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Discover all the secrets, equipment, invigorators, infusions and collectibles in Bioshock Infinite

Accompany Booker through the city of heaven "Columbia" in Bioshock Infinite.

Trick to unlock 1999 Mode

This is the highest level of difficulty in Bioshock Infinite, if we complete the game on any difficulty it is unlocked, but there is a trick to do it directly from the beginning, in the main menu where it says Play Game, Options... we press:

D-Pad up D-Pad up D-Pad down D-Pad down Left D-Pad Right D-Pad Left D-Pad Right D-Pad B Button Button A (Xbox)

D-Pad up D-Pad up D-Pad down D-Pad down Left D-Pad Right D-Pad Left D-Pad Right D-Pad circle button X button ()

When starting a new game we can select it directly.

Unlimited Money, Lockpicks and Equipment Trick

In the Hall of Heroes area We can use a trick to collect money, lockpicks and equipment, we simply have to clean the entire area, and re-enter the Hall of Heroes, by doing so everything regenerates and we can take it again when we leave, for the machines we will have to wear "Possession" power Of course we will have to deal with the enemies again, so the trick takes time but it is worth it to avoid having problems later. We leave you a video showing the location of the objects.

Bioshock Infinite Trick Get: Money, Lock Locks and UNLIMITED Equipment

All Invigorators

The Energizers are the powers that we can use with the left hand, in total there are 8 that we can collect throughout the main story, we leave you a description of its effects and a video with the location of each of them. 

  • Possession - The first one that we receive in the game allows us to put the machines, the robotic turrets and the Motorized Patriots on our side. When the effect wears off, they will attack us again. It consumes a lot of salts, so the second improvement is important to buy to reduce its consumption since it We will use it throughout the adventure.
  • Devil's Kiss – With this Invigorator we can throw fireballs that ignite enemies, or we can create a trap by holding the button, which explodes when an enemy approaches.
  • Killer Crows – We launch a flock of crows that stuns the enemies, holding down the button creates a trap that is activated when they pass over it, this Invigorator is very useful to have a break in battles and take away an enemy while they are stunned.
  • Wild Horse - This Invigorator lifts enemies into the air, keeping them in suspension for the duration of the effect. We can shoot them at will. If the enemies are covered, the effect of this Invigorator will affect them equally.
  • Electric Rider – He shoots lightning bolts from his hands that stun enemies, or creates an electric trap that activates when an enemy passes nearby. If we see puddles of water, this will increase its power.
  • Burden - It allows us to charge against the selected enemy and leave them at the mercy of our shots or melee attack.
  • Bottom Pull – It shoots a jet of water that pushes the enemies, it is very useful for throwing them into the void and thus we can quickly get rid of them. Holding the button creates a jet of water with which we can attract the enemies and stun them briefly.
  • Return to Sender – It creates a force shield that stops bullets, by keeping the button pressed it stores them so that it can then be launched at enemies.


Bioshock Infinite - Guide All Invigorators Locations


All Infusions

We leave you a video to locate the 24 infusions and obtain the "Infusion of Greatness" Achievement/Trophy.

Bioshock Infinite | Location of Infusions | Achievement/Trophy: Infusion of Greatness


All the team

Throughout the adventure we will find equipment to wear divided into 4 sections, Boots, Vests, Pants and Hats. By equipping them they give us additional advantages, we leave you a list with the description of each garment and below a video with the location of all the equipment, but be careful the objects they give us are random, but at least it serves to discover the location of all of them .


  • Vampire's Embrace: Melee kill gives health. 
  • Healthy as an Oak: When you are revived, you regain all health. 
  • Tunnel Vision: Aiming increases damage by 25%, not aiming reduces damage by 25%. 
  • Death from the Sky: Increases the damage of the 30% weapon on air lanes. 
  • Northeast Wind: Killing an enemy from an airway gives a 50% being invulnerable. 
  • Kill to Live: Melee executions have a 65% of giving health. 
  • Newton's Law: Getting off a rail makes nearby enemies retreat.


  • Timely Bullet: Increases the magazine size of all 50% weapons. 
  • Executioner: 60% critical hit chance with melee. 
  • Source of Evil: Enemies die sooner in melee. 
  • Air Rail Accuracy: Increases the weapon's accuracy on air rails. 
  • Picker's Vest: The enemy provides ammunition upon death 40% of the times 
  • Blood to Salt: The enemy provides salts upon death 40% of the time.


  • Fiery Bird: 100% chance to burn enemies when getting off a rail. 
  • Fragile Skin: Melee targets are briefly vulnerable.


  • Protected Life: Grants brief invulnerability when gaining itemized health. 
  • Acceleration Control: Increases control on airways. 
  • Storm: Can spread the effects of Wild Horse, Electric Rider, and Devil's Kiss. 
  • Electric Touch: 50% chance for melee to stun enemy 
  • Roadrunner Hat: Without a shield we are a faster 50%. 
  • With Blood Enters: 30% chances of melee causing possession. 
  • Tech-savvy: Harder to be detected by machines.
Bioshock Infinite Equipment/Clothes Guide.


Collectibles Telescopes and Kinetoscopes

We leave you a video to locate all the Telescopes and Kinetoscopes and get the Achievement/Trophy "Doing Tourism".

Bioshock Infinite | Location Telescopes and Kinetoscopes | Achievement/Trophy: Sightseeing


Voxaphone Collectibles

A video with the 80 Voxaphones to collect and get the Achievement/Trophy "Gossip".

Bioshock Infinite | Location of Voxaphones | Achievement/Trophy: Gossip

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