Dante's Inferno Cheats for PS3, Xbox 360, PSP

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Descend into hell to recover your beloved Beatriz in Dante's Inferno.

The 3 Stones of Beatriz

In total there are 3 Beatriz stones that we have to collect throughout the adventure to receive the Achievement/Trophy "Power of the Cross". 



The 30 Silver coins

We leave you a video with the location of the 30 silver coins, collecting them all we will receive 3 Achievements/Trophies, one for collecting 10, another for 20 and another for 30.



All Virgil's Commentaries


Masterpiece Achievement and Poetry in Motion

2 of the Achievements/trophies from Dante's Inferno is to perform a combo of 200 hits (Masterpiece) and another of 666 hits (Poetry in Motion). We leave you a video to get them easily.




  • Video (Making the Baby Feature): Complete the game on any difficulty. 
  • Double-breasted suit: Complete the game on any difficulty level and start a new game to select it.
  • Gates of Hell (Survival Mode): Complete the game on any difficulty level and select them from the Main Menu.
  • Infernal Difficulty: Complete the game on any difficulty.

Dantes Inferno Achievements/Trophies

Butcher shop in Acre: Fight against the prisoner of Acre. 

Lovely: Find a Beatriz stone. 

The traces of a traitor: Find 10 silver coins. 

Betrayed with a kiss: Find 20 silver coins. 

Relic Finder: Find a relic. 

Eyes on fire: Send Charon back into the abyss. 

Heating: Perform a 50-hit combo attack. 

Masterpiece: Perform a 200-hit combo attack. 

Holy warrior: Kill 30 servants. 

Demon Exterminator: Kill 30 demons. 

Bad caregiver: Kill 20 unbaptized babies. 

Indigestion: Kill 5 gluttons. 

Confessional: Kill 5 heretics. 

Countermeasures: Kill 20 enemies with a counter move. 

Superstition: Kill 20 enemies using magic. 

Give me strength: Open 20 health sources. 

Sorcerer's Apprentice: Open 20 mana sources. 

leave all hope: Go through the Gates of Hell. 

power of the cross: Find Beatriz's 3 stones. 

Well done, Judas: Find the 30 silver coins. 

Luminous relics: Find all the holy relics. 

Dark Relics: Find all the unholy relics. 

Forbidden love: He finds and acquits Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta. 

Old friend: Finds and acquits Brunetto Latini. 

Poetry in motion: Perform a combined attack of 666 hits. 

The dark forest: [Forest DLC] Complete The Dark Forest on any difficulty. 

Without losing the right path: [Forest DLC] Complete The Dark Forest without getting lost. 

Sentence to the judge: Defeat King Minos. 

Disunited lovers: Defeat Mark Antony. 

The big worm: Defeat Cerberus. 

Like father Like Son: Defeat Alighiero. 

Light in the darkness: Reach virtue level 7. 

Death's Apprentice: Reach impiety level 7. 

Good man: Maximize the path of virtue. 

Evil man: Maximize the path of impiety. 

 Dite Gates: Enter the lower circles of hell. 

 Fright: Flee from heresy. 

Fraternity: Defeat Francesco. 

The guide: Compile all of Virgilio's comments. 

Bittersweet : Save Beatriz. 

The condemned: Punish or spare the 27 shades of hell. 

Soul Harvester: Accumulate 60,000 souls. 

Gates of hell: Defeat all waves of enemies in the Gates of Hell stage. 

Contention with Lucifer: Defeat the emperor of the kingdom of misfortune.