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PP Training and Testing

Trainings are small challenges what they report to us a pretty decent amount of PP, they jump from chapter 1 and are seen on the mapping as a star, we They give bronze, silver and gold medals depending on the deaths we get. They give us points for each medal obtained but only once and the effects of the books are deactivated while we do them.

The PP Tests are unlocked as we progress in the story, we can consult them in the Menu (and its reward), they are tests of all kinds. We leave you a list with the different types of Training and all the PP Tests.

Types of Training:

  •  "Tsar" or Hilde's Sergeant pistols: We complete them easily.
  • Fists first: Kill zombies only with your bare hands, it is best to have the melee upgrades to perform them.
  • Do it yourself useless: Kill only with combined weapons, we recommend ultimate shout and complete them very simply.
  • Right to bear arms: Kill only with firearms, with weapons like "Split Shot".
  • Motorcycle Shop, Scrapyard: Only combined vehicles, Turret or Devourer and run.
  • Death Frenzy: Kill zombies anyway. We also complete these with vehicles or powerful weapons such as Elemental Rod or Ultimate Shout quickly.
  • Burn Baby Burn: Kill the zombies with fire, with the perfect "Devourer", we still have Flamethrower, Fire Reaper, Fire Helmet...
  • Hit and Run: Only with vehicles, very simple, take a vehicle and destroy zombies.
  • Death with Shock: Killing with electricity, Ultimate Scream is still the best option, even so the electric rod and luminous idea.

PP tests

  • BUM BUM BUM - Create the IED 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Propane Cylinder + Gasoline Can. 
    With combination class upgrade. Explosives + Explosives.
  • Garbage Balls – Create the garbage ball 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Outdoor Trash Can + Trash Bag. (This weapon is given to us by Kenny in chapter 7). 
    With combination class upgrade. 
    Miscellany + Miscellany. 
    Miscellany + Mechanical Objects.
  • Headstrong - Create the Fire Helmet 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Chinese Dragon Head + Motor Oil. 
    With Helmets + Chemicals combination class upgrade.
  • Easier than launching it – Create the kabum cannon 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Grenade + Shotgun. 
    With Explosives + Firearms combination class upgrades.
  • A distressing toy! – Create the surprise box 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Toy Robot + Cardboard Box. 
    With combination class improvements Joke Items + Miscellaneous.
  • Mark it on fire – Create the fire sword 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Greatsword + Motor Oil. 
    With Blades + Chemicals combination class upgrades.
  • Jazz hands!!! – Create jazz hands 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    MMA Gloves + Pistol. 
    With Gloves + Firearms combination class upgrades.
  • Ryu would be proud – Create the dragon fist 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Motorcycle Engine + Boxing Gloves. 
    With combination class upgrades. Mechanical objects + Gloves.
  • Like tears in the rain - Creates acid rain 50 times. 10,000 PP. 
    Flares + Chemical products. 
    With Firearms + Chemicals combination class upgrades.
  • Last words - Discover all the tragic deaths of the citizens of Los Perdidos. 80,000 PP. 
  • Bad customer – Escape 50 zombie grabs. 10,000 PP. 
    Escape from the grabs by pressing the button that appears on the screen when they grab us.
  • Warming up - Kill 5,000 Zombies. 5,000 PP.
  • Even more than killing – Kill 10,000 Zombies 10,000 PP.
  • With the elders – Kill 53,594 Zombies. 20,000 PP.
  • I play in First – Kill 72,000 Zombies 30,000 PP.
  • Play dead! – Kill 100 zombies with the charge. 20,000 PP. 
    To perform Y+B Rush when indicated, unarmed or with a weapon that does not have its own execution
  • My belly hurts – Use the Unravel move against 100 Zombies. 20,000 PP.
    To perform Unravel Down Left Stick + Y+B when indicated, unarmed or with a weapon that does not have its own execution.
  • Use your head - Use the Headbutt move against 100 Zombies. 20,000 PP. 
    To perform Left Headbutt left stick + Y+B when indicated, unarmed or with a weapon that does not have its own execution.
  • Zombie Roast – Kill 3,600 zombies with fire for 50,000 PP. 
    Fire Helmet, Fire Sword, Fire Reaper, ZAR, Flamethrower, Devourer (vehicle).
  • I think I'm going to vomit - Kill 200 Zombies while spinning with the Turnstile move 30,000 PP. 
    To perform Right Tourniquet left stick + Y+B when indicated, unarmed or with a weapon that does not have its own execution.
  • Run for your dead – Kill 100 zombies with the 20,000 PP shoulder charge. 
    To perform the shoulder load, X while running.
  • Go Knee – Kill 50 Zombies with a Falling Knee Attack for 10,000 PP.
    To perform a falling knee, And while we jump.
  • Shot down! – Kill 20 football zombies with the 30,000 PP Shoulder Charge.
    There are many of these zombies in Sunset Hills (around the institute and nearby) and in Central City (near the North Shelter and on South Street).
  • Zombie BBQ – Kill 666 Zombies with fire for 20,000 PP. 
    Fire Helmet, Fire Sword, Fire Reaper, ZAR, Flamethrower, Devourer (vehicle).
  • Damn Heat! – Kill 999 Zombies with fire 30,000 PP.
    Fire Helmet, Fire Sword, Fire Reaper, ZAR, Flamethrower, Devourer (vehicle).
  • Keep Oscillating – Kill 200 Zombies with the 10,000 PP defiler. 
    Mace + Firefighter's Axe. 
    With combination class upgrades Blunt Weapons + Axes.
  • Towards the Dark Side – Kill 200 Zombies with the lightsaber for 10,000 PP. 
    Flashlight + Gems. 
    With Thrown Objects + Electronic combination class upgrades.
  • Warming up – Kill 200 Zombies with the fire gloves 10,000 PP. 
    Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil. 
    With Gloves + Chemicals combination class upgrades.
  • Deadly TouchDown – Kill 300 Zombies with the 10,000 PP ball-bomb. 
    Grenade + Rugby Ball. 
    With Explosives + Thrown Objects combination class upgrades.
  • A vibrant memory – Kill 100 Zombies with the super massager 20,000 PP. 
    Massager + Leaf Blower. 
    With combination class improvements Joke Objects + Mechanical Objects.
  • Good boy, Jimmy! – Kill 200 Zombies with the powerful 20,000 PP Light Idea attack. 
    Blanka Mask + Battery. 
    With Helmet + Electronic combination class improvements.
  • Very Hach-stimulating – Kill 300 Zombies with the axe for 20,000 PP. 
    Ax + Hubcap. 
    With combination class upgrades Axes + Thrown Objects.
  • Release the chopper – Kill 200 Zombies with the Chopper weapon 10,000 PP. 
    Fireman's ax + axe. 
    With Axes + Axes combination class upgrades. 
    Axes + Polearms.
  • These bullets are sharp – Kill 200 Zombies with the saber throw 10,000 PP. 
    Sawed-Off Shotgun + Machete. 
    With Firearms + Blades combination class upgrades.
  • Death Metal – Kill 200 Zombies with 10,000 PP Heavy Metal. 
    Plank + Pipe. 
    With combination class upgrades Blunt Weapon + Blunt Weapon. 
    Blunt Weapon + Polearms.
  • Blandengue – Kill 100 Zombies with softeners 10,000 PP. 
    MMA Gloves + Exhaust Pipe. 
    With combination class upgrades Gloves + Blunt Weapon.
  • How delicious that smell is in the morning – Kill 200 Zombies with the 10,000 PP Napalm bomb. 
    Propane Cylinder + Motor Oil. 
    With Explosives + Chemicals combination class upgrades.
  • Lightning Greasing – Visit 4 different combination workshops 10,000 PP. 
  • Question of Numbers – Kill 100 Zombies by throwing the 10,000 PP metal bomb. 
    Rugby Ball + Mountain Knife.
    With combination class upgrades Throwable Objects + Blades. 
    Thrown objects + Blunt Weapon.
  • Explosive countdown – Kill 200 Zombies with toy bomb 10,000 PP. 
    Robot Bear + Gas Can. 
    With combination class upgrades Prank Items + Explosives.
  • Corrosive Corpses – Kill 200 Zombies with 10,000 PP acid canisters. 
    Chemical Products + House Cleaners. 
    With Chemicals + Chemicals combination class upgrades.
  • The Homemade Weapons Club – Kill 500 Zombies with the split shot 20,000 PP.
    Pipe + Assault Rifle. 
    With class upgrades from the Blunt Weapon + Firearms combination.
  • To rake – Kill 200 Zombies with the Zombie Rake 10,000 PP. 
    Katana + Rake. 
    With Blades + Polearms combination class upgrades.
  • Drink to create – Create the Beer Cap 50 times 10,000 PP. 
    Beer Barrel + Worker's Helmet. 
    With Miscellaneous + Helmets combination class upgrades.
  • Eat That – Create the Hazard Vomiter 50 times 10,000 PP. 
    Chemical Products + Pipes. 
    With combination class upgrades Chemicals + Blunt Weapon.
  • Dead weight - Use the Zombie Throw move against 50 zombies for 5,000 PP. 
    To perform Zombie Throw Up Left stick + Y+B when indicated, unarmed or with a weapon that does not have its own execution.
  • Great killing machine – Kill 1,000 Zombies with the turret 30,000 PP. 
    Steamroller + Sedan. 
    With combination class improvements Large Construction + Small Four Wheels.
  • Scraperlipsis – Kill 1,000 Zombies with the 30,000 PP Scrap Truck. 
    Van + SUV. 
    With four-wheel large + four-wheel small combination class upgrades.
  • Devours men - Kill 1,000 Zombies with the 30,000 PP devourer. 
    Motorcycle + Steamroller. 
    With Moto + Large Construction combination class upgrades.
  • They were not invited to the party – Kill 1,000 zombies with the Party Crasher 30,000 PP. 
    Cleaning Machine + Party Van.
  • String of lies – Kill 1,000 Zombies with the Skewer 30,000 PP. 
    Forklift + Pyrotechnics Van.
  • Too much machine for you – Kill 1,000 Zombies with the Impactor 30,000 PP. 
    Mixed Shovel + Ambulance. 
    With combination class improvements Large Construction + Large Four Wheels.
  • Pressure cooker - Create 50 combined meals 20,000 PP. 
    By purchasing the "Food" combination type we can create meals, by making 50 combinations it doesn't matter if it is the same all the time or with the randomizer.
  • Well done - Kill 5 zombies at once 50 times with the 30,000 PP Explosive Meat. 
    Piece of Meat + Dynamite.
    With Miscellaneous + Explosives combination class upgrades.
  • Goodbye, brainwasher – Stop the anti-infected propaganda by destroying all ZDC 80,000 PP speakers. 
  • Hero Worship – Explore Los Perdidos to collect the limited edition Frank 80,000 PP commemorative statues. 
  • Full, please - Visit 4 different gas stations 10,000 PP. 
  • Professional Vomiter – Vomits 21 times 5,000 PP. 
    Eating rotten food or drinking plenty of alcoholic beverages.
  • Tumb Raider - Break 100 tombstones 10,000 PP.
    We entered the Ingleton cemetery with a vehicle and got there quickly.
  • To eat and run – Go to the different restaurants 20,000 PP 
    Burger Fiefdom – Ingleton. 
    Uncle Billy's Buffet – Ingleton. 
    SeaFoodRestaurant – South Almuda. 
    Old Still House '97 Diner – South Almuda. 
    Bite the Bull – Sunset Hills. 
    JUGGZ Bar & Grill – Sunset Hills. 
    Slappy's Food Fun Shack – Sunset Hills.
    Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant – Sunset Hills.
    Speedy Expresso – Central City (inside the museum).
    The Burguess-Dawson Coastal Courtyard – Central City.

Collectibles Chapter 0

In this chapter we will find 18 Blueprints, 12 Frank Statues, 4 Speakers, 6 Tragic Endings and 2 Magazines.



Collectibles Chapters 1 and 2

In chapters 1 and 2, we will find 47 Blueprints, 49 Frank Statues, 26 Speakers, 19 Tragic Endings and 5 Magazines.



Collectibles Chapters 3 to 7

Finally in chapters 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, we will find 29 Blueprints, 8 Frank Statues, 5 Tragic Endings and 2 Magazines.


Chapter Guide, Survivors, Psychopaths

We leave you some videos of each chapter in Nightmare mode to rescue all the survivors, all the missions, psychopaths and obtain the Final S.

Chapter 0



Chapter 1



Episode 2



Chapter 3



Chapter 4



Chapter 5 



Chapter 6



Chapter 7



Chapter 8



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