Watch Dogs 2 Cheats for PS4, PC, Xbox One

All the tricks and secrets of Watch Dogs 2

Tour San Francisco with Marcus and stand up to ctOS in Watch Dogs 2.

Trick/Glitch Infinite Money

We leave you a trick to get infinite money in Watch Dogs 2



Collectibles: Key Facts

In total we have to collect 24 key facts, they unlock improvements to be able to buy them from our Smartphone, to obtain some of them we will need the jumper, they will make us build it shortly after starting the main story, we will also have to build the quadrotor on any 3D printer in a Hacker Space (HQ), also We will need the Directional Vehicle Hacking and Engine Control improvements from the Vehicle Hacking branch and Remote Environment Control from the Remote Control branch.

Watch Dogs 2 - Key Facts Guide - Researcher Achievement / Trophy


Location of the 10 Gnomes and the secret suit



Surprise! – Get your selfie ruined.  

A mini trip! – Drive 4 km around the world with the Elek Motors Merengue.  

You're going on a boat! – Finish the operation: Forced conscription.  

100% legitimate – End the operation: 911 $.  

Jumping – Make a 140 meter long jump while riding in a vehicle.  

Fuel the panic – Uses the "Call the Cops" hack with the name disguised as a Haigh-Ashbury donut.  

Applied student – Buy all the apps in the app store.  

Threat - Get a two-handed weapon in the 3D printer.  

Come on, Marcus, don't do anything to them – Neutralize 5 Fugitives in Bounty Hunter Mode.  

Born murderer - Neutralize 1 Bounty Hunter in Bounty Hunter Mode.  

Knight without a horse – Finish the operation: CyberDriver.  

Carreron – Compete in a drone race.  

Bad boys – Steal a ship.  

As in HAUM, nowhere – Finish the operation: HAUM, sweet HAUM.  

With style - Get the Gatorfeet Whine Country shoes.  

Give me your hand - Successfully complete an online cooperative operation.  

DedSec one turn – Ride a tram.  

Let me go up – Ride 200 meters on top of a car after hacking it.  

Elusive criminal – Escape a level 5 crime.  

Layout eKart – Get all the eKart upgrades.  

Triple the charm – Make 3 jumps in a row with a vehicle.  

Graduation party - Unlock the rest of the game's trophies.

Unstoppable leaks – Finish the operation: Robisoft.  

Fox – Finish the operation: Shadows.  

Hack the world – Perform the hack of the century.

Hypnosis – Ends operation: 0bserv4d0s.  

Informant – Finish the operation: Nudle Trigger.  

Investigator - Gather all the key data hidden in the world.  

Classic justice – Finish the operation: tit for tat.  

Spider tangle – End the operation: Robotic wars.  

Member of the high-flying club – Finish the operation: Hack the world. 

I don't plan to stop – Compete in a motorcycle race.  

Put your pants on now – Buy some pants after the party.  

He who does not embark, does not get seasick – Compete in a regatta.  

Who I am - Delete your old identity from Blume servers.  

Picking up the pieces – Finish the operation: Mirror.  

Shutter King – Take 25 photos of ScoutX locations.  

Robotist – Hack a robot.  

Sabotage – End the operation: Hacker War.  

 Only God can Judge Me - Buy a shirt from the Nudle vending machine.  

Hold my hair – Take a photo of someone vomiting.  

I have your money – Finish the operation: False prophets.  

All voices count – Finish the operation: Power to the flock.  

Everybody to the floor - Stealth incapacitate 30 enemies.  

Troll - Successfully invade another hacker.  

Own garage – Buy 25 cars from dealers.  

A walk to Remember - Drive one of the special vehicles.  

One of ours - Complete 5 DedSec events.  

Heavy vehicle - Steal a bus.  

Dog's life - Pet 10 dogs.  


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