Sonic Mania Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Switch

All the cheats, secrets, trophies and achievements, Chaos Emeralds, Medals, Characters and Endings of Sonic Mania

Enjoy the most classic Sonic and his friends Tails and Knuckles again in the new game Sonic Mania.

How to get the 7 Chaos Emeralds and Super Sonic

To get the Chaos Emeralds we have to complete the secret phases that we have in the following acts, to access them we have to find a giant golden ring and we will begin the secret phase.

  • Green Hill Act 2
  • 1st act of Flying Batery
  • Chemical Plant 2nd act
  • 1st act of Press Garden
  • 2nd act of Studiopolis
  • 1st act of Mirage Saloon
  • 1st act of Mirage Saloon

Once we get all the Chaos Emeralds we can become Super Sonic, we leave you a video with the location of the giant golden rings and the secret phases.


Secret Final Boss and True Ending

To access the real Final Boss We have to get the 7 Chaos Emeralds with Sonic before completing Act 2 of Titanic Monarch, when we finish with the Boss we will be teleported to another area where we will face the true Final Boss and after defeating him we will see the True Ending.

Sonic Mania - Secret Final Boss & True Ending

Knuckles Secret Ending

Enter the code "Cheat mode". At the level select screen, choose the Final Boss option and play as Knuckles. Defeat the real final boss as Knuckles to see a hidden ending. There will be a photo of Knuckles reading a book called "Sonic Mania & Knuckles" to the animals, with Sonic and Tails in the background. 


Find the Secret Submarine

To get this Trophy/Achievement we have to find a way to enter a Submarine in Act 2 of Oil Ocean, we leave you a video to be able to locate it easily since it is quite hidden.

Sonic Mania - Secret Sub Trophy/Achievement Guide

Sonic Mania Trophies/Achievements

Incredible! INCREDIBLE! – Earn gold medallions in the Blue Spheres bonus stage.

The metallic medal – Earn silver medallions in the Blue Spheres bonus stage.

The magnificent seven – Obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Until the next game – Get any fine.

Superstar – Spin the star position!

Two better than one – Find the hidden item boxes at the end of the area.

The suffering is over – What happens if you cross a bridge with a fire shield.

Triple-headed problems – Try to do a triple combo!

The most famous hedgehog in the world – Have your photos taken at Studiopolis.

window to heaven – Let the wind carry you.

disaster drawer – Cause chaos in the propaganda factory.

king of speed – Beat Stardust Speedway as fast as you can.

boat lover – We love boats.

The password is "Special phase" – Push a barrel to see how far it goes.

secret submarine – You may have to dive to find it.

Without a trace – Run through the lava, don't let anything stop you.

Get them all – Grab them all.

professional hedgehog – That perfect career that only professionals can achieve.