Dragon Ball GT Final Bount (PSX) Cheats

Unlock all the characters, use the best tricks against your friends in combat and enjoy pure Goku style.

The video game of fights 'Dragon Ball GT: Final Bount' for PlayStation It has a large number of tricks and unlockables, making this one of the most influential Japanese fighting games on PlayStation.

Unlockable characters.

In the title bar you must click Right D-Pad Left D-Pad D-Pad down D-Pad up Right D-Pad Left D-Pad D-Pad down D-Pad up to unlock 6 bonus characters. Other characters or forms can be unlocked in different ways, such as:

  • Goku SS4: On the presentation screen of the supergude of the superwarriors press triangle button triangle button triangle button triangle button triangle button X button X button X button X button X button X button X button X button X button.
  • Play as the final boss: while choosing character press select button and square button.
  • Play as Gotenks: When you complete the game 9 times as Trunks on the highest difficulty, select Trunks and press select button 9 times.
  • super goku: Defeat Super Goku on any difficulty.
  • Super Trunks: Defeat Super Trunks on any difficulty. 
  • Vegeta: Defeat Vegetto on any difficulty. 
  • Polygonal fighters: When selecting champion press select button and don't let go.
  • new suits: In traning mode press simultaneously circle button X button
  • Super Baby: On the title screen press Left D-Pad Left D-Pad Left D-Pad D-Pad down D-Pad down D-Pad down triangle button.

Special attacks.

  • GenkidamaRight D-Pad Left D-Pad D-Pad down D-Pad up triangle button
  • Self destructionRight D-Pad Left D-Pad D-Pad up D-Pad down triangle button (Vegetta or Majin Boo only)
  • Meteor: Press R2 button face the opponent and press quickly circle button + triangle button either square button + triangle button
Dragon Ball Final Bout Super Moves