Bayonetta Cheats for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U

All the cheats and unlockables for Bayonetta on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U. Complete the game and discover all its secrets thanks to our help.

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Unlockable Characters

To choose these characters, select "New Game" once the unlock requirements have been met. All data will be reset for that chosen character and will not affect the main file.

Jeanne: Earn Platinum medals in all levels in Normal mode or higher.

Little Zero: Complete "The Lost Chapter."

Unlockable Outfits

Once we complete the game at least on Normal difficulty. We head to the "Gates of Hell" and look for the "Rodin's Treasure" menu. We will see a "Super Mirror", which costs 100,000 halos and unlocks the rest of the costumes (Couture Bullets). To change costumes, press R1 at the start screen of each chapter.

  • Umbran Komachi/ Kimono (three classes A, B and C available): Buy the Super Mirror – 100,000 Halos. 
  • d"Arc (Suit similar to Jeanne's): "Couture Bullet (d"Arc)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • Nun: "Couture Bullet (Nun)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • Old: Buy the "Couture Bullet (Old)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • PE uniforms (three classes A, B and C available): "Couture Bullet (PE Uniform)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • Queen: "Couture Bullet (Queen)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • Umbra: "Couture Bullet (Umbra)" – 100,000 Halos.
  • Various: Bikini A, Bikini B and Cheerleader: "Couture Bullet (Various)" – 100,000 Halos.

Unlockable Weapons

  • Pistols: Complete Normal mode.
  • Bazillions: Complete Hard mode.
  • Intimate conversation: Complete the Infinite Climax mode Without Pauses.
  • Sai-Fon: Complete 100 chapters on Normal mode or higher.
  • rodin: Buy the Platinum Ticket and defeat the Boss you have summoned.

Unlockable Bracelets

Once we meet the requirements we can obtain them in the Rodin store.

Bracelet of Time: Complete the game on Normal difficulty or higher, in less than 3 hours.

Climax Bracelet: Obtain all 101 Umbran Blood Tears.


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