Sunset Overdrive Cheats for PC, Xbox One

All Sunset Overdrive cheats, secrets, unlockables and collectibles

Kill the intoxicated mutants with Fizzco's drink in Sunset Overdrive.

The 40 mobiles

Old Industrial District

In the old industrial district we will find a total of 10 mobile phones, and we only have to go to the red points on the map to be able to locate them. Once we are in front of them we will have to press the button AND To pick them up.

Sunset Overdrive - The 40 Mobiles

Little Tokyo, Downtown and Port District

In the rest of the districts we will find a total of 30 mobile phones hidden around the map, and again, we will only have to go to the red points indicated on the map and press the button AND when we are before them to complete the challenge.


Once we have found the 40 smartphones we will receive the Intel achievement, which will be added to our collection. We must keep in mind that phones are usually hidden on the roofs of buildings, although on other occasions, they may be on the street.

The 20 secret places



All Ainsley Drawings




You go down in style – Kill 500 enemies at style level 3.  

Let me count the ways – Burn, Stun, Freeze, Intoxicate, or Enrage 1,000 enemies.  

Over-amplified – Earn an amp upgrade in Chaos Platoon.  

Undecided – Equip one item of clothing from each faction at a time.  

Gratitude – Watch the credits until the end.  

You go down when grinding – Kill 100 enemies while grinding.  

You go down when bouncing – Kill 100 enemies while bouncing or in the air.  

Losses with traps – Kill 500 enemies with traps.  

Released to safety – Throw 100 enemies into danger using a launcher plank and kill them.



Melee while grinding – Attack 50 enemies in melee while grinding.  

Repeat – Replay any mission and complete it below par.  

you are not my boss – Repeat the last mission and beat the subpar boss.  

Perfection – Complete a Night Defense without losing Overcharge.



The ground is lava – Chain 100 movement maneuvers without stopping or touching the ground.


Favorite – Upgrade one of your firearms to level 5.  

Amplified – Equip your character with 5 amps at the same time.  

Who sends this? – Loot 25 emergency supply deliveries.  

0.1% – Use at least 25,000 Overcharge.  

Higher performance++ – Get an achievement.  

Role within role – Reach level 99 in Ignatius' epic RPG campaign.  

New applicant – Complete 10 challenges with at least bronze ranking.  

Second place – Complete 30 challenges with at least a silver rating.  

The champion – Complete 50 gold-ranked challenges.  

Sold out – Destroy 250 Overcharge XT vending machines.



Crash landing – Destroy 25 Fizzco airships just because you can.  

Information – Get all 40 mobile phones.  

Explorer – Find the 20 secret places in Sunset City.  

Big Brother – Destroy all 150 Fizzco cameras.  

You listen – Listen to 9 conversations hacking satellites.  

It's art, okay? – Defaces 40 billboards with graffiti.  

Shoemaker – Get 150 shoes hanging from cables.  

A bigger closet – Obtain 250 fashion items.  

How's your kneecap? – Collect all 150 Overcharge hologram labels.  

Hot air – Get all 150 Fizzie balloons.  

Trash – Get the 150 pieces of toilet paper.  

Basic cocktails – Collect 20 Floyd amps.  

Orange soda – Massacres 5,000 hanged people.  

Equal opportunities – Complete a task from each faction.  

Orange soda II – Massacres 15,000 hanged people.  

Badge – Earn a badge.  

Depositary – Improves the Overcharge tanks of each fort.  

Definitive collection – Release all comics for the comic collector.  

Defenders of the kingdom – End the hidden evil in Fargarthia.  

Revolutionary – Reclaim Sunset City for the misfit survivors.  

Turbo – Unlock a turbo.  

Buck National (Secret) – Become a reality TV star.  

That balloon (Secret) – Eliminate a balloon.  

Ultra Mega Low (Secret) – What a bunch of pigeons.  

Excolegur (Secret) – Forge the mystical Excalamune.  

A boy's best friend is his mother (Secret) – Make the weapon Feel the heat for someone who has gone crazy from being locked up… or already was.  

Great opportunity (Secret) – Anyone can be a film producer, because no one knows what a producer is for.  

Passed through water (Secret) – Protects the boat from cambers, mortars and hanging.  

It's full of stars (Secret) – Light fires big enough to see from space.  

Tabacazo (Secret) – Smoking causes lung cancer, coronary heart disease and instant death.  

Lost and Found (Secret) – Find Bryllcream… again.  

Not so secret ingredient – Bring to light all of Fizzco's corporate secrets.  

Chaos in the former industrial district – Survive Chaos Platoon in the old industrial district with at least 150 chaos.  

Chaos in Little Tokyo – Survive Chaos Platoon in Little Tokyo with at least 325 Chaos.

Chaos in the port district – Survive Chaos Platoon in the Port District with at least 750 Chaos.  

Chaos in the center – Survive Chaos Platoon in the center with at least 1625 chaos.

They should pay me for this – Beat Insomniac testers' 534,080 in the "Buck's Revenge" challenge.



Mooil Rig Chaos – Survive the Chaos Platoon in Mooil Rig with at least 2000 chaos.  

Win the developer – Outpoint any player who has the Beat the Developer achievement in Platoon Chaos.  

Hardcore!: Buck National vs the Apocalypse – Exceed 400,000 in the "Buck National vs the Apocalypse" challenge.



Hardcore!: Buck Strikes Back – Exceed 500,000 in the "Buck Strikes Back" challenge.



Hardcore!: Buck gets off here – Exceed 600,000 in the "Buck gets off here" challenge.



Chaos in the robot factory – Survive Chaos Platoon in the robot factory with at least 2300 chaos.  

language classes – Work with Buck and Sam to create a weapon.  

Design – Weapon design is a job.

many favorites – Upgrade 10 firearms to level 5.  

I like them all – Upgrade 20 firearms to level 5.  

More turbo – Unlock at least one level 4 turbo.  

How awful! (Secret) – Survive Horror Night.  

Until dawn (Secret) – Survive a night in your fort.

Cosplay – Put on a robot costume and grab the override codes.  

Ball goes – Diverts energy inside the factory in the strangest way possible.  

Saved – Find Fiona and Lou and help them escape by repairing Snackwarap.  

Special delivery – Hop on a cargo container to enter the factory.  

A face that incites violence – Defeat Brandon. I'm serious.

Plan B (Secret) – Survive the glider crash and find another way out of Sunset City.  

Scout Honor (Secret) – Find Bryllcream and defeat Norton to become an honorary member of the troop.  

Save everyone (Secret) – Save Sunset City from Fizzco's second most powerful robot.      

Now the city is mine (Secret) – Defeat the latest Fizzco corporate machine.  

Squids (Secret) – Defeat the DLC sea monster.

 Ohhh how cute – Find all 12 of Ainsley's drawings scrawled on the city walls.      

Fizzie says April Fool's Day! - Ha ha! I can't believe you stung!


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