No Man's Sky Cheats for PS4, PC

Discover No Man's Sky tips and tricks for PS4 and PC

Thanks to our tricks your trips around No Man's Sky They will be more bearable.

Increase Exosuit Inventory

A quick and easy way to increase the spaces / slots of our Exosuit, and thus be able to increase the capacity to carry objects and materials from the beginning of the game.


Choose the Home Planet

No Man's Sky | How to Choose the First Planet to Start the Game!

Trick to Duplicate Objects

With this glicht you can easily duplicate objects, you need to be on a space station to do it.

No Man's Sky Duplicate Objects (Dup Glitch)3,000,000 Units in 2minutes... Trick

Ship, Multitool and Exosuit

Below we talk about these 3 essential aspects to start playing No Man's Sky, it is important to know how they work, the requirements they need and the materials we need to use them.


If you want to save Units, you better not start buying ships indiscriminately every time you see a better one than the one you currently have. Instead, be patient, as on many planets you will find crashed ships that, once fixed, will give even better results than a new model.

Photon Cannon

Highly destructive weapon that allows rapid annihilation ship by ship, the ammunition of these cannons is infinite. Press X button to activate.

Deflector Shield

Energy shield that protects the ship from laser shots, in-flight projectiles, and interaction with space debris. Oxide items are required to recharge the device. Works automatically once mounted in the ship's inventory. To charge it we need oxide materials such as Zinc, Titanium and protective Shards.


Superluminal propulsion that allows the ship to reach warp speeds between neighboring systems. To load it we need Curvature Cells.

Pulse Engine

Spaceflight propulsion, boost and pulse jumps if requested through the local system. keep L1 button and R1 button at the same time to activate Pulse Jump. Press circle to start the flight speed booster. To charge the Pulse Engine we need Tamio9.

Launch Thruster

This affects the landing gear and essential takeoff. Launch procedures require a minimum fuel level before activation, To recharge it we will need Plutonium. keep R2 button to take off from the planet. Hold circle to start boosting speed in flight. When taking off we need at least to have the Propeller loaded to 25%.


This object will help you analyze species, fight and obtain resources, so it is essential to improve it as soon as possible. To this end you will need, at the beginning, 25 pieces of Coal and 25 of Iron, after which you can begin to obtain Units by investigating the universe


A planetary exploration device that detects and highlights points of nearby interest. It connects directly into the brain or, if the user is of Korvax origin, it connects to the neural cortex. Press R3 button to activate the local scanner.

Mineral Extraction Laser

Laser extraction tool loaded with isotope elements, such as carbon. Expose and capture elements of planetary rock formations and vegetation. Use may cause Sentinel tracking. Press R2 button to act.

Analysis Viewer

Optical enhancement and creature detection system. It is used to find and identify planetary creatures and to recognize distant checkpoints and alien constructs. Hold down L2 button to operate. Press R3 button to zoom in


Exosuit Environmental Shield

Its function is to protect us from the climates of each planet. Its energy is reduced little by little as time passes, we can recharge it by entering a shelter or taking cover. Protection against specific planetary conditions can be increased through Hazard Protection units.  We can manually load it with oxide elements such as Zinc, Titanium and protective splinters.


Backpack that uses lightweight cylinders to create bursts of safe, neutralized gas that temporarily keep the user in the air. Jetpack recharges automatically every time we use it and it helps us avoid falls and reach somewhat elevated areas. keep X button to take off.

Vital support

Power Support Device, to maintain acceptable levels of support, the user must keep the power cells connected and operational at all times. To recharge it we need isotopes of elements such as Carbon, Plutonium and Tamium9.

Elements and Minerals

When we land on a planet, thanks to the scanner we will be able to know what we have around us, there are different types of icons that will inform us of the materials that are in the area.

Red icons with a white lightning bolt in the center indicate the isotopes, such as Carbon, Plutonium or Tamium9 , while yellow indicates oxide elements, such as Zinc or Iron.

It will be important, therefore, to memorize what each color corresponds to, just as happens with neutral elements (light green color) or other special materials. We leave you a list of the elements and minerals that we will find throughout the game.


This Mineral can be extracted of rocks and metal structures that we find on the planets. It is used to make improvements to the ship, the multi-tool and the exosuit, and it is also used to repair equipment.


We can find Carbon in green areas, in trees, plants and vegetation, is the most common element. We need it to recharge the Exosuit's Life Support and to repair equipment.


This element serves us mainly as fuel for our ship, to recharge the Launch Drive, it also serves us to repair equipment and reload ammunition. can be found on the surface of the planets, in the red crystals.


Another important item we need to repair equipment, reload weapons and recharge the Exosuit Life Support. We can get it on the surface of some planets but since they are random, It is more feasible to find it on Asteroids by shooting them with the ship.


It is a material that we can manufacture, it is important to have Antimatter since It is used to manufacture Curvature Cells to be able to travel with the ship. To make it we need: Electron Vapor x1 – Heridium x50 – Zinc x20.

Curvature Cell

Fuel used for charge the Hyperturbo of a ship and to allow supersonic warp speeds. To make it we need Tamio9 x 100 – Antimatter x1.


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