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We help you with all the collectible unlockables and achievements of Halo 5.

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Unlockable Armor and Helmets

Mark VI First Generation Armor and Helmet – Complete the Achievement "Your Journey Begins" in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, obtained by completing a mission or a multiplayer game.

Mark VI First Generation Scarred Armor and Helmet – Complete the Achievement "Cairo Station" in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, obtained by completing the mission Cairo Station in Halo 2.

HelioSkrill Armor and Helmet – Complete the "Legend" Achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection, obtained by completing the 4 Halo titles on Legendary difficulty.

Nightfall Armor and Helmet – Watch all episodes of the Nightfall series on Halo Channel.

Location Legendary Weapons Campaign Mode

Below the list we leave you a video to find these powerful weapons distributed throughout the Missions 1, 2, 5, 7,13, 14, 15 of the Main Campaign.

Mission 1: Osiris
Legendary Weapon: Open Hand
Legendary Weapon: Loathsome Thing

Mission 2: Blue Team
Legendary Weapon: Blaze of Glory (Has been Glorious)

Mission 5: Unconfirmed
Legendary Weapon: Nornfang (Fang of Destiny)

Mission 7: Reunion
Legendary Weapon: Talon of the Lost
Legendary Weapon: Pool of Radiance 
Legendary Weapon: River of Light
Legendary Weapon: Twin Jewels of Maethrillian

Mission 13: Genesis
Legendary Weapon: Light of Urs
Legendary Weapon: Spitfire (Wrathful)
Legendary Weapon: The Answer

Mission 14: The Breach
Legendary Weapon: Didact's Signet

Mission 15: Guardians
Legendary Weapon: White Scar
Legendary Weapon: Vorpal Talon (Vorpal Claw)

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Collectibles: Skulls/Skulls 

Skulls are collectible objects that we can equip when choosing a mission and that have directly playable effects. In total we have 13 Skulls/Skulls to collect throughout the main campaign, by getting all of them we will obtain the "Lord of the Cemetery" Achievement, we leave you a list with the effects of each one and below a video with its location. 

IWHBYD Skull : Infrequent combat dialogue becomes more common, found in Mission 1.

Purple Eye Skull : Shields do not recharge if you do not attack enemies in melee, we found it in Mission 2.

Iron Skull (we can only get it in Legendary): Without the possibility of reanimation, we find it in Mission 3.

Blind Skull : The HUD, the weapon and the first person arms are hidden, we found it in Mission 5.

Electric Storm Skull : Great improvement in the enemies' capabilities, we find it in Mission 6, you have to find 2 parts.

Grunt's Birthday Party Skull : Shot in the head of a grunt! Happy Boom!, we found it in Mission 7.

Fog Skull : The motion sensor is deactivated, we found it in Mission 7.

Mythical Skull : The enemy's health is higher, we find it in Mission 8.

Skull Catch : Enemies like grenades! We found it in Mission 10

Cowbell Skull : The acceleration of the explosions increases, we find it in Mission 12.

Skull Tilt : Increases the resistances and weaknesses of the enemies, we find it in Mission 13.

Hunger Skull : The weapons leave much less ammunition, we find it in Mission 14.

Bad Luck Skull : Enemies always get frantic, always go out of their way and never run away, we find it in Mission 15. 

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Collectibles: Mission Data

In total we have 117 of these collectibles, by collecting them all we will obtain the Achievement "Hunting the Truth". We leave you a video with the location of all the Mission Data.

Halo 5 - Location of ALL Mission Data in Campaign | Guides and Achievements

Video Tutorials Achievements Halo 5

Achievement – The Enemy of My Enemy

During mission 1 – Osiris, we will have to play in Heroic, we will reach an area where an Elite attacks the temple, be careful since the Elite is not an ally and in addition to shooting at you, your companions will also shoot at him, what we have to do is advance quickly and command to our team near the turrets, once we do so we go back to defend the Elite and hold him as long as we can by making him shoot at us, when we have the area more or less clean, we send our team to attack the turrets if We haven't done it before, now we go to the turrets on the right and kill all the enemies quickly so that the Elite can arrive alive.

Halo 5: Guardians - Enemy of my Enemy Achievement

Achievement – I thought I lost you

During Mission 2 – Blue Team, in any difficulty, we will have to flee from the Hunters during the first encounter in the laboratory, when doing so we will find them again in the Hangar along with another group of two Hunters, when eliminating the first two the other two will appear and with them the achievement.

Halo 5: Guardians - Achievement I Thought I'd Lost You

Achievement – On foot/ Shoot without aiming

During mission 3Vitrified We can achieve two achievements at the same time, the first of them is A leg, which consists of not using any vehicle during the entire mission, so it is enough to walk/run throughout the mission to achieve it, the second is Shoot without aiming , which consists of completing the mission without aiming, if we have the normal controls of the game, it is enough to always shoot from the hip without pressing LT at any time, these two achievements can be achieved on any difficulty, so it is more than advisable to do them on easy, if we are playing cooperatively no one can use these two things.

Halo 5: Guardians - Going the Distance and Shoot from the Hip Achievements

Achievement – I was waiting for you

During mission 5 – Unconfirmed, in any difficulty, we will get the Watchers, which are flying enemies that create/repair the enemies' shields, these enemies will be summoned by the Prometheans, just shoot the Prometheans a little to damage the shield and once the Watchers repair it We shoot them or if we have grenades we throw them at them to kill them, we will surely achieve it without realizing it throughout the mission.

Halo 5: Guardians - Achievement Waiting on You

Achievement – Fire drill

In Mission 6 – Evacuation, we will have to complete it in less than 18 minutes in Heroica, for them we will go through all the possible enemies and you will only entertain us in the areas in which we will not be able to advance until we kill them all, by doing this we will achieve it easily.

Halo 5: Guardians - Fire Drill Achievement

Achievement – Savior

In Mission 6 – EvacuationIn Heroica, we will have to reach the elevator and clear it of enemies with a minimum of 6 living miners. To do this more easily, the ideal is to help as many as possible before reaching the elevator doors, since the more we have, the more possibilities we will have. that 6 of them survive, once you reach the elevator doors do not leave any enemy behind or the miners will die, send your companions forward and clean up those who leave behind, before entering the doors wait for Let everyone enter without you, since if you run in the door closes and many stay outside, this happens in both doors.

Halo 5: Guardians - Savior Achievement

Achievement – No witnesses

In Mission 7 – ReunionIn Heroica, we will have to destroy the Phantom that appears almost at the beginning in the Covenant camp, for them I show you in the video the location of two weapons with which they can easily destroy it.

Halo 5: Guardians - No Witnesses Achievement

Achievement – Give yourself a whirl

In Mission 7 – Reunion, in Heroica, when we reach the canyon where we can get on a Phaeton, we should not do it and cross the canyon on foot, the video shows the route to follow.

Halo 5: Guardians - Take a Hike Achievement

Achievement – Without knocking on doors

During episode 8 – Swords of Sanghelios, on any difficulty, we will have to destroy 10 walls or floors, in the video you can see 10 locations to achieve the achievement.

Halo 5: Guardians - No Knock Raid Achievement

Achievement – These are my rules

To achieve this achievement we will have to Complete any mission in Heroica with 3 or more skulls activated, it may seem like a somewhat complicated achievement but as you can see in the video it can be achieved in less than 3 minutes if we do it in Mission 9 – Alliance.

Halo 5: Guardians - Achievement My Rules

Achievement – Emergency Evacuation

In Mission 10 – Enemy Lines, in any difficulty, we will have to escape from the Kraken after destroying the core, although in truth it is enough to only be on top of a Phaeton piloted by an ally, player or CPU, it does not matter if you fall or if you do not escape, just climb on top and you receive the achievement.

Halo 5: Guardians - Emergency Evacuation Achievement (Emergency Boarding Procedures)

Achievement – The Kraken's Fangs

During Mission 10 – Enemy Lines, in any difficulty, we will have to destroy the Kraken without destroying any of its turrets, to achieve this simply ignore the Kraken throughout the mission and when you reach its area, get on the Phaeton to go to the Kraken, without shooting at any time to Avoid destroying any turrets, go inside to destroy the core and leave to escape and finish the mission to get the achievement.

Halo 5: Guardians - Kraken Lackin' Achievement

Achievement – Death from the sky

During Mission 12 – Battle of Sunaion, in any difficulty, we will have to destroy a fence and kill a Grunt at the same time, in the video you can see the location of where to get it easily.

Halo 5: Guardians - Death from Above Achievement

Achievement – Worms don't surf

During Mission 12 – Battle of Sunaion, in any difficulty, we will have to throw two Hunters into the ocean, to do it easily we will have to wait for them to stand on the edge and jump into the void, we aim to stay in the air and before falling press B to return to the safe area, When we knock down the first one for the second we can follow a similar strategy or simply let it hit us while we are on the edge and it will fall next to us, even if you fall too, you will receive the achievement the same.

Halo 5: Guardians - Achievement Worms Don't Surf

Achievement – Lightning on Wheels

In Mission 13 – GenesisIn Heroica, we will have to make our team use 4 vehicles at the same time, it can be done easily at the beginning when they give us the tank, simply send the team to shoot down the enemy that is in the vehicle and once it is done, send the team to colleagues to get into the different vehicles that you see in the video.

Halo 5: Guardians - Rolling Thunder Achievement

Achievement – The tank can do everything

In Mission 13 – Genesis, in Legendary, we will have to make the tank survive until the end, it can be done little by little as you see in the video, if it is destroyed the checkpoint is loaded and you can continue trying. If you do it with more players it will be easier for you.

Halo 5: Guardians - Achievement Tank Still Beats Everything

Achievement – The Great Escape

In Mission 14 – The BreachIn Heroica, we will have to kill two Warden at the same time, if the team is made up of 2 or more people it can be achieved easily, just agree to attack the Warden, but in the video we are going to show how to do it alone Simply take the appropriate weapons, eliminate a Warden and with the two remaining ones hit them enough so that both are a few blows away from dying, you can know that they have little left to die by counting the number of blows they have received. , once we have them together we will have to use attacks that affect both to be able to destroy them quickly. It doesn't have to be just at the same time, while one disappears we can eliminate the other. 

Halo 5: Guardians - Prison Break Achievement

Achievement – Herald

This achievement can be achieved more easily if the team is made up of four people, in the video we show how to do it alone.
During Mission 14 – The BreachIn Legendary, we will have to complete the mission without anyone dying, they can be knocked down but not die. Keep in mind that the allied AI does not understand the achievement you want to achieve, so we will always try to keep them behind us and never send them ahead or far away, since if you send them far away and they knock you down, they may not have time to arrive , to do things we are going to use ranged weapons and advance little by little, if they kill an ally you can charge the checkpoint.

Halo 5: Guardians - Herald Achievement (Harbinger) | +Trick to avoid the final 3 Warden

Achievement – How cool

In Mission 15 – Guardians, in Heroic, we will have to destroy a Core using a hit against the ground, we can do it in the first Core that we find, just climb the pillar, jump towards the Core and maintain RB while we aim at the Core .

Halo 5: Guardians - Icy Cool Achievement

Achievement – Two by two

In Mission 15 – Guardians, in Heroica, we will have to destroy two Cores at the same time, if the team is made up of 2 or more people it can be achieved easily, just agree to attack the cores, but in the video we go to show how to do it alone. For them we are going to send the team to attack a Core and when it lacks anything to break, we destroy the one assigned to us.

Halo 5: Guardians - Two by Two Achievement (Double Stuff)


Achievement – Lord of the Game

From the main menu we will have to go to Multiplayer and then to Custom Game, there we put the options to our liking and in the configuration option we give the option Save a copy, we put the name we want and when we leave we will obtain the achievement .

Halo 5: Guardians - Game Master Achievement (Gamemaster)

Achievement – Benchwarmer

From the main menu we will have to press the Spectator option. Friends playing can be easily seen, since they come out first, in the case of the video I did not have any friends playing, in recent players we will have to enter the profile to find out if they play.

Halo 5: Guardians - Benchwarmer Achievement

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