H1Z1 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All H1Z1 tricks, tips and items

Learn to fend for yourself and survive the zombie virus in H1Z1.

Basic Tips

1 – Get on the map. The first question you ask yourself as soon as you appear in the world of H1Z1 is very simple: where the hell am I? Simply enter /loc to obtain coordinates that will help us locate ourselves. We are interested in the X and Z coordinates while the Y can be ignored since it only tells us the height at which we are. Thanks to this map you can get an idea of where you are located. 

2 – Feed yourself. Blackberries give you +2 energy and +2 hydration, although the process of collecting them is somewhat laborious. You can also prepare animal traps near the banks, which will allow you to catch small animals or you can also hunt deer with a bow and arrow. As soon as you can, create a fire (in this link you have all the instructions) to cook the meat and boil the water. Once boiled, you can drink it and forget about the blackberries. 

3 – Create basic objects. It is very easy to create a bow and a backpack as soon as you start the game. The best thing you can do when starting out is collect twigs, pressing E near trees and bushes, and once you add a piece of rag to the stick hit “Discover” to create your first bow. In the crafting tab you can now create a bow and arrows that will allow you to attack and defend yourself in the early stages of the game. It is also interesting to create animal traps (with a branch and four wooden boards) or a backpack with six rags. In this link you have all the help you need to create objects. 

4 – Where to find materials. Metal objects can be obtained at gas stations, warehouses, vehicle repair shops, or near cars. If you get a metal bar you can use it to hit abandoned cars and get metal pieces. Wooden planks are made with pieces of wood that you can obtain by cutting down trees with an axe. To get rags, you can tear up shirts or caps that you find along the way. You can also get it from zombie corpses if you hit them with a sharp weapon. 

5 – The first steps. Try to hang out with other people, whether they are friends or strangers, because you are just very easy prey. Look for all kinds of objects and supplies but be careful about entering the larger towns as there may be other players. 

We leave you a video with tips to start playing in H1Z1.


Console Commands

They all start with the symbol /:

  • /loc – Shows the coordinates.
  • /respawn – Our character dies and we reappear in another place, we must bear in mind that all the inventory we carry will remain in the place of death.
  • /friend – To see friends, add or remove them.
  • /squad setowner "player_name" – Makes the selected player the new team leader. 

Fast Weapons and Ammunition

We leave you a video to quickly locate weapons and ammunition to equip ourselves well for what awaits us.



  • .223 Ammunition – Bullet component x2.
  • .308 Ammunition – Bullet component x2.
  • .44 Ammunition – Bullet component x2.
  • .45 Ammunition – Bullet component x2.
  • 9mm Ammunition – Bullet component x2.
  • Shotgun Cartridges – Component for bullets x2.
  • Demolition Hammer – Pipe x1.
  • Wooden Bow – Piece of Clothes x1 – Spool of Thread x1 – Wooden Stick x2
  • Wooden Arrows – Wooden Stick x1.
  • Wooden Armor – Adhesive Tape x1 – Piece of Clothing x1 – Planks x6.
  • Machete – Sheet of Metal x1 – Plank x2.
  • Modified Ak-47 – AK-47 x1 – Weapons upgrade kit x1.
  • Hammer – Metal x1 – Wooden Stick x1.
  • Weapon Parts – Rifle x1.
  • Weapon Repair Kit – Weapon Parts x2.
  • Weapon upgrade kit – Metal Fragment x5.
  • Combat Knife – Metal Sheet x1 – Wooden Stick x1.
  • Animal trap – Planks x4 – Wooden Stick x1 – Nails x4.
  • Gunpowder – Coal x1 – Fertilizer x1.
  • Bonfire – Wooden Log x2.
  • Corn – Corn Seeds x1
  • Ethanol – Corn x1 – Purified Water x1 – Yeast x1.
  • Ethanol Torch – Ethanol x1 – Wooden Stick x1 – Piece of clothing x1.
  • First aid kit – Bandage x1 – Serum x1.
  • Spanner – Metal Bar x2 – Wooden Stick x1.
  • Yeast – Sugar x1 – Purified Water x1 – Wheat x1.
  • Survival Bread – Yeast x1 – Flour x1 – Purified Water x1.
  • Molotov Cocktail – Distilled liquor x1 – Piece of Clothing x1.
  • Purified Water – Dirty Water x1.
  • Candle – Wax x1 – Piece of Clothing x1.
  • Biofuel – Animal Fat x1 – Empty drum x1.
  • Bandage – Piece of Clothing x2.