Trick to turn your iPhone into a Wi-Fi access point

Follow our tips to share your internet data from your iOS smartphone

Nowadays, having a good internet connection is essential for both professional and leisure reasons. Therefore, the mobile phone companies offer connections with increasingly better features ?even with tens of GB per month? at very affordable prices.

In general, and in most places where we go, we have good internet connections, whether private or public, although We cannot always have the best connection or the security that our personal connection via iPhone can offer us.. Therefore, if we want to connect to the internet with another device such as a laptop or tablet, we can always turn to our iPhone to turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot, fast and safe.

How to enable iOS 11 Personal Hotspot

How to turn our iPhone into a Wi-Fi access point

The most current smartphones have tools within their own operating systems to carry out this action, although we can also find applications that allow us to share our 4G connection with other devices. iOS already has its own system to share internet data and turn our iPhone into a mobile hotspot. Below we will tell you how.

The first thing we should do is go to Settings through the main iOS menu. Once there, and within the group of options related to connectivity, we will find a tab with Share internet through which configure our own private Wi-Fi connection.

How to configure Hotspot on iPhone

Once inside, we will see that the tool is disabled and with a random Wi-Fi password. That will be when we will have to change said password to use our own; To do this we just have to click on “Wi-Fi Password” to write our password. We recommend using a word that we can remember easily.

How to configure Hotspot on iPhone

Once changed, all we have to do is return to the previous configuration screen and activate the virtual “Internet Sharing” switch. Thus, our iPhone will become our own Wi-Fi access point, a connection that we can share with our other devices both via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB cable. We just have to be cautious with the amount of data we are going to use so as not to get scared and run out of GB on our iPhone 4G connection.