Bioshock Cheats for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

All Bioshock cheats, codes, collectibles, weapons, tonics and plasmids

Tour the underwater city of Rapture and learn all the secrets it holds bioshock.

Trick Unlimited Money, Ammunition, First Aid Kits and EVE


Bioshock Endings

There are three different endings in the game, which depend on how we treat the Little Sisters.

  • Final 1 – You must complete the game by harvesting more than one Little Sister.
  • Final 2 – We have to complete the game without harvesting any Little Sister.
  • Final 3 – To see this alternative ending, we have to complete the game by harvesting only one Little Sister.


Bioshock PC Cheats

In the Bioshock installation folder, open the file defuser.ini. In the key assignment area, assign a key to one of the codes below (example, F8 = ghost). Cheats are disabled when a cutscene appears or when moving to a new area.

  • walk: Disable the flying and wall passing cheats.
  • God: God mode.
  • ghost: Go through walls.
  • fly: Fly.
  • igbigbucks: 500 dollars.
  • givebioammo: Gives you EVE.
  • givehealth: Health to the maximum.
  • killpawns: Kill all enemies in the level.
  • suicide: Suicide.
  • slomo: Slow motion mode.
  • teleport: Teleport.

Weapons, Tonics and Plasmids

We leave you a video with the location of all the Weapons, all the Tonics and all the Bioshock Plasmids.


Location of AudioDiarios

In the game there is 122 Audiodiaries that we can collect throughout the adventure, we leave you the videos with the location of all of them in the different chapters of the story mode.

Audio diaries Welcome to Rapture

Bioshock Journal Guide "Welcome to Rapture"


Audio diaries "Medical Center"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Medical Pavilion"


Audio diaries "Neptune's Bounty"

Bioshock Diary Guide "Neptune's Bounty"


Audio diaries "Smugglers' Lair"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Smugglers' Lair"



Bioshock Diaries Guide "Arcadia"


Audio diaries "Agricultural Fair"

Bioshock Diary Guide "Agricultural Fair"


Arcadia (part two)

Bioshock Journal Guide "Arcadia" (yes again)


Audio diaries "Fort Frolic"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Fort Frolic"


Audiodiaries "Hephaestus"

Bioshock Diary Guide "Hephaestus"


Audio diaries "Rapture Central Control"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Rapture Central Control"


"Olympus Heights" audio diaries

Bioshock Diary Guide "Olympus Heights"


Audio diaries "Plaza Apollo"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Apollo Plaza"


Audio diaries "Point Prometheus"

Bioshock Journal Guide "Point Prometheus"


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