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All DmC (Devil May Cry) secrets, unlockables, collectibles and achievements

Join the new Dante in the reboot of the Devil May Cry saga DmC.


  • Son of Sparda Difficulty – We unlock it by completing the game for the first time, the enemies are stronger.
  • Difficulty Dante must Die! – We unlock it by completing Son of Sparda, stronger enemies and brutal waves.
  • Heaven or Hell Difficulty – We unlock it by completing Son of Sparda, Dante and enemies die in one hit.
  • Hell and Hell Difficulty – We unlock it by completing Heaven or Hell, the enemies have normal health but Dante dies from one hit.
  • Retro Dante Costume – When completing the game for the first time we are given the costume that Dante wears with white hair. 
  • Son of Sparda Costume – By completing the game in Son of Sparda, we are given the suit, Son of Sparda. 
  • Completing the game in Dante Must Die! level gives us the Super Dante modifier, where the demonic suspension will be unlimited.

DmC Collectibles

We leave you some videos with the collectibles of each chapter,Lost Souls, the Keys and the Secret Doors. They serve perfectly for the definitive edition. In Chapters 10, 12, 14, 19 and 20 we do not have any collectibles

Collectibles Chapter 1 – Hunted



Collectibles Chapter 2 – Crude Reality



Collectibles Chapter 3 – Lineage



Collectibles Chapter 4 – In the Spotlight



Collectibles Chapter 5 – Virility



Collectibles Chapter 6 – The Secret Ingredient



Collectibles Chapter 7 – Back



Collectibles Chapter 8 – One-Eyed



Collectibles Chapter 9 – The Demon Within



Collectibles Chapter 11 – The Order



Collectibles Chapter 13 – Diabolical Dalliances



Collectibles Chapter 15 – The Exchange



Collectibles Chapter 16 – The Plan



Collectibles Chapter 17 – The Furnace of Souls



Collectibles Chapter 18 – The Demon's Lair


How to Beat all the Secret Missions

Thanks to the keys we unlock Secret Missions that we can repeat whenever we want by accessing them from the Main Menu, in total we have 21, we leave you a video showing how to overcome each one.



Vergil's Fall DLC Collectibles

We leave you a video with all the "Fall of Vergil" collectibles.



DmC Achievements/Trophies

My coat is burned – Cross the skywalk of mission 16 without touching the lasers.



Where does the time go? – Complete a level in less than 2 minutes. The easiest thing is to do it in Mission 15, ignoring all enemies.



By Tony Redgrave – Kill 50 enemies using only firearms.   

In the name of my father – Kill 100 enemies using only demonic weapons.   

You will never have his passion – Kill 100 enemies using only angelic weapons.   

Awesome – Kill 100 demons.   

Sensational! – Earn an SSS style rank during combat.   

This is the rain that I like – Spend 10,000 red spheres.   

Go for it! – Improve Dante's health to the maximum.   

You won't be able to stand it – Upgrade Dante's demonic suspension to the maximum.   

Man, it's over! – Find all the keys.   

Welcome chaos! – Open all the secret doors.   

you are free – Free half of the lost souls.   

What a style! – Complete a mission with an SSS rank.   

That gives meaning to my life! – Complete all missions on the Heaven or Hell difficulty level.   

Time to work, guys! – Buy your first upgrade.   

This drives me crazy – Get Osiris in Mission 2.   

The only gift worth it – Get the Angelic Impulse skill in Mission 3.   

It has to stay in the family – Get Arbiter in Mission 2.   

He is also a demon – Help Phineas get his eye back in Mission 8.   

You're not human, are you? – Get the Demonic Suspension skill in Mission 9.   

More than sparks – Get Revenant in Mission 12.   

You're not going to shoot me – Get Kablooey in Mission 16.   

Time to end this! – Help Vergil open the door in Mission 18.   

Looks like it's your lucky day – Complete a level without taking any damage.   

Heroes have weaknesses – Complete the quest "The Furnace of Souls" without taking any damage from the furnace.   

It's just rain – Kill 10 enemies by pushing them towards the Hurricane attraction in mission 1.



A man with guts and honor – Reach the end of the descent in mission 6 having eliminated all enemies. 



Let's go there! – Kill 1000 demons.   

Show time! – Earn 1500 style bonuses.   

It drives me totally crazy – Earn 50,000 red spheres.   

Power… Give me more power! – Purchase all of Dante's combat upgrades.   

Fill the dark soul with light – Free all lost souls.   

The party is getting out of hand! – Complete 10 secret missions.   

Come here, puppy! – Defeat your pursuer in Mission 1.   

Go away, feather-face! – Survive the encounter with the Tyrant in Mission 4.   

This baby hits hard! – Get Eryx in Mission 6.   

Let no one speak! – Get Aquila In Mission 10.   

Whatever you say, ma'am – Defeat the Mundus seed in Mission 14.   

To solve his father's mess – Defeat Mundus in Mission 19.      

Looks like we have a winner – Kill 5000 demons.      

This keeps getting better – Complete all missions by 100% (regardless of difficulty)  

Too easy! – Complete all missions (regardless of difficulty).   

End? I wouldn't say that – Complete the final quest as Human, Demon Hunter, or Nephilim.  

What a hellish party! – Complete all secret missions.      

Prize! – Complete all missions on the Nephilim difficulty level with an SSS rank.

 demons never cry – Complete all missions on the Dante Must Die difficulty level.   

Welcome to Hell! – Complete all missions of the Inferno and Inferno difficulty level.


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