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All The Order Trophies, Collectibles and Weapons: 1886

Travel through Victorian London, where humanity uses advancing weaponry to combat a powerful and ancient adversary in The Order: 1886.

Weapons The Order: 1886

There are a total of 18 weapons in the game, We leave you a list with all of them and in which chapter we collect them and a video showing the sample of each one.

C-78 Autoloading Pistol - Chapter 1.
MK 1 Service Revolver - Chapter 1.
M2 "Falchion" Auto-Rifle - Chapter 1.
M82 Selfloader Carbine - Chapter 3.
Duelist" Revolver - Chapter 3.
M85 Automatisch - Chapter 3.
M84 Marksman Carbine - Chapter 3.
RA-5 Repeating Shotgun - Chapter 3.
M86 Thermite Rifle - Chapter 3.
C-81 Maschinenpistole - Chapter 5.
Three Crown' Coach Gun - Chapter 5.
M4 'Dragoon' Stir – Chapter 8.
T-23 Arc Induction Lance – Chapter 8.
MK IV Grenade (Frag Grenade) – Chapter 8.
MK IV-S Grenade (Smoke Grenade) – Chapter 8.
TS-29 Cannon – Chapter 8.
TS-17 'Detonator' – Chapter 11.
Repeating Arbalest – Chapter 11.


Collectibles – All Objects

In total we have to collect 10 Objects Throughout the adventure, when we collect them we will all receive the "Power of Observation" Trophy.



Collectibles – All Cylinders

Have 16 Phonograph Cylinders to collect throughout the adventure and get the Trophy "Archivist".



Collectibles – All Newspapers

You have to collect 10 newspapers throughout the adventure to get the "Read" Trophy.



Collectibles – All Photographs and Documents

There are a total of 27 of these collectibles By collecting them all we will get the Trophy "Retailer".




The Grail (platinum) – Get all the trophies.

Collateral damage (gold) – Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion.

The most recommended is chapter 3, when you fight alongside Lafayette in a stage with several floors, or chapter 8, with the infinite ammo cannon.

Modern wonders (gold) – Kill 40 enemies with scientifically advanced weapons.

 If you don't have it, load up any chapter with plenty of enemies and such a weapon, like Chapter 8, and start picking off enemies.

The Shooter (gold) – Kill 5 enemies with a headshot with black sight.

Simply kill five enemies with one accurate shot while pressing L1 and going into slow motion. There doesn't have to be five during the same black sight, they are cumulative, so use this ability whenever possible and you will get it out quickly.

Well balanced (gold) – Kill an enemy with each weapon.

– Chapter 1: C78 pistol, MK1 revolver, M2 Falchion rifle. 
– Chapter 3: Duelist revolver, M85 submachine gun, M82 carbine, M84 sniper, RA-5 shotgun, M-86 Thermite rifle. 
– Chapter 5: C81 automatic pistol, Tres Coronas shotgun. 
– Chapter 8: TS-23 Arc Inducer, M4 Dragon revolver, TS-29 magnetic cannon. 
– Chapter 9: TS-17 Detonator. 
– Chapter 11: crossbow.

Perfect! (gold) – Fires an aerial grenade with black sight.

It consists of throwing a grenade and quickly pressing L1 - if you have the full bar - to aim at the explosive. It is easy to execute, our advice is that you do it in a place with few enemies on the screen, so that many more objectives will not appear to throw off your sights.

Top Inspector (gold) – Find all the objects to inspect.

Gunfighter (silver) – Kill 75 enemies with guns.

Use the one-handed guns a lot throughout the game and you'll get it. If not, you can always load any chapter with many waves.

High volatility (silver) – Detonates 10 barrels of gunpowder.

In chapter 3 several appear during the first serious shootout of the game. There is more throughout the adventure, but this is a good chapter to get it if you haven't.

Between the eyes (silver) – Kill 100 enemies with a headshot.

If you are a fan of action games you probably want to perfect your aim by killing with headshots. If you have not done so, you will have to load any chapter - preferably the first one, to make it easier - and practice.

Silenced (silver) – Kill 7 enemies with silent neutralizations.

Kill with the Stealth QTE, Chapter 5, or with the Crossbow in Chapter 11.

The Hunter (silver) – Kill 10 lycans.

There are enough lycans throughout the game to automatically take him out. Simply progress through the story and you will come across them.

All my attention (silver) – Kill 25 enemies with black sight.

Use this ability whenever you can and soon you will have killed 25 enemies. If you're also trying to find The Marksman trophy, you'll save time.

From the hip (silver) – Kill 25 enemies without aiming.

This is easy to do, you have to shoot the enemies without aiming, for example from cover for greater safety. However, you may not take it out because you usually want to play well. Look for it intentionally against waves of enemies.

Short distances (silver) – Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks.

Approach an enemy and press triangle when the icon appears on the screen. The first few chapters, which have fairly easy enemies, are the best to get this started.

On fire (silver) – Incinerate 15 enemies.

Use the Thermite rifle that spits out a cloud of gunpowder and then use the secondary fire with R1, you will burn everyone nearby. You will have this trophy if you use this weapon whenever it is in your hands.

Bewildered (silver) – Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 Falchion

This rifle's secondary fire stuns enemies. Load the first chapter and instead of killing, use this feature.

Read (silver) – Inspect all newspapers.

Observation Power (Silver) – Inspect all objects.

Archivist (silver) – Collect all the phonograph cylinders.

Retailer (silver) – Inspect all photographs and documents.

I am no longer a knight (bronze) – Finish the game on any difficulty.


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