Call of Duty: WW II Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Beat the campaign, learn about the new zombies, all the secrets and tricks, how to get all the Call of Duty WW II Achievements/Trophies

 Land in Normandy on D-Day and fight across Europe in the iconic scenes of the most monumental war in history. Enjoy classic Call of Duty combat, the bonds of camaraderie, and the unforgiving nature of war in Call of Duty: WWII.

Heroic Acts

There are 23 heroic acts which we will have to do throughout the campaign, these acts are divided into three groups and each of them has an associated achievement/trophy.

I have you! – Drag 9 different allies behind cover. An ally will be left lying on the ground and we will have to drag him to cover to get him to safety, we will have to do this before the red circle ends or the ally will die.

There is a truce – Get 4 different groups of enemies to surrender. In these situations simply kill several enemies and target the rest until they surrender.

Rescuer – Save 10 different allies in a bind. We will find an ally in a fight against an enemy, to help him we will have to kill the enemy, we will have to do them before the red circle ends or the ally will die. When you do a heroic act, it is saved automatically, you don't have to reach any checkpoint or do it again if you die, you can even leave the level immediately. You can do this on any difficulty from the mission selector and load the checkpoint.

The video shows the locations of all the heroic actions of the 3 groups.

Call of Duty WWII - Heroic Acts Guide - Achievements / Trophies Rescuer, There's a Truce and I Got You!


Collectible Memories 

There are 33 the collectible memories that we will have to collect throughout the game's history, we can find 3 in each chapter. When you collect a memory it is saved automatically, there is no need to go to any checkpoint or pick it up again if they kill us, We can even leave the level immediately once we pick it up. They can be picked up on any difficulty from the mission selector. When we get them we all receive the Achievement/Trophy "Fragments of History".

Call of Duty WWII - Collectible Souvenirs Guide - Achievement/Trophy Story Fragments


Call of Duty: WW II Achievements and Trophies

Private – Get 10 kills in multiplayer.   

Fragments of history – Obtain all 33 memories.   

Slowly and good lyrics – Spend 3 minutes using Focus on the campaign.   

There are some lucky ones – Cross the breakwater in less than 2 minutes without receiving machine gun fire. 

Call of Duty WWII - There are some lucky ones - Achievement / Trophy


War uncertainty – Sneak through the dragon teeth without being detected in Carnage.

Call of Duty WWII - War Uncertainty - Achievement / Trophy


Pressure cooker – Survive until wave 20 in Prologue.   

Red fog – Get 10 kills in a single Bomber explosion in The Last Reich.   

Attack! – Kill 10 zombies in The Last Reich with a Wüstling charge.   

stalking – Find and shoot Dr. Straub in The Last Reich.   

Undertaker – Kill the Bomber using the shovel in The Last Reich.   

lightning workers – Build a Tesla weapon in The Last Reich.   

Protective – Save 5 allies by throwing an activated grenade away.   

like a carter – Disable 50 enemies using smoke grenades.   

You're too far from Texas – Complete D-Day.  

The scourge – Complete Operation Cobra.   

Without shelter – Complete Fortress.   

Last stop – Complete DOE.   

Sunday – Complete the DOE driving segment without hitting any obstacles.

Call of Duty WWII - Sunday - Achievement / Trophy


Champagne and caviar – Complete Liberation.   

Human cost – Complete Collateral Damage.   

jet cowboy – Rescue your allies with the Sherman with your armor above 80% in Collateral Damage.

Call of Duty WWII - Jet Cowboy - Achievement/Trophy


Butcher shop – Complete Carnage.   

Our men – Complete Hill 493.   

Containment fire! – Manage to escort the pole charge engineer to the fort on Hill 493.

Call of Duty WWII - Containment Fire! - Achievement/Trophy


The worst Christmas – Complete Battle of the Bulge.   

There is no big sacrifice – Complete Ambush.   

Period of service – Win 5 War games.   

dark arts – Build all variants of the Tesla weapon in The Last Reich.   

white knuckles – Survive 3 plagues in The Last Reich without being shot in a single game.   

Flak – Protect your tanks by shooting down all the planes in Operation Cobra. 

Call of Duty WWII - Anti-Aircraft Fire - Achievement/Trophy


Silent Night – Cross the courtyard without being detected in Liberation.

Call of Duty WWII - Silent Night - Achievement/Trophy


Pilot – Protect the bombers by shooting down 12 enemy planes yourself in the Battle of the Bulge.   

Infiltrate – Reach the sniper position without being detected in Ambush.   

Advocate – Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.   

Friend in trouble – Ask Zussman to throw medkits at you 30 times.   

I see movement! – Ask Pierson to detect enemies 25 times.   

Ask and pass – Ask Turner to throw ammo at you 20 times.   

stick syrup – Have Stiles throw grenades at you 15 times.   

Who needs a pendant? – Ask Aiello to launch smoke signals at you and request mortar attacks 10 times.   

I have you! – Drag 9 different allies behind cover.   

There is a truce – Get 4 different groups of enemies to surrender.   

Rescuer – Save 10 different allies in a tight spot.   

Shooter – Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Fortaleza. 

Call of Duty WWII - Marksman - Achievement / Trophy


Fireworks – Recover the relic in The Last Reich.   

Willing recruit – Complete 21 daily challenges.   

division commander – Gives prestige to a division.   

Dark meeting – Salva Klaus in The Last Reich.   

Distinguished service – Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.   

Until the end – Complete the campaign.      

Army general – Enter prestige 1.