Sniper Elite 4 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

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Travel to Italy and put the Nazi invaders on the ropes with your sniper rifle in Sniper Elite 4.

Collectibles Mission 1

Sniper Elite 4 - Mission 1 All Collectible Locations (Deadeye Targets, Letters, Reports, Documents)


Mission 2 Collectibles

Sniper Elite 4 - Mission 2 All Collectible Locations (Deadeye Targets, Letters, Reports, Documents)


How to unlock the Trench Gun Shotgun

The Trench Gun Shotgun is a weapon that can be found at the beginning of the campaign, but requires a special objective to be unlocked in the menu.  To get this Shotgun we have to kill a sniper with it. This requires us to find her on a mission first and then kill a sniper with her. We leave you a video with its location in Mission 2 and add it to our arsenal quickly. 

Sniper Elite 4 - Unlocking the Trench Gun (Shotgun) in Mission 2 - Trench Gun Location



M1903 Springfield

The first rifle we have in the games, the M1903 has some of the best default stats on any weapon. This weapon is unlocked by default, so we won't need to do anything extra to get it. 

Mosin-Nagant M91/30

One of our favorite rifles, the Mosin-Nagant is the second rifle that can be unlocked in Sniper Elite 4. It has a slower rate of fire than the Springfield, but the increased recoil buffer makes it ideal for long range. 

Mannlicher M1895

This third rifle is not as powerful as the Springfield or Mosin-Nagant, but it offers a much higher rate of fire, making it ideal for attacking large groups of enemies. 

Lee-Enfield No. 4

If you don't like reloading, then the Lee-Enfield is perfect for you. It has a lower zoom, less stability, and less damage compared to other rifles, but its magazine and higher rate of fire make the rifle worth it. To unlock it we will have to win the Church battle and the Water Mill Battle, which happen randomly throughout the various missions of the game.

Karabiner 98K

The Karabiner 98K has one of the highest recoil dampening stats available in the game and is excellent for those who have difficulty managing their rifle's recoil. 

Gewehr 43

Those who prefer to use semi-automatic weapons will find the Gewehr a welcome addition to the Sniper Elite 4's arsenal. The weapon has a 10-shot magazine and boasts one of the highest rates of fire in the game. The damage dealt with each shot is lower, however, if you like to run and run this weapon is your best option to stay alive.

Carcano M91/41

The last rifle included in the base game, the Carcano offers a 6-round magazine, high damage output, and high recoil dampening. The rate of fire is slightly slower than other bolt-action rifles, but the addition of an extra shot per magazine makes up for it quite a bit.


Recruit – Reach character rank 5.    

the end of the beginning – Complete Mission 1.  

We will fight on the beaches – Complete Mission 2.  

Without compromising anything – Complete Mission 3.  

Let Europe burn! – Complete Mission 4.  

We will neither fail nor faint – Complete Mission 5.  

Never, never, never give up – Complete Mission 6.  

Planning is the most important thing – Complete Mission 7.  

Success is not the end – Complete Mission 8.  

Crafting success – Complete Watch 1.  

Training, set and match – Complete Watch 2.  

A unique expert – Master a weapon.  

I see you! – Completely study the enemy 100 times.  

King of ambushes – Kill 100 enemies with traps.  

Mission possible – Complete the entire main campaign on Cadet difficulty.  

The Nutcracker, great! – Incapacitate an enemy and then shoot them in the testicles.  

Dirty game – Kill an enemy with a booby trap.  

Demolition fan – Use a satchel charge against 25 manned vehicles/bunkers/Pantherturms.

fire and brimstone – Kill 5 enemies with a single artillery attack.  

Sniper interrupted – Kill 5 snipers before they see you.  

The path of extreme resistance – Destroy the plane with a bolt-action rifle.  

Virtuoso of silence – Kill 100 enemies with silenced ammo.  

Pay attention, boy – Kill 3 enemies with environment-supported kills.  

Get all – Kill one of each type of infantry.  

Competitive nature – Complete at least one game in each mode.  

The best among the best – Complete the entire campaign on Authentic difficulty without manually saving.  

The king of guns – 100 kills with a gun.  

The secondary specialist – 250 kills with a secondary weapon.  

Mounted on the rifle – 500 deaths with a rifle.  

Everything in half – Complete the 50% of secondary objectives in the main campaign.  

Keeping distance – Reaches a total kill distance of 100 km.  

Expert marksman – Complete the entire main campaign on Shooter difficulty.  

The organ chopper – Get at least one fatal shot in each organ.  

Mom really knows – Complete all Mother Hen missions in the main game.  

Weaver Warrior – Complete all OSS secondary objectives in the main campaign.  

The dead is in the variety – Get a kill with each weapon.  

I can't afford to bleed – Complete a single-player mission without using any medkits or bandages.  

My rifle is my best friend – Complete a mission from the main campaign killing only with the rifle.  

The collector - Collect all the latest cards, family cards and letters to family in the main game.  

Multitasking master – Completely master a rifle, a secondary weapon and a pistol.  

Bird in hand… – Shoot all the stone eagles.  

greatest hits – Find all sniper reports.  

Marine – Reach character rank 25.  

Survival of the fittest – Complete all waves in a Survival session.  

Change the channel – Take control of the enemy's radio and capture it when you have only seconds left.  

Following orders – Complete all secondary objectives in the main campaign.  

infallible demon – Complete the entire main campaign on Elite difficulty.  

Challenge accepted – Complete all challenges in a mission.  

Veteran – Reach character rank 50.      

You're crazy? – Complete the entire main campaign on Authentic difficulty.