Ryse Cheats: Son of Rome for PC, Xbox One

All Ryse: Son of Rome cheats and collectibles

Embark on a journey of revenge, betrayal and divine intervention in Ryse: Son of Rome.

Infinite Experience

Select mission 3 and make sure to set the XP bonus with the directional pad to the right, Proceed through the mission until you reach the battle on the shore where a ship crashes and they ask us to clear the beach of enemies, here we have to try to make the longest combo we can to get more XP. Once the fight is over, We advance towards the archers so they can kill us., we will return to the beginning of the battle but maintaining the XP points received. With about 10 battles we can maximize the character to the maximumAlso if we put the game on difficult difficulty we will get more XP. 


Collectibles of all 8 chapters

We leave you some videos that will help you locate the 90s collectibles The game consists of them, divided into Scrolls, Views and Chronicles, we will achieve the following achievements by collecting them all. "Letters from the Front", "Roman Tourist", "I Found Something on the Way to the Forum", "Passionate Reader", "Photo Album", "If I Find It I'll Keep It" and "Old Scholar".

Chapter 1



Episode 2



Chapter 3



Chapter 4



Chapter 5



Chapter 6



Chapter 7



Chapter 8




Ave, Caesar (Legendary) – Complete Wrath of Nemesis in Legendary mode.  

I know that story – Replay any single player level.  

First blood – Perform your first execution in combat.  

Dark Heart (Legendary) – Complete Behind the Wall in Legendary mode.  

A story to tell (Legendary) – Complete The Beginning of the End in Legendary mode.

I will avenge you, father (Legendary) – Complete SPQR in Legendary mode.  

Only the best – Equip your first unique item in multiplayer.  

Saving Private Marius (Legendary) – Complete Trial by Fire in Legendary mode.

Say hello to my little friend! – Equip your first level 2 item in multiplayer.  

Reckoning (Legendary) – Complete Son of Rome in Legendary mode.  

Siege me if you can (Legendary) – Complete Pax Romana in Legendary mode.  

Time to fly – Perform your first environment run.  

Sherwood Forests (Legendary) – Complete The King in Legendary mode.  

Half done (Secret) – Use an execution to set an enemy on fire.  

Passionate reader – Complete a comic by obtaining 6 chronicles in a level.  

brothers in arms – Perform a cooperative run in multiplayer.  

doubles master – Perform 50 double runs in any game mode or difficulty.  

To Caesar what is Caesar's – Purchase and use an upgrade in combat.  

blessing of the gods – Unlock your first prize from the gods.  

Chief Executioner – Perform 100 executions in any game mode or difficulty.  

It's just a scratch – Revive another player 3 times.  

Letters from the front – Get a scroll.  

Roman tourist – Get your first view.  

I found something on the way to the Forum – Get a chronicle.  

Son of Vulcan – Equip your first level 5 item in multiplayer.  

Step here! (Secret) – Use a trap to kill an enemy.  

Luck does not exist (Secret) – Kill an enemy by perfectly returning an arrow.  

Ancient scholar – Get all the scrolls.  

bloody centurion – Defeat 100 enemies in multiplayer.  

If I find it, I'll keep it – Get all the chronicles.  

Photo album – Get all views.  

Lost forever (Secret) – Find your mother and your sister.  

To protect and serve (Secret) – Meet Nero.   

champion of the gods – Unlock all the prizes of the gods.  

Colosseum Rookie – Complete your first multiplayer campaign.  

Colosseum Veteran – Complete 20 multiplayer campaigns.  

Colosseum Warrior – Compete in all multiplayer arenas.  

Breaking through with combos – Defeat 10 enemies in a row without taking damage.

Compulsive buyer – Enter combat with all purchased executions and upgrades.  

monster combo – Defeat 25 enemies in a row without taking any damage.  

Simply the best – Reach level 100 in multiplayer.  

Hail, Caesar – Complete Wrath of Nemesis on any difficulty.  

Bad to the core – Complete the game in Centurion mode.  

heart of darkness – Complete Behind the Wall on any difficulty.  

A story to tell – Complete The Beginning of the End on any difficulty.  

I will avenge you, father – Complete SPQR on any difficulty.  

Saving Private Marius – Complete Trial by Fire on any difficulty.  

settling accounts – Complete Son of Rome on any difficulty.  

Siege me if you can – Complete Pax Romana on any difficulty.  

Sherwood Forests – Complete The King on any difficulty.  

From the dead (Secret) – Become a vigilante hand of revenge.  

Personal demons (Secret) – Discover the truth about what happened to your parents.  

Never give in, never give up (Secret) – Defeat Commodus.  

You're not my type (Secret) – Defeat Boudica.  

The bigger (Secret) – Defeat Glott.  

Who's that Girl? (Secret) – Meet Boudica.      

mud empire – Complete the game in Soldier mode.  

Come, Vidi, Vici - Complete the game on any difficulty.  

we will not survive – Play a round of Resistance mode.  

Big treasure – Equip your first level 6 item in multiplayer.  

You have faced a terrible danger – Survive 7 minutes in Courtyard (Endurance mode).  

No, too dangerous – Survive 7 minutes in Firestorm (Endurance mode).  

Come on, let me face a little danger – Survive 7 minutes in Dock (Endurance mode).  

The best of the best – Reach level 150 in multiplayer.  

This is my island – Perform 30 environment executions in Río de Azufre.  

Make a bridge with it – Complete Undefeated.  

He already has one, see? – Complete Barbarian.  

Survivor – Play a round of Island Survival mode.  

Will not have other gods before me! – Complete False Gods.  

Survivor – Play a round of Island Survival mode.  

A walk in the park – Perform 30 environment runs in Forbidden Forest.  

Master of the Colosseum – Reach level 200 in multiplayer.  

Fresh blood - Perform 1000 executions in multiplayer.  

Mmm, focus – Complete Focus.  

Beware of the Ides of March – Complete 15 executions in a single multiplayer game.      

You too, Brutus? – Save the emperor (complete Chapter 1) and kill him (complete Chapter 8).  

March Madness – Play 7 multiplayer games in Barbarian.


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