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Top PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds locations with maps

Enter a world where each player is an enemy, kill the others to get supplies and weapons and become the greatest survivor of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Map of Erangel

We leave you the Erangel map, the first map (and only one at the moment) of PlayerUnknow's Battlegrounds. 

Erangel is a fictional island based in the Black Sea. It was originally occupied by Soviet forces from the 1950s onwards and was used as a military testing zone, which accounts for the military base as well as hospital and storage facilities. A local resistance movement fought to retake the island, which would eventually lead to the island being abandoned. The electric field wreaks havoc on the island, it is activated by the electrical emitters that were used to contain the cities that showed signs of revolt against the Soviet forces.

Below we detail the most important areas of the island.

Russia Map PlayerUnknown's Battleground

Big cities


Location: C2,3

A port in the western part of the map consisting of industrial warehouses and storage containers. We can find some military-grade armor and weaponry here, but it's important to note that it's also a popular starting point where we'll quickly run into other players. Standard grade vehicles and equipment can be found by searching nearby areas.


Location: D4 – E4

A farming town with lots of houses and a typical safe starting point. Exploring the area around Pochinki will provide us with some decent equipment such as pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, vests, and helmets. There are plenty of vehicles available for a quick getaway, too.

Yasnaya Polyana

Location: C6

A fairly large city in the middle of farmland that is filled with apartment complexes to loot. We can find military grade weapons and armor, but this place is unpredictable, we can often find ourselves with a few other players and other times be deserted. Regardless, there are plenty of hiding places and locations to find vehicles if we want to avoid confrontations.

Featured Locations


Location: B6

A place that is made up of stone ruins and abandoned campfires. It is not the best place to start our adventure and it is very far from any of the surrounding cities. We can find shotguns, pistols, and occasionally some good armor here.

Mylta Power

Location: E8

A power plant on the eastern side of the map, with demolished buildings and abandoned warehouses surrounded by an industrial area. We can find a lot of great equipment here, especially shotguns, pistols, helmets, vests and machetes. Because of this, it is another popular place for players to start, finding a vehicle in this area is difficult.

Sosnovka Military Base

Location: G5

A military base that is filled with vehicle bays, warehouses, and a school. In terms of resources it is similar to Mylta Power, we can find military grade equipment, such as high-level helmets, vests, powerful snipers and assault rifles, and a good variety of weapon accessories. Vehicles are difficult to find so it is more than likely that we will have to travel to a nearby residential area. 

Small cities


Location: F2 – G2

A ramshackle town on the southwest coast that houses a surprising amount of military-grade rifles, firearms, and armor. An advantage of this location is that it is not a popular starting point for players. It also has points where vehicles appear. Overall, it's a great place to start. 


Location: C4.5

A small isolated town on a hill with many houses. Most of what we can find in this location is pretty standard, excluding the school in the southwestern part of town which can house some good sniper rifles. It's not a great place to start since there aren't too many vehicles nearby and we can be attacked by other players around the school or passing through this area to get to other places on the map.


Location: E6

A small town near Mylta Power that reaps the benefits of its location. Although it is close to the power plant, it is typically one of the safest places to land on the map. Other players don't frequent this place and there are plenty of mid-level teams to choose from as well. Vehicle spawn locations are available nearby and can be a great place for beginners.


Location: D7

Another city along the coast with large houses and abandoned buildings. Similar to Primorsk, it can be a great place for newer players as there is a lot of good equipment here and a couple of vehicle locations.