How to request the electronic DNI

Guide on how to request the DNIe and change the PIN or password: everything you need to know

Next we are going to explain to you how to apply in electronic ID or DNIeIn addition to learning to change PIN or password of said document, a tool currently available in the DNI document itself and with which to carry out different online procedures and electronic signatures which, in addition, have the same legal validity as the physical signature that you could make at any administration document. On the other hand, we will also explain how to change the PIN or password of the electronic DNI and the utilities of the same; Don't miss everything you need to know about him electronic ID and the different procedures that we can carry out.

How to obtain and use the electronic DNI

Electronic DNI: how to request and change the PIN

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What is the electronic DNI

He ID either National identity document is the document issued by the General Directorate of Police that proves the identity of a Spanish citizen. This document contains personal data, such as name and surname, date of birth, sex, nationality, place of birth, address, etc. Since 2006 the call has been available Electronic ID with integrated chip, while in 2015 the DNI 3.0 with NFC technology to include different electronic certificates and perform telematic procedures.

How to request the electronic DNI

What you can do with the electronic DNI

With the electronic DNI it is possible to carry out almost all online procedures of the public administration, from doing SEPE procedures to request a birth certificate, as well as obtain a working life, renew unemployment benefits, make an appointment for face-to-face procedures, look for a job, obtain a draft income tax or apply for scholarships, among many other options.

How to request the electronic DNI

All this thanks to the fact that the electronic DNI serves as authentication on-line identity to sign digital certificates; In addition, the DNI 3.0 also serves as travel document in countries that accept it (Fast Border Crossings either ABS Systems) thanks to its passport-like data structure.

How to request the electronic DNI

If you want to use the electronic DNI to carry out online transactions from home the first step will be activate your digital certificates in a dispatch station of the National Police. Furthermore, it will have to be a police station where issue the ID.

  • Note: If you are going to renew your DNI, take the opportunity to activate the DNIe digital certificates in the same place.

In the National Police stations where the DNI is issued, there are special electronic DNI machines, called DNIe Update Point. To carry out any management it is necessary insert your ID into the indicated slot or put the finger on fingerprint reader to verify your identity. Once identified, we must follow the steps indicated on the screen. To finish, you will have to establish a PIN either security password for certificates and DNIe that no one else should know; only you.

How to request the electronic DNI

Remember that this is a face-to-face process and that you can only do it in one of these machines specially created for electronic DNI procedures; It's not something you can do telematic form.

When your electronic DNI is already activated, you can use it to carry out the different procedures online, yes, only through the PC-specific readers or some official NFC app for this type of processes. On the other hand, certificates have a validity of 5 years; Once they expire you will have to go through a DNIe machine again to renew the certificates.

How to change the PIN of the electronic DNI

If you like change PIN or password of your electronic DNI, either to use a combination that is easier to remember or if your current password has been compromised, you will have to go again to one of these DNIe machines at a National Police station where DNI is issued. Another important piece of information: the password or PIN must have a minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 16.

How to request the electronic DNI

Follow the following steps to change the PIN or password of the electronic DNI:

  1. Go to a police station National Police where they issue ID.
  2. Locate the DNIe machine.
  3. Enter your ID in the ID slot to start the process and log in with your identity.
  4. Write your PIN current and click on Accept.
  5. If you don't remember your PIN, click I forgot my password to start the verification process with your fingerprint.
  6. Once you have identified yourself with your PIN or password or with your fingerprint, you will access the main page of your personal data.
  7. Click on Change Password in the left column of the screen.
  8. Enter the new PIN or password you want to use.
  9. Press Accept and go back to write the new PIN or password to confirm and finish the process.

How to request the electronic DNI

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