Thief Cheats for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Discover all of Thief's secrets, collectibles, and concentration upgrades

Slip into the stealthy skin of Garret and free the city from the Baron's tyranny in Thief.


We leave you a video with the 82 collectibles that Thief has and get the Achievement/Trophy "What's yours is mine."

Thief - Collectible Guide (Achievement / Trophy Yours is Mine) // All collectible locations


Secret Zones

In the game, there are many secret areas, you only need to find 73 of these areas to receive the Achievement/trophy "He who finds it keeps it", but at no time do we know what they are and what we have.
The easiest way to obtain the trophy is to use a video guide, because if not, we will spend hours and hours wandering around the City. Here we leave you a video to achieve it easily.

Thief - Finder Keeps It Trophy / All Secret Areas / Finders Keepers Trophy


Safe Combinations

 Here we leave you a list with the combinations of the safes that we will find throughout the adventure.

Chapter 1: Isolation – Serendi Jeweler's Basement: 739

The City part I – Miss Scarlett's House: 824

Chapter 2: Dust to Dust – Workshop: 314

The City part II – South Barony Road: 842

Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets – Upper level: 573

Chapter 4: A friendship in trouble – Security room: 319

Chapter 4: A friendship in trouble – Safe house: 018

Job 4 – Warehouse: 812

Chapter 5: The Helpless – Treatment Center (Third Part): 731

The City part V – Archie Maxwell House: 776

Chapter 6: A unique man – First floor: 889

Chapter 6: A unique man – Waiting hall: 017

Chapter 7: The Hidden City – Interior loading docks: 673

Concentration Improvements

During the course of the game we can find or buy "Concentration points", which serve to improve Concentration skills from the game journal. Intuition.


  • Level 1 -Highlights elements of the environment from a distance. -Loots and interactive objects are blue. -Threats and other dangerous elements are red.
  • Level 2 -Ability to detect the location of hidden items and unique loot. -Handprints appear that reveal the trail.


  • Level 1 -Ability to quickly steal multiple items from an unsuspecting person.
  • Level 2 -Ability to visualize the internal mechanism of locks. -Increases the speed to pick locks.


  • Level 1 -Ability to visually detect threat noises at close range.
  • Level 2 -Greatly increases the range to detect noises visually.


  • Level 1 -Ability to stun an enemy with a single hit. -With Concentration active, aim at the opponent's torso and press R.
  • Level 2 -Ability to knock out an enemy with a single blow. -With Concentration active, aim at the opponent's head and press R.


  • Level 1 -Slightly increases the speed of your actions by slowing down your surroundings during marksman mode, in combat, and when picking locks.
  • Level 2 -Greatly increases the speed of your actions by further slowing down your surroundings during marksman mode, in combat, and when picking locks.


  • Level 1 -Slightly reduces Concentration consumption.
  • Level 2 -Significantly reduces Concentration consumption.


  • Level 1 -Greatly expands your visual range by zooming in and out. -This effect does not require Concentration vision to activate.  
  • Level 2 -Greatly increases accuracy speed with the bow.


  • Level 1 -Ability to move more stealthily when using Concentration. -Reduces the noise you generate, even on noisy surfaces.
  • Level 2 -Ability to remain hidden when using Concentration. -Ability to remain in the shade, for a short period of time, when accessing a lit area.



Obsessive compulsive – Steal all loot items and collectibles from the same chapter.

The hit – Complete the Prologue.

Isolation – Complete Chapter 1.

dust to dust – Complete Chapter 2. 

dark secrets – Complete Chapter 3. 

A friendship in trouble – Complete Chapter 4.

The helpless – Complete Chapter 5. 

a unique man – Complete Chapter 6. 

The hidden city – Complete Chapter 7. 

Quickly pick a lock – Pick a lock with the speed of a master.

In perfect condition – Complete 3 chapters in a row without taking damage.

son of shadows – Complete a chapter without alerting anyone. 

glass rain – Shoot a bottle in the air with an arrow. 

Old habits never die – Find all the secret stashes in Moira. 

Happy Birthday - Sweet sixteen. Don't forget to make a wish. You just have to blow out 16 candles in total, at any time and place in the game. 

All that shines – Steal 5 collectibles. 

The light of dawn – Complete Chapter 8. 

Skillful hands – Loot 100 pockets in a single game. 

black archer – Complete 10 optional robbery challenges. 

One step ahead - Dismantle 10 traps. 

Priceless – Complete a set of collectibles. 

Hidden agenda – Find 15 secret areas. 

Health hazard – Kill or knock out 10 people using the environment. 

Clear mind – Reach the final chapter without using the Concentration skill. 

Modesty denied – Score an epic 5,000,000 or more on a challenge map. 

More stealing and less running – Complete the game in 15 hours or more. 

Yours is mine – Complete all collectible sets.

He who finds it keeps it – Find all the secret areas. 

doing overtime – Complete all jobs for City clients. 

Hard times – Complete the game on Master difficulty.

leather legend – Complete 25 optional robbery challenges.

Infamous jobs – Complete all Basso jobs in the City.

something to prove – Complete the game on custom difficulty of 700 points or higher. 

Moral victory – Complete the game without killing or knocking out anyone.

Detached – Use 40,000 gold.


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