you can see the deleted posts that you can recover, whether they are photos, videos or stories. Remember that to access this new section you must have the Instagram app updated to the latest version.

How to recover a deleted Instagram story

Remember that to recover photos and videos have 30 days since its elimination. But for the stories you will only have 24 hours to recover them. After these periods of time the posts can no longer be recovered in the section Recently deleted.

Now you know how to recover Instagram stories, photos and videos, so you can now recover your deleted posts as long as you are within the required time period in each case.

How to recover a deleted Instagram story

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