Guide Destiny 2 – The Curse of Osiris – DLC 1 for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Learn about everything new included in Destiny 2's first expansion, the Curse of Osiris, and game updates.

Weapons – Masterpieces

Masterpieces are improved versions of some weaponsIn order to get these weapons, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that we need to be level 250 or higher. We get them through Legendary or Legendary rewards, that is, we can get them through Crucible rewards, Factions, the characters of each planet, etc. We can also get them by buying engrams from the Cryptarch of the Tower through Legend Fragments and finally we have great chances of finding them in rewards from Raids and Trials of the 9. In addition, we can also change their advantages and convert them into Vanguard Weapons or Crucible Weapons in exchange for Shards of Legend and a new item "Masterpiece Cores" that we will obtain by disassembling said weapons. We leave you a video with examples of these new Destiny 2 weapons.

Destiny 2 - How to Get and Upgrade Masterpieces - Materials, Cores and Operation Guide

How to activate Heroic Mode in the Public Event

Destiny 2's new expansion brings a new public event which is activated on Mercury, "Vex Crossroads", in which we will have to get the keys from the Custodians to be able to close the distortion portals. Like all Destiny 2 Public Events, we can activate heroic mode to receive better rewards upon completion. After placing the bow charge we will see that some crystals appear that when fired create platforms to be able to Climb to the top of the island and activate a ring. We leave you a video showing the activation of Heroic Mode.

Destiny 2 - How to Activate the Heroic Event on Mercury!