Guide Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Characters

Discover all the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle characters and all their skills and characteristics

Nintendo and Ubisoft join forces to create this turn-based combat game in which you have to liberate the Mushroom Kingdom, meet all the playable characters of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle.


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Mario

Your "leader" character, Mario, is a fighter that we will use in each battle. He is good at mid-range thanks to his Blaster weapon, and is very good at close range. Mario's secondary weapon is a large mallet that allows him to break characters, and that can affect a large area, allowing him to deal a lot of damage if we buy the upgrades. Mario's two techniques are Hero Vision, which allows you to have a reaction shot against any ranged enemy that moves, and M-Power, which gives all your allies in the area a boost to weapon power. Both abilities are devastating when used mid-turn, allowing other characters to use their powers to force enemies to move, or to take advantage of the increased damage. . It's also good for covering fire on other characters, and for racking up damage at key moments, especially boss fights.


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Rabbid Mario

Use Mario Rabbid as an extreme, up-close aggressor, as he is good at devastating several grouped enemies at once. We get it to your in World 2-5, is an overall tough fighter, and his Boomshot Shotgun can blast cover and damage multiple enemies at once. He also has the same melee hammer as Mario, which deals high area damage. Even better is Mario Rabbid's enhanced movement attack ability, where he slides towards enemies, damaging them in the process. The explosion can hit multiple enemies at once, meaning we can use it to devastate groups of enemies in a single turn. Rabbid Mario's techniques include his Corps Guard shield, which absorbs damage, great for when you have to leave Rabbid Mario in the middle of a group of enemies at close range. His other technique, Magnet Dance, can draw enemies out of cover, making it easier for his teammates to fire high-damage shots. The main problem with Rabbid Mario is that he will generally take a lot of damage, so we will have to be careful and maintain his health to be effective.


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Peach

A combined healer and bruiser like Rabbid Mario, Princess Peach has a lot of versatility to move around, wreak havoc. He will join our team during the boss fight at the end of World 2. Peach carries the same Boomshot Shotgun as Rabbid Mario, it can smash through armor and hit multiple enemies in a narrow area. He also carries a Grenaduck. Both are especially good on tight maps where you'll find enemies close by with nowhere to go. She also has a special jump ability, where she dispenses some healing into the area around where she lands. It's handy to use Peach on the front lines and heal anyone already there, although her effects are somewhat minimal compared to Rabbid Peach's heals. He can also help other characters with his Protection skill, which deals damage to whoever uses it, sharing it between the other character and Peach. She has high health, making her good at absorbing damage. Your technique Princess Gaze, a reaction shot used against any enemy that moves in your range, allows you to destroy cover or deal heavy damage to enemies. 


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Rabbid Peach

The main healer, Rabbid Peach, is a solid teammate who can remove a lot of damage, absorb even more, and save characters. You can use it both to kill enemies and to protect other characters, making it extremely versatile on the battlefield. Rabbid Peach's techniques are a shield that can absorb damage they take, and a healing field that can heal the entire team. With the shield, you can put Rabbid Peach in danger or use it to activate enemies' reaction abilities, to protect the rest of your team and obviously, the healing is self-explanatory. But Rabbid Peach can dish out a bit of damage with her Drone in particular, and she carries the same Blaster pistol as Mario, for decent mid-range damage. He is a solid midrange character and pairs well with characters who can do more damage but could use some help.


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Yoshi

His final companion is Yoshi, who joins late in the game, World 4-5. Yoshi is big on long range destruction. He carries Rabbid Yoshi's Rumblebang, which has a fairly long range, and Rabbid Luigi's rocket launcher. Yoshi is great at finishing off the enemy with his Jump Ground Pound ability. The damage that can be obtained is enormous if we improve it, causing damage to many enemies in an area, as well as their armor. Your technique Egg Beater It's a great move for when enemies try to move into new positions to protect themselves. Yoshi's other technique It's Super Chance, a field that triggers critical shots for every ally in the area. Use Super Chance to activate Push, Bounce or Burn to knock people out of cover.


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Rabbid Yoshi

Rabbid Yoshi is not joining our team up to World 3-5, but once you get it, you will find a versatile fighter who is good in many situations. He carries a machine gun called Rumblebang that comes with some unpredictability. The range of his potential damage is the largest in the game, meaning that Rabbid Yoshi risks taking fairly low damage, but can potentially deal extremely high damage. Her secondary weapon, a Peach-like Grenaduck, gives her an option to trap multiple enemies in an explosion. One place where Rabbid Yoshi excels, however, is flanking enemies. You can upgrade his movement attack to trap up to five enemies in one turn, allowing him to hurt many people nearby. His technique Outer Shield which negates targeted attacks, meaning you can often leave it out of cover or at least close to enemies after using it to deal a lot of damage across the battlefield. Rabbid Yoshi's second technique, Scaredy Rabbid, is also good for keeping him safe and setting up combos with other characters. It's a shout that pushes enemies away from him in a straight line, it can push them out of cover and give him some breathing room. 


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Luigi

You will add Luigi to your squad in the World 1-5, his role is that of the team's sniper. His precision pistol has the longest range of any in the game, and by upgrading it, he can dish out some serious punishment. He also has an automated Drone secondary weapon like Rabbid Peach, which is useful for dealing with characters under cover. The best way to use Luigi is to deal damage from as far away as possible. Has some movement capabilities, including the ability to do two team jumps in a single movement, and Itchy Feet, a technique that increases the movement distance of everyone in range. Those two things are great for getting Luigi up to high ground, where he can hit enemies harder. The problem with Luigi is that he has the lowest health of any character, meaning he's easy to take out. The ability  Steely Stare, like Mario's Hero Vision, gives Luigi a reaction shot, and can be upgraded to allow him to fire up to three. 


Mario + Rabbids Characters - Rabbid Luigi

Its weapon, the Bworb, has a high ability to distribute status effects to enemies, and its rocket launcher secondary weapon is ideal for taking out enemies behind cover, or even destroying them. Rabbid Luigi can slide in front of multiple enemies while distributing the effect of Vamp status, which allows you absorb your HP. The handy thing about Vamp is that once it afflicts an enemy, other characters can use it as well. So if Rabbid Luigi swipes an enemy and Vamps them, Mario can shoot that same character and also absorb some of their health. That gives you the chance to give everyone a little healing, too. Rabbid Luigi can also use his Weaken technique to deflect damage from enemies and has a shield that absorbs some damage, but is mostly good for countering status effects. Weakened is particularly good against enemies like Smashers and Bucklers, who are difficult to deal with and can severely punish the team. But above all, combining Rabbid Luigi's movement abilities with his two weapons can be extremely effective in battles.