Outlast 2 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Discover the news, secrets, texts and recordings, and achievements of Outlast II

Join Blake and Lynn in the sequel to the most shocking horror game in recent years, Outlast 2.

News in Outlast 2

Although the playable core of this sequel is very similar to that of the first Outlast, there are a series of quite important new features that must be taken into account when playing.

  • Bandages: Health does not regenerate automatically, we must collect bandages in the scenarios to heal ourselves, being able to carry a maximum of 3. To use them we hold down the Triangle / Y button, We must keep in mind that it takes a while to apply them, it is best to do it when we are sure.
  • New hiding places: In addition to lockers, closets or under doors, we can now hide in new places, such as barrels. These may or may not have water, and it is important, since if we get into one with water we will only be able to stay inside for a limited time, holding our breath. We can also hide in the grass, simply by crouching down.
  • Peek out: By clinging to a ledge, we can lean out and look, pulling both triggers. This action is also used when we are inside a barrel and look outside.
  • The microphone: The camcorder has a new function: the microphone. It is activated by pressing left on the D-pad, and allows us to amplify the sounds, so we can hear the movement of enemies several meters away. 
  • Swim and diving:  we can swim and dive, yes We press the crouch button when we are in the water, we will dive. 
  • Crawl: a new movement is crawling or crawling,  leaving the crouch button pressed. It can be used to get into very narrow places.

Outlast 2 – Collectibles 

In Outlast II there are two kinds collectibles: the text documents, and the video recordings. Documents are easily viewed during the tour. 

The recordings are in certain places of the scenarios or situations to which we have to be focusing with the camera, we will see a circular meter that fills up, while the REC indicator appears on the screen. On other occasions they may be enemies performing some action, and we will only have one opportunity, for a few seconds to capture the moment.

Collectibles Chapter 1 

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 1: Genesis

Collectibles Chapter 2

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 2: Job


Collectibles Chapter 3

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 3: Lamentations


Collectibles Chapter 4

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 4: Judges


Collectibles Chapter 5

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 5: Leviticus


Collectibles Chapter 6

Outlast 2 All Collectible Locations (Documents & Recordings) - Chapter 6: Revelations


Outlast 2 – Achievements/Trophies

Those with ears – Use the microphone for 20 minutes.  

Babylon – Locate the distant mines where Lynn is being held.  

Complete Baptism – Spend 10 minutes underwater.  

Heals the sick – Use 10 bandages.  

Slip – Slide through the blood for 12 meters.  

What God has joined together… – Find Lynn.  

I leave you all hanging – Flee from crucifixion.  

Proper Penance – Crawl for 500 meters.  

Asahel – Complete the game in less than 4 hours.  

Calvary – Get to the mines.  

Bible study - Get 40 documents.  

Purification – Flee from the exhausted.  

May they never separate – Meet with Lynn.  

Reborn - Complete the game.  

Revelations – Witness the end.  

Heading to Damascus – Complete 30 recordings.  

Sancti Sepulchri – Go down to the mines.  

The Apostle Paul – Complete all recordings.  

Messiah – Complete the game in Insane mode without changing the camera battery.  

Sorting – Get all the documents.  

Preacher - Complete the game in Nightmare mode.  

Prophet – Complete the game without hiding in barrels or closets.

Sanctified – Complete the game on Hard mode.  

Holy – Complete the game in Insane mode.  

Almighty – Get the rest of the trophies in the game.