Batman Arkham Asylum Cheats for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360

All the secrets, collectibles and unlockables of Batman Arkham Asylum

Stop the plans of the Joker and his Titan toxin in Batman Arkham Asylum

armored batman

To unlock this costume for Challenge mode, we have to complete the game on any difficulty. With this suit we have a little more life than with the normal one and we can select it before starting a challenge.

Night Glider Achievement/Trophy

To get this Achievement/Trophy we have to plan for 100 meters.



Freestyle Perfection Achievement/Trophy

To get this Achievement/Trophy we have to perform a combo in any game mode using all the movements from Batman.



Arkham Asylum Collectibles

We leave you some videos divided into the different areas of the game to find all the collectibles in Arkham Asylum. Have, Enigma Trophies, Riddles, Interview Tapes, Arkham Chronicles and Joker's Dentures.

Arkham Collectibles East



Arkham Mansion Collectibles



Botanical Gardens Collectibles



Arkham North Collectibles



Intensive Treatment Collectibles



Cave System Collectibles



Arkham West Collectibles



Medical Building Collectibles



Medical Building Collectibles



Penitentiary Collectibles



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