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Get Dragon Balls

In several of the Secondary Missions, we can meet, with Time Patrollers with a question in our head, if we go to talk to them, they challenge us to a fight, by defeating them they can give us "Combine Items" or "Key Item" (this is always a Dragon Ball). If they give us the Key Object we complete the mission and we will receive the Dragon Ball, if we see that they give us a Items to Combine we restart the secondary mission again. The patrollers do not always come out and they do not always give us the dragon balls, we leave you some of the missions in which they can come out, the best way to obtain all 7 is to repeat Secondary Mission 02 and 15 over and over again.

  • Secondary Mission 02 – After defeating the first 3 enemies, a time patroller may appear in Kami's Watchtower.
  •  Side mission 12 – A Time Patroller can come out as we start the mission at the bottom in Capsule Corp, to the right of the portal to West City Industrial.
  • Secondary Mission 15 – In this mission the Time Patroller is a secret objective that appears randomly.
  • Secondary Mission 22 – After defeating all the Saiyans, a Time Patroller can emerge from the mound to the left of the portal to West Industrial City. 

We leave you a video with several examples.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Getting the Dragon Balls Quick and Easy (Dragon Balls)

Shenron's Wishes

Once let's collect the 7 dragon balls We headed to the altar in the center of the city to place them and call Shenron to grant us a wish. We leave you the list of things we can ask for.

I want money! – half a million Zenis. 
I want a rare item! - Accessory. 
I want to be elegant! – New Suit. 
I want to be stronger! – Items for Z souls.
I want to grow! – They give us the XP necessary to go up to the next level. 
I want a new Ultimate Attack! – We can ask for this wish twice to get 2 new definitive attacks "Deadly Shock Ball" and "Minor Energy Power Ball".
I want a new special ability! – Like the previous one, we can ask for this wish 2 times and each time we will get 3 new special abilities. The first time they give us "Flash Bomber", "Absorption Field" and "Thunder Eraser". The second time we ordered it we got "Dragon Flash Bullet", "Whirlwind Sword" and "Nana Punch".
I want more playable characters! – We can make this wish 3 times to get 3 new characters, "Gogeta SSJ4", "Super Cº 17" and "Omega Shenron".
I want another chance at life! – Reassignment of Attribute points. 
I want to be super attractive! – Modify the appearance of the character.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Summoning Dragon Shenlong and Wishes - Wishes Explained

Unlockable Characters

As we progress through the story we will unlock characters, below we list those that require a specific action.

Gogeta SSJ4

 I wish Shenron.

Super Cº 17

 I wish Shenron.

Omega Shenron

 I wish Shenron.


You must complete Secondary Mission No. 37 "Pothala Warrior", it is not necessary to achieve the hidden objectives, overcoming it helps us.

Goku Super Saiyan 4

To unlock this character we have to complete the 55 secondary missions.

Broly and Bardock

 We need the 5 Time Crystal Fragments. We tell you how to get them.

By completing the story in the final confrontation with Demigra we are given a Time Crystal Shard. By gathering five we access a secret chapter of the Story Mode, "Legendary Saiyan Saga".

The second Time Crystal Shard a gives it to us Time Square NPC, near the entrance to the Time Nest. 

The other 3 we have to get them in side missions :

  • Time Crystal 3: Side Mission 49.
  • Time Crystal 4: Side Missions 14, 18 or 42.
  • Time Crystal 5: Side Missions 02, 21 or 32.

Once the five fragments have been collected, talk to Trunks and you will access the secret chapter, the Legendary Super Saiyan saga. By passing it we will obtain new Secondary Missions that we must complete to finally unlock them.

  •  Secondary Mission 52
  •   Side Mission 53


As we progress through the main story iWe paddle watching mythical Dragon Ball characters through the 3 areas of the Toki Toki with a circular symbol and a blue exclamation, they are Masters who can teach us their most characteristic techniques.

When we meet one, if we talk to them, they take us as their apprentice. 
Your training has 4 basic missions and a final fight to the death. When we become apprentices of anyone, they will always appear in front of the Statue of Mr. Satan in the Time Machine Port. As we complete their missions we will gain skills from our teacher, some of them will ask us for an object to be able to advance in their training, we leave you a list with all the special skills that they give us, once we have completed the 4 training sessions, They will challenge us to a battle in which we will obtain a unique Soul Z.

Krillin: Complete the 1st half of the Saiyan Saga. Level 5 required.

  • 1. Urine Combo.
  • 2. Disk Destroyer. After completing this mission, he asks us for a S Energy Capsule to unlock the next mission, we can buy it in the store).
  • 3. Scatter shot retreat.
  • 4. Scatter Kamehameha.

Piccolo: Complete the 1st half of the Saiyan Saga. Level 5 required. 

  • 1. Evil Explosion.
  • 2. Super blast wave.
  • 3. Light grenade.
  • 4. Special Beam Cannon.

Vegeta: Complete the Saiyan Saga. Level 8 required.

  • 1. Galick Canyon.
  • 2. Final Breaker. Vegeta is going to ask us to take him Soul Z I am the strongest on Earth! We found it in secondary mission 05 and we will have to repeat it until they give it to us. We must eliminate the saibamen before Raditz and Nappa, defeat Vegeta to have a chance to get the secret objective in which Radditz and Nappa return and Vegeta recovers, so we will have a chance of getting the soul. 
  • 3. Brightness Shot.
  • 4. Final Flash. 

Captain Ginyu: Complete the 1st half of the Frieza Saga. Level 15 required.

  • 1. Fighting pose F.
  • 2. Fighting pose A.
  • 3. Milky Canyon.
  • 4. Body change.

Frieza: Complete his saga. Level 20 required.

  • 1. Death Ray.
  • 2. Deadly Shock. To unlock his next mission, Frieza will ask us "Total Regeneration Piece" which you can find in the secondary mission 08 "Namek Dragon Ball".
  • 3. Sign of the emperor.
  • 4. Supernova.

Mr. Satan: Complete the 1st half of the Androids Saga.

  • 1. Dynamite kick.
  • 2. Gift for you.
  • 3. Mr. Satan's Rolling Fist.
  • 4. The Savior arrived.

Cell: Complete the Cell Saga. Level 30 required.

  • 1. All Clear.
  • 2. Gravitational Impact.
  • 3. Perfect shot.
  • 4. Kamehameha Perfect.

C º18: Complete the Android Saga. Level 34 required.

  • 1. Power Bombing.
  • 2. Infinite shooting.
  • 3. Deadly dance.
  • 4. Double disk destroyer.

Adult Gohan and Videl: Complete the Buu Saga. Level 40 required.

  • 1. Eagle Kick.
  • 2. Ki Blast Cannon. Soul Z will ask you "I-I'm fine!". It can be obtained at side mission 47 "Super, super supreme combats!"
  • 3. Falcon Charge.
  • 4. Justice Combination.

Gotenks: Complete the Buu Saga. Level 40 Required.

  • 1. Galactic Donuts.
  • 2. Missiles die die.
  • 3. Super ghost kamikaze attack.
  • 4. Super ghost kamikaze attack. 

Goku: Complete the Demigra Saga. Level 70 required.

  • 1. Image Blow.
  • 2. Energy pump. It will ask us for the item "Senzu Essence", which we can purchase in the store.
  • 3. Kamehameha x10.
  • 4. Super Kamehameha.

Beerus: Complete Goku's training. Level 70 required. 

  • 1. Headshot.
  • 2. There is no reward skill.
  • 3. Fury of the god of Destruction.
  • 4. Sphere of Destruction.


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