Double call scam: what it is and how to avoid it

We tell you everything about the double call scam: what it is, how it works, how to identify it and how to avoid being scammed. Don't let your personal data be stolen!

Let's see what is the double call scam, how to identify it and how to prevent hackers from stealing your personal data through this widespread phone scam. And this type of fraud has become very common, as warned by the OCU; This is a deception with which cybercriminals intend steal personal data of the victims through two different calls, each of them posing as two people or entities different. Due to the complexity of the scam and how easy it can be to fall for it, we are going to explain what is the scam double call and how to avoid being deceived.

Telephone scam: beware of the double call scam!

What is the double call scam and how to avoid it

And when it comes to two different calls, it is easier for anyone to fall for it, since on the first call they can impersonate the telephone company of the user and in the second they can offer you a false solution, giving more credibility to the scam. Therefore, we are going to teach you everything you need to know about this type of telephone scams and how to avoid them.

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What is the double call scam?

The call double call scam or fraud belongs to a type of telephone scam known as vishing. This is a type of fraud that makes the user believe something that is not true through identity theft. The method is the following: the hacker calls on the phone someone posing as a specific person, company or organization who reports a false problem with any matter related to the victim, whether on behalf of the telephone company, electricity, insurance, etc.

After a first call, the user receives a second call after a reasonable time to give a false solution to the invented problem. All this with the aim of stealing the data of the user who is intended to be scammed. And if you receive a call informing you of some type of problem, you may not believe it; but if after a short time you receive another call from another person giving you a solution to that problem, maybe this time you do fall. Let's see how to identify such a practice.

How the double call scam works

The most common practice in this type of telephone scam is for hackers to impersonate your telephone company, for example, informing you that they are going to increase the price of your contract. At this moment they are looking impact the victim, causing uncertainty; In this case they can inform you that they are going to raise your monthly bill 20 or 30 euros. And immediately.

Shortly after the first call, the victim receives a second call equally fraudulent and in which, for example, you are will offer an offer from another phone company to offer you an offer you can't refuse. The objective is scare you with the first call to give you one false solution with the second; If you agree to hire the second company to avoid the price increase, you will be giving your personal data to third parties. Great care!

Double call scam: what it is and how to avoid it

How to avoid the double call scam

There are several factors that can reveal a telephone scam of this nature. The first of them is that receiving two calls related to each other of two supposedly different entities soon It's already something suspicious.

Another determining characteristic is that price increases in telephone contracts (or any type) they communicate in writing and not just through a simple phone call. And the rate increases They are not usually so pronounced, but can be between 1 and 5 euros as much.

On the other hand, if you receive a call from a telephone company or any other area, you must demand that they identify, always. Ask everything you can think of; If you see that they are not able to respond quickly or they refuse to do it, suspicion.

Lastly, and as is evident, do not give your personal information at the first change. Not for a telephone company or for any other supposed company. Always say that you have to think about it; Furthermore, you must iFind out if there really are offers of this type. And if they pressure you by assuring you that this is a temporary offer and that you must decide at the moment, totally distrustful. Most likely it is a scam or scam. Hang up immediately.

Now you know what the call is about double call scam, how to identify it and how to prevent your personal data from being stolen through this type of telephone scams.

Double call scam: what it is and how to avoid it

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