God of War 3 Cheats for PS3, PS4

Discover all the secrets, unlockables, collectibles and cheats of God of War III

Help Kratos carry out his revenge against the Gods of Olympus in god of war 3.


  • Chaos Difficulty : Complete the game on any difficulty.
  • Kratos Scary Suit : Complete the game on any difficulty level, with this suit we take away much more life but we also receive much more damage, 4x in damage and damage received, achievements are deactivated when wearing it.
  • Challenges of Olympus : Complete the game on any difficulty.
  • Combat Arena : Complete all Olympus challenges. 

The 10 Divine Possessions

There are a total of 10 Divine Possessions to find throughout the adventure, below you will see a video 

  • Eagle of Zeus: Gives us infinite Rage of Sparta.
  • Hades Helmet: It gives us infinite health, magic and item meters.
  • Shield of Helios: Multiply our combos x3.
  • Hermes coin: Multiplies the obtaining of red orbs x10.
  • Heracles Shoulderplate: Damage taken is reduced by x3.
  •  Poseidon's conch: It grants us infinite magic.
  • League of Aphrodite: We can use Athenea's blades continuously.
  • Hephaestus Ring: We win all QTEs automatically.
  • Daedalus plans: Infinite item meters.
  • Chalice of Hera: Empties the life meter little by little.




Collectibles – Gorgon Eyes



Collectibles – The Phoenix Feathers



Collectibles – Minotaur Horns




Satisfied revenge – Gold: Beat the game.

I accept the challenge – Gold: Complete the Olympus Challenge.

Inhuman – Gold: Beat Titan mode.

Invaluable – Gold: Collect all Divine Possessions.

With good eyes – Silver: Collect all the gorgon eyes.

The plucker – Silver: Collect all the phoenix feathers.

Discover for victory – Silver: Collect all the Minotaur horns.

To the max! – Silver: Fully powers all weapons.

The sent – Bronze: Discover the secret room of the arms of Hades.



Hitman – Bronze: Perform a combo of 1,000 hits.



I'm leaving! – Bronze: Part 1 Sentinel of Olympus.



Tanned – Bronze: Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios.

Training – Bronze: Kick the dogs 50 times.



How hot! – Bronze: Burn 100 enemies with the Bow of Apollo.

Fiend – Bronze: Summon all souls with the Claws of Hades.



Bad blood – Bronze: Cover Kratos with 500 cubes of blood, killing enemies.



Centaur of my entrails – Bronze: Gut 3 centaur generals.



A big step – Bronze: Upgrade any weapon to the next level.



 Sibling rivalry – Silver: Kill Heracles.

 titan slayer – Silver: Kill Cronus.

 Fair punishment – Silver: Kill Zeus.

With hook – Silver: Kill Hades.

 Glacial burn – Silver: Obtain the Boreas Ice Storm.

 New points of view – Silver: Solve Hera's garden.

 breaking waters – Bronze: Kill Poseidon.

 Reduced to ashes – Bronze: Obtain the Bow of Apollo.

 Lord of splendor – Bronze: Kill Helios.

 Hunted shoehorn – Bronze: Kill Hermes and get his boots.

 I haven't been, but I wish! – Bronze: Kill Poseidon's princess.

 Handyman – Bronze: Cut off Gaia's hand.

 Open Sesame – Bronze: Open the Gates of Tisiphone.

 rescue me – Bronze: Save Pandora.

 The three wise men – Bronze: Release the chain of the three judges.

 Prince – Bronze: Pleases Aphrodite.



Secret: The right path – Gold: Go through the maze without dying or failing.

Secret: King of the Hill – Platinum: Unlock all trophies.


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