Sleeping Dogs Cheats for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One


Glitch Infinite Money – Cockfights

When you get to the area 'Kennedy Town' You can bet on cockfights. This game allows you to bet up to 100 thousand at a time, being able to win a maximum of 200 thousand per fight. What we are going to do is save the game just before betting. If we lose, we will load the newly saved file and our money will be intact. We leave you a video. 



Unlockable Outfits

  • Rico Rodriguez Suit (Just Cause 2) – If we have a saved game of Just Cause 2 on our hard drive and we start a new game in Sleeping Dogs, we will receive the outfit of Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist of JC2.
  • Tony Jaa costume from the movie 'Ong Bak' – You can show off your character with the same clothing as the protagonist of Ong Bak, defeating all opponents in each martial arts club in the city.

Sleeping Dogs Achievements

Light silver – 5G – Obtain 5 silvers in the prize registry.

Gold achieved – 5G – Get a gold in the prize track.

Minor prestige – 5G – Obtain prestige level 2.

Specialist – 5G – Successfully carry out a robbery in progress.

Karaoke Superstar – 10G – Get 90% or more on all songs at Karaoke bars in HK.

Vehicle fan – 10G – Buy all vehicles.

Gold Rush – 10G – Obtain 5 gold in the prize registry.

Rookie – 10G – Complete 10% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and careers.

Fashion Conscious – 10G – Change all your clothes in the wardrobe or in a clothing store.

A slap in the face – 10G – Kill someone with a fish.

The strong arm of the law – 10G – Complete a case.

Gourmet – 10G – Try 10 different foods or drinks.

Tourist – 10G – Win a bet on cockfights.

Kleptomaniac – 15G – Steal 5 trucks to get their cargo.

Event Fan – 15G – Complete all open world events.

Road Wei – 15G – Complete all street races.

Ultimate Fighter – 15G – Unlock ten triad upgrades.

Super Poly – 15G – Unlock ten police upgrades.

Hong Kong Super Pirate – 15G – Hack all the security cameras in the game.

Fashion Victim – 15G – Buy all the clothes.

Spiritual Healing – 15G – Pray in all the Sanctuaries.

Substantial Silver – 15G – Obtain 15 silver in the prize track.

Agent – 15G – Complete 25% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and careers.

Ecologist – 15G – Defeat 5 enemies using different environment attacks.

Gun Crazy – 15G – Use 10 different firearms to defeat enemies.

Whatever is on hand – 15G – Use 10 different melee weapons to defeat enemies.

High Roller – 15G – Win HK $50,000 in a single cockfight.

Event fan – 20G – Complete half of the open world events.

North Point Defiler – 20G – Open all the armored boxes in North Point.

Central Defiler – 20G – Open all the armored boxes in Central.

Western Defiler – 20G – Open all the armored boxes in Kennedy Town and Aberdeen.

Bounty Hunter – 20G – Complete all of Roland's jobs.

The man who walks – 20G – Visit Aberdeen, Central, Kennedy Town and North Point.

Technologist – 20G – Pick a lock, put a bug, track a phone, open a safe and hack a camera.

I feel safe – 20G – Drive for 2 minutes straight without damaging your car.

Shooter – 25G – Shoot the cops' wheels while escaping a police chase.

Gaining prestige – 25G – Obtain prestige level 5.

Case closed – 30G – Complete all cases.

Mr. Nice Guy – 30G – Complete all favors.

Golden Touch – 30G – Obtain 15 gold in the prize track.

Solid Silver – 35G – Obtain 30 silver in the prize registry.

Detective – 35G – Complete 50% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and careers. 

Great prestige – 50G – Obtain prestige level 10.

Pure gold – 60G – Obtain 30 gold in the prize track.

Chief Inspector – 75G – Complete 100% of all missions, cases, favors, events, jobs and careers.

Part of the band – 5G – Complete the Market Chase mission.

This is how they will learn – 20G – Complete Revenge.

Martial law – 15G – Beat all four martial arts clubs.

A great betrayal – 35G – Complete Shipyard Heist.

Smiles for all – 50G – Complete Smiles Read.