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Reset Skill Points and Attributes

We have to address to the "Blacksmith" store and buy the item "Book of Reincarnation" , using it from the inventory we will restore our Skill points and Attributes, but be careful every time we buy this book in the Blacksmith's store it will cost us more money.

  • 1st -10,000. 
  • 2nd – 30,000. 
  • 3rd – 100,000. 
  • 4th – 300,000. 
  • 5th – 1,000,000.

We can also get the Book of Reincarnation as a prize in some of the missions and we can buy it in the hidden tea house for 800 glory units, although also in this location its price will increase as we buy.

Nioh - How to Reset Skill Points & Attributes (Respec Character)


The Kodamas

The Kodamas are collectibles in the shape of frogs that we must find throughout the adventure, there are 5 types and colors, each type gives us a different blessing.

Reds – Swordsman's Blessing. This blessing increases the weapon drop rate.

Yellow – Blessing of the oracle. This blessing grants us an increase in the amount of amrita we find.

White – Healer's Blessing. This blessing increases the drop rate of elixirs.

Blacks – Blessing of the warrior.  This blessing increases the armor drop rate

Golden – Hunter's Blessing. This blessing increases the drop rate of materials.

Below we leave you videos with the locations of the Kodamas in each region.

Kodamas Kyushu Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 1: Kyushu Region


Kodamas Chugoku Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 2: Chugoku Region


Kodamas Kinki Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 3: Kinki Region

Kodamas Tokai Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 4: Tokai Region


Kodamas Sekigahara Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 5: Sekigahara Region

Kodamas Omi Region

Nioh All Kodama Locations Part 6: Omi Region


Get Glory quickly

We achieve glory by fighting against Revenants, the ghosts of fallen players, We can quickly farm good amounts if we replay low level missions where many players died. The bloody tombs of the missions are where the Revenants come out.

Hyottoko Mask

To get the "Ugly Partner" Trophy We have to equip a mask and defeat an enemy with it on. This mask called Hyottoko can be obtained in several ways:

  • During the mission "The Conspirators" in the Chugoku region, we can take it from a body in the cave before the end of the room with two ninjas. Every time we repeat the mission we can find it.
  • By completing the mission Engulfed in Flames in the Kyushu region They give it to us as a reward.
  • We can also buy it at the hidden tea house for 220 glory. We unlocked the hidden tea house halfway through the campaign.
Nioh - Ugly Fellow Trophy Guide


Blessed Bonfires of Itsukushima

To obtain the Keeper of the Flame Achievement, we must light the 3 bonfires of Itsukushima, for this we have to go to the mission "The roars of the sea resurface"  in the Chugoku region and talk to the magician at the beginning of the mission so that she can give us Flint and we can light the bonfires. In the video we leave you the location of the 3 bonfires necessary for the Trophy.

Nioh - All Evil-Warding Bonfire Locations Itsukushima (Keeper of the Flame Trophy Guide)


All hot springs

To obtain the "Spa Fanatic" Trophy We have to bathe in all the hot springs in the game. In the hot springs we recover our health, in total there are 20. The video shows the location of all of them.

Nioh All Hot Spring Locations (Spa Lover Trophy Guide)



In fashion - Change your hairstyle or beard.  

Carnival fan – Use a costume.

Alliance forged – Complete "The Sea's Roaring Rises".  

Modern crafts – Forge an item.  

Nue Killer – Defeat the Nue of Mount Hiei.  

Advance to a decisive battle – Witness the Tokugawa armies head into final combat.  

Healing spa – Bathe in a hot spring for the first time.  

Ugly partner – Use the mask of an ugly companion to defeat an enemy.  

Question of intention – Meet with Ieyasu Tokugawa.  

Keeper of the flame – Light the 3 blessed bonfires of Itsukushima.  

The beginning of a long journey – Complete "The Man with the Guardian Spirit."  

The end of the battle – Complete "The Origin of Evil."  

The end of the ages - Defeat Derrick, the Executioner.

Dung beetle – Become best friends with Ryunoshin, the dung lover.  

Legendary Swordsman – Find Muramasa and bring him with you.  

wandering spirit – Complete "The Demon of Mount Hiei."  

They called him Anjin – Complete "Between the Shadows".  

The beginnings of a samurai – Reach level 10.  

Sword Master – Obtain esoteric techniques for the sword.  

Double Sword Master – Obtain esoteric techniques for double swords.  

Ax Master – Get esoteric techniques for the axe.  

Kusarigama Master – Get esoteric techniques for kusarigama.  

Master of magic onmyo – Get esoteric techniques for your gifts with Onmyo magic.

Spear Master – Obtain esoteric techniques for the spear.  

Ninjutsu Master – Get esoteric techniques for your ninjutsu skills.  

Chaos Master – Confuse an enemy for the first time.  

Indiscriminate killing – Defeat yokai of all types.  

Touring the country – Make two circuits around Japan.  

Remodeling – Changes the appearance of an object.  

Hiragumo Restorer – Collect all the Hiragumo Teapot fragments from Mount Shigisan.  

yokai telepathy – Communicate with a yokai 10 times.  

Teamwork - Complete 10 quests with NPCs or in the "Yokai Kingdom with Partner" with other users.  

A full-fledged samurai – Reach level 100.  

A true samurai – Complete "The Samurai of Sawayama."  

Friend of the Guardians – Gather all the guardian spirits.

Regular blacksmith customer – Make a total of 60 requests to the blacksmith.  

Spa fan – Bathe in all the hot springs.  

Freedom Regained – Complete "The Appearance of the Demon King."  

Kodama Leader – Gather all the kodama.  

Supreme leader - Master your first weapon to the fullest.  

Quality Master – Gather all the best materials.  

Gesture Master – Get 40 emotes.  

Divine Gatherer – Get your first divine item.  

Sail through the sunset – Complete the first sunset mission.  

The end of the fight – Complete "The Eyes of the Queen."  

Samurai of legend – Complete all missions. 

You are Nioh – Get the rest of the trophies in the game.