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All the cheats, secrets and collectibles for Inside

Orbs – Achievements – Secrets

In Inside we have 14 Achievements and each one depends on an Orb that must be collected, we leave you a guide with the chapter and the area where we collect each one and a video showing them all in case anyone resists you.

Inside - Guide to collect all collectibles/secrets/orbs


murky waters – Towards the west it is clearer
Chapter 6
. Shortly after starting, submerged in the water, we dive to the left to find a short tunnel that takes us underground, to a small cavern. By grabbing the wooden beam and building a small bridge we can reach the Orb

Field research - Unearthing secrets
Chapter 7
. In the cornfield, look for a trapdoor in the ground in the middle of the cornfield (in an area with less vegetation at the back). We go down the stairs after opening the trapdoor to find the Orb

ÍA-ÍA-OH! – In my uncle's farm…
Chapter 9
. Move the cart with the dead pigs to the left, climb on top and deal with the wall above the cart, there is an area with rotten wood, easy to break. We go through that opening, reaching the center of a room with a rope hanging from the ceiling. We climb and swing to the left, until we reach a platform with the Orb

At the bottom left – The hard fall of the box
Chapter 15
. After breaking the floor using the box, in the hole, look on the wall to the left, and you will find a ventilation hole, which you can tear out, to enter a small secret room. The Orb awaits you there. 

dark foundations – Secrets under the city
Chapter 16
. Look for a space. Jump from the roof to the pipe of the building in front, look on the wall of the building on the left (where you jumped from) and you will see a ladder. Jump to the left and hook onto the ladder, and go down to its base to find another secret room with the Orb. 

Friends in the background – Taking possession in the depths
Chapter 29
. Go forward until you find a ladder, and instead of entering through the red door, go down until you find a container half buried in a hole. Hit it with the submarine until you get it out, and once the hole is made, pilot the submarine there and find the way (to the left and down). You will find an open area, take the submarine to the surface and solve the puzzle (climb the ladder, take the zombie to the submarine, have him pilot it and put it under the mind control device, make him come to the surface and leave him there Now sink and catapult it...). Finally the henchman in the background will end up breaking the mind control device. 

Landscape – jumping stones on the beach
Chapter 31
. Moving forward you will reach a beach area where you will have to leave the submarine. Instead, head left as far as you can, and you'll reach a wall with a ladder and some small pillars. Take advantage of the acceleration to hit the pillars, and a platform will fall giving you access to the ladder, and it is at the Secret Orb

Teamwork – Stretching in unison
Chapter 34
. Use the mine cart to reach the upper area, to the left of the lower floor. After rescuing the group of zombies using the propelled box, return to the bridge area and drop down to the platform before reaching the cart. At the base of the wall opposite the cart you will find a section of wall that you can break by removing the wooden plates. Go down the ladder and grab the torch, which is essential to keep the guard dogs at a distance. Move to the end of the tunnel, alternating movements to keep them at bay. Continue through the tunnel and you will see the Secret Orb

A breath - Dive back in
Chapter 44
. Look for a trapdoor on the platform above the water, open it and dive. Wait for the siren, and when it's very close, go up again. At that moment head to the left, jump to the left and go through the underwater tunnel on the left, from where the siren. At the end you will come to a small open room, with a Secret Orb

Incomprehensible – breathing deep 
Chapter 47
. As soon as you start, go to the wall on the left and swim until you find what looks like a safe door on the wall. First you will have to interact with the handle, and then with the small wheel at the top of the door. 
When you manage to open it, follow the passage to the left. At the end, mounted on the roof and supported by cables you will find the Secret Orb

Like clockwork – Shadows at noon
Chapter 48
. When you reach the patrolling overhead light, you'll have to move some sort of arched platform to take shelter from the light. Once the platform is right above your head, go back to the platform on the left, and return to the previous room. You will find deep in the water a point of light, dive to find a door. There you will find a platform above the water that shows the Hidden Orb. Be careful! It will only be accessible if the platform is on the wheel mechanism. 

Reflection room – Hanging
Chapter 50
. Move forward until you find the propelled box and take her to the main room. To find the Secret Orb You will have to take the box and take it to the right, towards the back of the room. By taking it towards the wall, you can find a red switch at the top. Activate the box to hit the red button, which will lower a platform. Go back to the propelled box and activate it again while on top, jump to hit the red button and run to the platform on the right. Now the platform will rise again, and will take us to a secret room with the Hidden Orb

In the office - The speech in the elevator
Chapter 54
. Move forward until you have access to the elevator with your zombie army. To get to Orb, get on the elevator trying to form two groups, one that goes up with you and another that follows you from outside. Go down so that part of the zombies fall on the roof of the elevator, then go up to the upper level and take them to the office on the right. 
Look for a rope on the ceiling (hidden behind a pillar), and approach the zombies so they can throw us and grab the rope. Go up and you will reach a secret area, where half of the zombies are waiting for us divided above, which will help us climb until the Secret Orb of the roof. 

Latest –In the end it makes sense
Chapter 57
. To access the latter Secret Orb it is necessary to have found all the previous ones, all 13. To find the last one, you have to climb the stairs on the right to the top. Go up the narrow corridor to the right, and you will find a large orb on the right hand side. In the background you will see a map with all the points marked in orange, and if all of them are lit, the door will open. Go up the stairs, go to the back wall (you will no longer see your character) and interact with it. Secret Orb to turn them all off.

Secret Ending

Complete the game with all 14 Orbs dark secrets, and begins again episode 7, following the steps to access the underground bunker where we find the Second Orb.

At the base of the stairs, you'll find a small control panel in front of a large, circular door. The following command must be entered when the switch is active.

D-Pad up D-Pad up Right D-Pad Left D-Pad Right D-Pad Right D-Pad Right D-Pad D-Pad up D-Pad up D-Pad up  Right D-Pad Left D-Pad Left D-Pad Left D-Pad



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