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Troops and Characters Clash of Clans

Warriors and Troops Clash of Clans

Archers – Due to its ability to fight both ground and air targets at a distance, it is one of the units that we should always have. They only take up one space and it takes us 25 seconds to develop them.

barbarians – They are the first troops with which we start the game. They are strong and withstand blows well but as we progress in the game we will leave them aside, accompanying them with Giants is good to distract enemy defenses.

Witch – The Witch moves on foot and it is always better to have her in the rear because she does not have much health, she generates skeleton troops that attack ground and air targets, she also launches lightning bolts like the wizards. They are very used characters because they attack from a distance and the skeletons they generate always give us extra troops. To develop them we need dark elixir, they take up 12 spaces and take 10 minutes to generate.

Dragon - Is a powerful air force which destroys both ground and air enemies, it is the best troop that we can use to win a battle or secure at least 2 stars in war. It is important accompany them with a rage spell or we can accompany them with balloons so that the enemy's anti-aircraft defenses focus on them and do more damage with the Dragon, although its development time is high, 15 minutes and they have a fairly high cost.

Elf - His function is to steal. In battles they can be very useful destroying elixir and gold stores, as well as extractors, since they destroy them faster than other troops. 

Minions - Are the first creatures that we can get in our dark barracks. They have a great speed of movement and it is the fastest aerial creature in the game. Are ideal for destroying cannons and mortars, it is good to accompany them with a Dragon if we have one so that they absorb the damage since the minions will fall quickly against the enemy air defenses, especially against the Wizard Towers.

Giants – Slow, powerful and can take a large number of hits, they are ideal to send them to the front of troops to serve as a wall for the weakest troops, accompany them with a Healer It is perfect for them to last longer and wreak havoc on the enemy village. They are vulnerable to jump traps so be careful with them. His Favorite target is defensive buildings.

Balloons – Balloons are aerial devices manned by wall breakers. They are very useful for breaking defenses, it takes 5 minutes to make and takes up 5 spaces, in order to develop them barracks level 6 required. It is best to use them after having destroyed the enemy's air defenses. Be careful not to launch them too close together since the explosion of one affects the other balloons nearby.

Golem – Another of the creatures from the dark barracks and the one with the most life. It would be the advanced version of the giant, slow and very powerful, too when one falls produces a splash explosion and Create 2 Mini-Golems with one-fifth health and strength. They occupy 30 spaces and take about 30 minutes to develop. Accompanied by Wizards and Witches they are devastating and it is the attack known as GOWIWI, unlike Giants, the jump trap does not affect Golems.

Magician – The magician is one of the most powerful cheap units of Clash of Clans, the problem is that it takes a long time to develop them and that despite having much more life than their companions, It is equally or easier to destroy by most defenses. Still, if you leave the mages next to the archers while the barbarians clear the way it will be very easy to break through all the defenses. Accompanied by Healers they are practically indestructible.

Ride pigs – A Hog Rider is a dark elixir warrior. It occupies a space of 5 homes and attacks one by one. The advantage of a pig rider in Clash of Clans is that he can jump the walls more difficult to attack specific objectives, it will always go for the defenses first and last after the rest of the village.

PEKKA - A PEKKA is your best barrier warrior that you can take to war. Occupy 25 living spaces and from level 1 his life is 2800. The advantage of a Pekka is that It perfectly absorbs all impacts with the exception of electric shocks. Throw it near empty areas to absorb hits from giant bombs, small bombs and any hidden traps as this unit's armor will not allow them to fly away.

Archer Queen – The archer queen, like the barbarian king, will require a dark elixir, but it will be 40 thousand to unlock it and it is from level 9 of the town hall. The archer queen is an immortal being that when defeated or attacked in battle it He recovers by sleeping. He carries a modified X-Crossbow with which he causes great damage. The usual thing is to leave her in the rear and attack from a distance.

Barbarian King – The barbarian king is quite a case. First it costs a lot to obtain it since we need a store of dark elixir, then collect 10,000 dark elixir and each person who fights will fall asleep for an hour or the equivalent of the damage received. The problem with the king is that it does single target damage so in an ambush or launch where he is hit from all sides he will be out of combat very quickly. If we attack by land, throw it near the mortars to help you open the way easily, and if you attack by air, throw it near the anti-aircraft guns. It will also serve as a distraction to open walls, activate bombs or traps.

Wall breakers – The Wall Breakers will be useful to us from our first battles to our last. They are an essential part of a battle in Clash of Clans unless our attacks are aerial, since with just a couple of them at a good level they will be able to break even the strongest of walls. With a battalion of wall breakers we can make our way from the outside to the center of the village to extract all its treasures. They are very weak against mortars, we have to be careful when we launch them because our 10 wall breakers will turn into dust in a second. We can try to launch them to break walls near defenses since the explosion range will weaken them.

Healer – A healer is the best thing we can have at our side when our attacks are on the ground since she will not be able to help your air allies. It is useful for restoring the health of small troops. since her healing range is not very wide but she does have enough life to resist some attacks from archers and rocket launchers before being knocked down. We should not take more than 2 to a war because we will be spending 30 warrior spaces and we should never release them together because they can be quickly shot down by a mage or aerial bombs.

Lava Hounds – The lava hound is made up of rock all over its body and is full of lava. It is the last dark troop created for the moment. You need to have Dark Barracks level 6. It took a whopping 45 minutes to craft and they've lowered it to 15 minutes due to its great use, and occupies 30 in the barracks and camps. Attacks at a speed of 10 seconds, It's too slow, but that's the point, he wants to keep the air defenses busy with him. That is their objective, air defenses, which after receiving a few hits, what it does is destroy itself, generating a small explosion and dividing into lava puppies, which as their name indicates are daddy's little ones. Depending on the level you have, more lava puppies will be produced. These puppies will continue attacking deployed on the enemy village.

Valkyrie – The Valkyrie is a somewhat strange piece on the Clash of Clans board. It has a low elixir cost and moves very fast, its attack is decent starting at 88 and its health is 900. But be careful not to leave it alone because it will be destroyed in the blink of an eye. Can destroy up to 20 or 25 archers if the Valkyrie uses her death attack. Together with other creatures it can be a great companion, especially with the Giants, PEKKA and Golem, since these have a lot of life and together with the Valkyrie's punch they are devastating.

Defensive Buildings

Cannons – They cause high damage and are essential to defend your village. The cannons are available from the start of the game with the town hall level 1 and they cost 250 gold coins.

Archer Towers – Important and useful archers who will defend your village. Archer towers have greater range than cannons and can attack flying enemies. They cost 1000 gold coins.

Walls – Walls are perfect for keeping the village safe and your enemies in the line of fire. The basic wall costs 200 gold coins.

Mortars – They are responsible for throwing iron balls that will kill a large number of rival troops, very useful when the enemy is superior in number. We need to have town hall level 3 and They cost 8000 gold coins.

Air defense – They are in charge of eliminating air troops. These defenses are lethal against flying enemies but do not attack ground enemies. We need to have the town hall level 4 and They cost 22500 gold coins.

Jump Trap – It will keep your enemies out of your village. We need to have the town hall at level 4 and They cost 2000 coins. 

Wizard Towers – This mage tower has less defense area but they are quite powerful. Wizards inside the towers use spells against flying and ground enemies. It is necessary to have the town hall at level 5 and they cost 180,000 gold coins.

Air Bomb – Very useful for pest control. Causes a lot of damage to air units. It takes the town hall at level 5 and They cost 4000 gold coins. 

Giant Bomb – Giant bombs cause a huge explosion. We need to have the Ayoke at level 6 and They cost 12500 gold coins.

Hidden Tesla – This tower launches electric rays when you get close, causing a lot of damage. Town Hall at level 7 and costs 1 million gold coins.

X-Crossbow – This crossbow is very powerful with a high level of destruction. Requires the Town Hall at level 9 and costs 3 million gold coins.

Infernal Tower – The function of this tower is to give off deadly heat. Requires the Town Hall at level 10 and costs 5 million gold coins.

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