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How to get the Test Rifle

Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age -the best weapon in the game, Test Rifle 100% probability- ps4

Best Characters and Jobs

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Job guide | Better characters and better jobs

Level up quickly, obtain License Points and Guiles

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Best methods to get Levels, License Points, Guiles

Location of all Spells

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Location of all magic | Trophy: Arcanist

Location of all Techniques

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Location of all techniques | Trophy: Technician

Location of all Espers

The Espers They are creatures that we can summon, by doing it alone The character who summoned it and the Esper will remain in the fight.. In order to count on their help, the first thing we have to do is find and defeat them and we can then acquire them on the licensing boards, but we can only assign one to a character. In total there are 13 Espers What can we find, some of them are mandatory, others we will have to look for More conscientiously, we leave you a video with the location of the 13.

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Location of all Esper | Trophy: Sumo Expert

How to get the Disgusting Glass

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age | Trophy: Rare, Rare, Rare (Get the Disgusting Glass)

All Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age Trophies

Without regard – Use the Attack command 300 times.  

Trust in the magic – Cast spells 200 times.  

Mounted on the gil – Accumulate 100,000 gil.

Here I am! – Accumulate 500,000 Centurio points.   

You better be smart – Execute techniques 100 times.  

White glove – Steal 50 times.  

Pitiless – Defeat 500 enemies.  

Lethal fixation – Perform 50 battle chains

The path is made by walking – Walk 50,000 steps.

Spending is a pleasure – Spend 1,000,000 gil.  

Treasure I sell – Sell 1,000 pieces of loot.  

Born for glory – Achieve an average level of 50 with the entire group.

Magna cum laude – Accumulate 48,000 license points.  

Weird, weird, weird – Get the Disgusting Glass.  

lethal eye – Defeat Desgueis. 

For my country – Face the Arcadian Empire as a new recruit.

Galbana lilies – Defeat your first scum.

The Traitor's Redemption – Escape from Nalbina Fortress.

Predestined meeting – Rescue the princess of Dalmasca.

The unicorn terror – Defeat Fafnir.

The white-feathered prey – Defeat Trickster.

Goodbye to bad smells – Defeat Fifí.

The fog thickens – Obtain the Stone of Dawn.

The visions of the wise man – Part of the Holy Mount Bur-Omisais.

The reins of history – Face Doctor Cid.

Pure worth – Pass the 50th challenge mode test.

Technical - Learn all the techniques.

Here, there and everywhereCompletely explore the map.  

It can only be one – Defeat Gilgamesh.

Who fears the fiercest king? – Defeat the Behemoth King.

eschoriologist – Complete the Enemy Log.  

Arcanist – Learn all spells.

light of hell – Defeat the Underworld Dragon.

Fallen Angel – Defeat Artema.  

Lord of the Zodiac – Defeat Zodiark.

with my own wings – Return peace to Ivalice.

Beyond the limit – Execute all sublimations.

relentless hunter – Defeat Yiazmat.

Sumo Expert – Get all the Espers.  

Nothing more to prove – Pass the 100th challenge mode test.