The Evil Within 2 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

Know all the tricks, secrets, Weapon locations, Collectibles, Keys, tips and achievements of The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2

Delve back into STEM and survive all the nightmares in search of your daughter in The Evil Within 2.

Pistol with Silencer – Location

We found this Weapon in Chapter 7, we have to start the Secondary Mission "Uncovered", the video shows where to find it.



Long Barrel Shotgun – Location

We can find this weapon in Chapter 7, we leave you a video with its location. 



Ammunition Bags and First Aid Kits

Pistol Ammunition Bags



Shotgun Ammunition Bags



Crossbow Ammunition Bags



Sniper Ammunition Bags



Assault Rifle Ammunition Bags



First Aid Kit Bags



Shooting Gallery Tutorial

We leave you a video tutorial to achieve the highest score on the very difficult level of this nod to Resident Evil 4. Get the Locker Key, weapon parts and a good amount of Green Gel.



Chain Attack Tutorial – Shooting Range

Tutorial the keys to achieve the maximum score and get the Locker Key, 7,000 Green Gel and 450 Weapon Pieces.



The Evil Within 2 Collectibles

This series of videos collects the 122 Collectibles that are in The Evil Within 2 (40 Files, 32 Locker Keys, 24 Residual Memories, 11 Slides, 8 Mysterious Objects and 7 Coffee Pots).

Collectibles Chapter 1, 2 and 3.



Collectibles Chapter 4.



Collectibles Chapter 5.



Collectibles Chapter 6.



Collectibles Chapter 7.



Collectibles Chapter 8.



Collectibles Chapter 9.



Collectibles Chapter 10.



Collectibles Chapter 11.



Collectibles Chapter 12.



Collectibles Chapter 13.



Collectibles Chapter 14.



Collectibles Chapter 15 and 16.



Collectibles Chapter 17.



Achievements/Trophies The Evil Within 2

Welcome to Union – Dive back into STEM.

kidnapped – Have an overwhelming vision.   

The team psychologist – Find a possible ally in the Marrow.   

another ally – Survive a terrible experience with the help of a new friend.

Spiritual awakening – Accept your past and your present.   

stained red – Use your first red gel.   

Make things easier – Use your first high-quality weapon parts.

DIY – Make something for the first time.

I'm happy to see you again – Get the crossbow.

Sometimes violence is not the solution – Avoid unnecessary bloodshed in front of the town hall.

melancholic memories – Remember almost every moment of your past.

like in a movie – You have opted for a cinematic experience.   

This time I won't escape – Defeat the guardian in front of the town hall.   

Cross to the other side – Give peace to the herald.   

Fire, walk with me – Manage to enter the enemy's fortress.   

everything collapses – It reaches the very end of the world.   

There will be no reinforcements – Complete the side quest “Signal Free”.   

Sykes out – Complete the side quest "The Last Step".   

Finally free – Experience all the traumatic encounters and make peace with your inner demons.   

a little research – Collect 20 files.   

Half of the stock – Open 16 lockers.

Depleting them – Kill 30 enemies.   

Smoke Killer – Kill 3 enemies with upgraded smoke bolts.   

Shock therapy – Stuns an enemy who was treading water with an electric bolt.

Attention… – Kill an enemy with an ambush.   

Kick, shoot, burn – Kill 2 or more enemies at once using spilled fuel.   

death from heaven – Kill 2 or more enemies at once with a hanging lamp.

Stop playing with fire – Prevents a true believer from playing with his favorite toy.

Rookie – Complete the game on Novice difficulty or higher.   

Powerful game – Upgrade a weapon to level 3.   

A little extra power – Upgrade one of your crossbow bolts to the highest level.

Echoes within STEM – Observe all residual memories.   

caffeine addict – Use all coffee makers at least once.   

I will finish you myself – This time you brought your own equipment to the barbecue.

Handyman – Craft each type of item at least once.

Chat with Kidman – Talk to Kidman about all the slides.   

to the teeth – Get all normal weapons.   

The whole family – Collect all the mysterious objects.   

Opening the way – Kill 60 enemies.   

Stepping strong – Finish off 15 fallen enemies with a stomp.   

I am the night – Kill 10 enemies with sneak attacks.   

Survivor – Complete the game on Survival difficulty or higher.   

premature end – Put an end to a bloody performance.   

get over the past – You no longer have traumas.   

Inject it into my vein – Completely upgrade all skills.   

Unstoppable – Fully upgrade all weapons.   

Diligent reader – Collect all files.   

Locksmith – Open all the lockers. 

Against all odds – Complete the game on Nightmare difficulty or higher.   

you have wanted it – Complete the game in Classic mode.   

unfortunate consequence – Do what is necessary to save your daughter.