World of Final Fantasy Cheats for PS4, PS Vita


Enter Grymoire with the brothers Lann and Reyne in World of Final Fantasy.  

Finals World of Final Fantasy

Have two endings to enjoy in World of Final Fantasy, we tell you how to unlock them:

We obtain the first ending by defeating the final boss at the top of Castle Exnine. After the credits we will see a scene with Tama and the nameless girl in which we will discover that after altering space-time, we have a new opportunity to join forces and defeat our archenemy once and for all.

The second and true ending: After the credits and the scene of Tama and the nameless girl, the objective says that we catch more mirages, it is not about catching many mirages, but about catching several in particular: the Heptarchs and fulfilling certain goals.

  • Talk to Hauyn in Balamb Garden.
  • Let Serafie tell us rumors about Grymoire.
  • Capture Shiva, Ifrit and Ramuh in their respective battles in the Colosseum.
  • Defeat Odin, Bahamut, Leviathan and Diablo.
  • Hunt the Nine-Tailed Fox: It is a kind of mandatory secondary mission, to which we only have access after reaching the first ending. We must visit Sherlotta at her inn near the Iceberg Valley so she can tell us the events that happened. We can then revisit the dungeon and just to the left of the entrance we will discover a new path that takes us to a small section in which the enemies are stronger than usual and where our objective finally awaits. By the way, this area is ideal to level up a little before the final battle.

After completing these objectives we go to the Central Plaza of Colina Nonarboleda to have a conversation with Serafie in which he will ask us if we are prepared for the final combat.

Cheat 45,000 XP

Here we leave you a trick to get a lot of experience before chapter VI, the good thing is that we can repeat it as many times as we want. 

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Get Ifrit and Shiva

This video shows how to get to these 2 characters before chapter VI.

[Mass Guide] World of Final Fantasy - Get Ifrit and Shiva before chapter VI [Spanish]


Get Gilgamesh

In this video you have the keys to obtain to Gilgamesh.

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Mirage Maduin – Titan Evolution

To get This Mirage must meet some requirements in the BuscaDaemonbots minigame, all the keys are shown in the video.

GUIDE | WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY - Evocation of Maduin ("Emonbots Search" Minigame)


World of Final Fantasy Trophies

I can't stand men! – Defeat the Queen Penguin with a Lann attack  

Whoa, whoa, whoa! – Manages to hit several cacti in one blow  

To the rescue of Cornelia – Defeat Bahamut's Army  

Kind soul - Complete all assignments  

Altering time – Complete 10 astral trips  

Fire extinguisher – Punish Ifrita  

Love matters – Defeat the goblin princess with the Warrior of Light  

Blitzbolist – Clear the sky by einhänders  

Magitec Knight – Defeat many enemies with the Magitec unit

Treasure hunter - Open 100 treasure chests.  

Light blue and crimson – Find the first key.  

Mirage collector – Register quite a few mirages in the miragepedia.  

 The adventure begins - Reach Grymoire.  

 Insatiable curiosity – Find the secret areas of all the dungeons.  

Mirage Custodian – Complete your first miracle board.  

United Destinies – Fight alongside Gilgamesh against the Bahamut soldier.  

The awakening of the enlightened one – Earn your first protector emblem.  

Between reality and dreams – Complete an astral journey.  

Mirage specialist – Register many mirages in the miragepedia.  

Speeding – Get to the last room of the Nebula Cavern very quickly.  

Philanthropist – Complete your first assignment.  

Gladiators – Win 30 battles in the Colosseum.  

Icy justice – Fight alongside Ultrashiva to defeat the golden flan.  

The final battle - Arrive at Castle Exnine.  

The prophecy fulfilled – Find all the keys.  

The Cranberry Knights – Resolve the Colosseum incident.  

Fighter - Fight in 100 battles.  

My first mirage – Capture your first mirage.  

Nine souls – Get Tamamohime to join your party.

New opponents – Win your first fight in the Colosseum.  

Octopus at fair – Defeat Ultros in Papyrus Village.  

Destiny Weaver – Complete 30 astral trips.  

A stubborn zombie – Defeat the zombie princess 10 times.  

Grim Revenge – Defeat your first mirage in a gloomy fissure.

The end of the story? – Complete the game.  

Champions – Defeat all rivals in the Colosseum.  

Legendary Custodian –  Complete 100 miracle boards.  

Daemonbots from beyond – Defeat the Xenogear.  

Eradication of chaos – Complete the new dungeons.  

Mirage fan – Register a bunch of mirages in the miragepedia.  

Great treasure hunter – Open all the treasure chests.  

Guardian of time – Complete all astral travel.  

Warrior - Fight in 500 battles.  

Legendary Hero – Collect all Protector Emblems.  

 Invincible - Defeat the mirages in all the gloomy fissures.  

The servants of the dyad – Capture the heptarchs.  

Mirage Master – Register all mirages in the miragepedia.  

Smile - Discover the true ending.  

Grymoire conquered – Unlock the rest of the game's trophies.


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