Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands cheats, secrets, weapons and unlockables

Become the best soldier and travel through Bolivia by land, sea and air in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Infinite Supplies

Here we leave you a video to farm infinite supplies, we have to locate a supply van.


The 4 secret switches

On the Ghost Recon Wildlands map, we have 4 switches that work as Easter Eggs, we leave you the location of all of them.

Confetti Explosion – Located at the top of one of the mountains in the La Cruz area.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Hidden/Secret Button In La Cruz


Massive Explosion – Located on the southern edge of the salt desert in the Koani region. 

Ghost Recon Wildlands: Hidden/Secret Button In Salt Flats



Fireworks – Located in the enormous Olico dam in Pucara. Right in front of the dam we will find a button that, when pressed, will activate a fireworks show.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands | Secret Button #1 Easter Egg


Burning Man – We found this button in the Malca area, near a statue on a mountain in the area.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - Secret Button #4 (Burning Man) Don't Press Me! Easter Egg


Where to find the Super Shorty Shotgun

We leave you a video to locate one of the best shotguns in the game, the Super Shorty.




MK14 Sniper Rifle Location

We leave you a video to locate this powerful sniper rifle.

Ghost Recon Wildlands - HIDDEN WEAPONS! FREE MK 14 SNIPER RIFLE "Location"

All Exotic Weapons

To get these weapons we have to defeat the indicated boss, there are a total of 18 of these weapons and we cannot change their accessories.


The Storyteller: Defeat El Wey in Villa Verde.

The Gift: Defeat The Octopus in Barvechos.

iSilencio!: Defeat El Sueño in Pucara.


The Ninth: Defeat El Gato in Remanzo.

The General: Defeat General Baro in Flor De Oro.

Lady Killer: Defeat Antonio in Mojocoyo.

The BFF: Defeat The Emissary in Ocoro.

Assault Rifles

AK-47: Defeat La Yuri and El Polito in Itacua, each one carries a different one.

M4A1: Defeat Carl Bookhart in Montuyoc.

Rhythm: Defeat DJ Perico in Pucara.


The Staff: Defeat Mother Coca in Tabacal.

Eye-catching: Defeat Carzita in Agua Verde NP.


Mendeleyev: Defeat Marcus Jensen in Freedom.

Experiment #42: Defeat The Brain in Caimanes.

Waste: Defeat El Pozolero in San Mateo.

Wow!: Defeat El Chido in Malca.

Sniper Rifles

Holy Spear: Defeat La Santera in Espiritu Santo.

The Warhawk: Defeat Boston Reed in Koani.