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Discover all the secrets and unlockables of Mass Effect 2

He once again leads the Normandy platoon and repels the threat of the collectors in Mass Effect 2.

Extra Skills for Shepard (Leadtad Missions)

By completing the leadtad missions we unlock skills for the different characters, but we can also equip them for Shepard, for this we have to perform "Advanced Training" on your ship. Imported or new characters after unlocking these skills will be able to equip them from the beginning.

Piercing AmmunitionComplete Archangel's leadtad quest.
Biotic BarrierComplete Jacob's leadtad quest.
To dominateKill Samara during her leadtad mission and have Morith (her daughter) in your squad.
flashbangComplete Kasumi's leadtad quest.
FortificationComplete Grunt's leadtad quest.
Geth ShieldComplete the Legion leadtad quest.
Infernal GrenadeComplete Zaeed's leadtad quest.
Neural ShockComplete the leadtad quest from Mordin Solus.
KidnapComplete the Samara leadtad quest.
Shield DrainComplete Tali's leadtad quest.
BangComplete Miranda's leadtad quest.
Deformed ammunitionComplete Jack's leadtad quest.

Planets with anomalies

Where to find anomalies in Mass Effect 2, scan the following planets to find side quests.

  • Crescent Nebula, Lusarn, Tarith
  • Crescent Nebula, Zelene, Helyme
  • Eagle Nebula, Amun, Neith
  • Eagle Nebula, Strabo, Jarrahe Station
  • Hades Nexus, Sheol, Gei Hin
  • HourGlass Nebula, Faryar, Daratar
  • HourGlass Nebula, Ploitari, Zanethu
  • Minos Wasteland, Fortis, Aequitas
  • Omega Nebula, Ariniarkan, MSV Strontium Mule
  • Omega Nebula, Fathar, Lorek
  • Pylos Nebula, Dirada, Canalus
  • Pylos Nebula, Nariph, MSV Broken Arrow
  • Rosetta Nebula, Enoch, Joab
  • Nebula Shrike, Xe Cha, Zada Ban
  • Sigurd's Cradle, Decoris, Sanctum
  • Sigurd's Cradle, Skepsis, Franklin
  • Titan Nebula, Haskins, Capek

Infinite Skill Points

To do this you need to have the Master skill, the Training Powers and Advanced Training upgrades, and a lot of Element Zero. You can get the Dominate ability by recruiting Morinth (Samara's daughter), which means you must sacrifice Samara on her own loyalty quest. First, choose Advanced Training and choose Master. This will lead to a bonus skill point, which you can use by starting the Training Powers upgrade. Repeat this process over and over to get skill points. One at a time! 

Bonus Imported Characters Mass Effect 1

The characters that we import from the first Mass Effect will have these bonuses.

100,000 CreditsImport a Mass Effect character with the Rich Achievement/Trophy.
10,000 of each resourceImport a level 60 character.
2,000 Experience PointsImport a level 50 character. 
30,000 CreditsImport a level 50 character. 
4,000 Experience PointsImport a level 60 character.
50,000 CreditsImport a level 60 character. 
5,000 of each resource Import a level 50 character. 
Start at level 5Import a level 60 character. 

Bonus New Characters

All new characters, including imported ones, earn these rewards once we complete the game.

  • 200,000 Credits – Start a Game + after completing the game.
  • 50,000 Units of each resource – Start a Game + after completing the game.
  • Bonus 25% Experience - Complete the game on any difficulty.


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