Super Mario Run Tricks for IOS, Android

All the secrets, tricks and unlockables of Super Mario Run

Go through all the phases of the new mobile game Super Mario Run.

All Final Bosses

We leave you a video with the fights against all the final bosses of Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run - ALL Bosses

Get Toads of different colors

In total there are 5 types of Toads, Red, Green, Purple, Yellow and Blue. Toads are obtained in Career mode by beating our opponents. When starting a race we will see the Toads that we can get depending on the rivals we face. Still to be able to get Green and Purple Toads must have completed World 1 in Tour Mode and in order to get The Yellows and Blues must have completed World 2. 

Unlock Characters

Luigi – To unlock Mario's brother we have to build Luigi's House from Toad's shop. We need to have 150 Green Toads and another 150 Purple Toads.

toad – Getting this character is very simple, simply You have to link your My Nintendo account with the game.

Yoshi – As with Luigi you have to build Yoshi's House from Toad's store, to be able to do so we must have 30 Red and 30 Yellow Toads.

Princess peach – Let's unlock it by completing the 24 phases of the game and manage to rescue her from Bowser's hands.

Toadette – Lastly to unlock Toadette you have to build your house from Toad's store like with Luigi and Yoshi but you have to have enough Toads. We need 200 red toads, 200 green, 200 yellow, 200 purple and 200 blue toads. 


In each phase of Super Mario Run there are 15 special coins, 5 Pink, 5 Purple and 5 Black. First, only the Roses will be available, when we take these we unlock the purple ones and finally the black ones. By collecting 5 coins of any color for the first time we will get 2 tickets to compete in Career Mode. Below we leave you a video with the location of each type of currency in the 24 phases of Super Mario run.

All Pink Coins

Super Mario Run: All Pink Coins

All Purple Coins

Super Mario Run: All Purple Coins

All Black Coins

Super Mario Run: All Black Coins