How to change the car remote battery

Do you detect that the remote locking and opening of your car is starting to fail? Possibly the key is left in the battery. We tell you how to change it

Let's see how to change the car remote battery, in order to avoid being left stranded without the possibility of opening or closing your car and having to resort to the secondary manual system, which is often much more cumbersome. And modern car access systems include different wireless systems that allow open and close the car by pressing a simple button from the key itself, a remote control uniquely programmed through its corresponding receivers. But you know how to change the remote control battery car When is it spent?


How to change the car key battery

Thus, for the car key to send opening and closing signals to the car, its battery must have enough charge. In this way, the vehicle's receiving unit will receive and evaluate the received signals; If they are positive, the car doors will open.

Of course, the batteries in the car remote control, as well as the way to change them, are different depending on the automotive group to which each one belongs. vehicle, although everyone usually share how the stack is accessed and how to change it. Don't miss out below how to change the car remote battery.

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How the car key remote control works

The standard keys of today's vehicles have a manual radio transmitter as an opening and closing key of the car. In that same control there is also the key itself, with its teeth and the transponder of the anti-theft immobilizer.

With the key itself you can open the doors manually by inserting it into the lock and turning in the right direction; In addition, you can also start the vehicle with the same key. The transponder, for its part, is necessary to deactivate the anti-theft immobilizer before starting the engine.

How to change the car remote battery

On the other hand, the transmitter unit (also known as remote control) acts as a lock and unlock the doors of the vehicle through the vehicle's central locking. Depending on the model and brand of the car and the country, some functions or others are performed. Thus, European vehicles usually use manual radio transmitters with a frequency of 433 or 434 MHz; For their part, American and Asian cars usually use the 315 MHz frequency.

In the event of a failure or the battery is discharged or that there is interference that may affect the transmission of control, vehicles can be opened through the mechanical closing cylinders.

How to tell if your car key batteries are dying

If you think the battery in your car key has died, check to see if your vehicle is still under warranty or check if you have another key. You can consult your dealer to have the battery changed, especially if it is a very vehicle modern.

If you want to change the battery yourself, first consult the stack code who uses the key to buy the right one. Of course, not all key failures have to be related to the battery; Make sure that the device is clean, since dirt can get in and damage the remote inside.

How to change the car remote battery

Even so, if you notice that the answer of the key is not the one at the beginning or that you have to get very close to the vehicle For it to work, it's time to change the remote control battery before it runs out completely at the wrong time and place.

And if you have one second key while the battery of the other key is replaced, the better. Remember to check the vehicle manual before opening the key to know what type of battery you need.

How to change the car key battery

As we said before, the key models are usually the same (or very similar) depending on the automotive group to which each car belongs. Even so, all controls usually share a same way to change the battery. Follow the steps below to change the car remote battery:

  1. The first step is separate the bottom and the handheld radio transmitter of the key to unfold the teeth of the key. To do this, enter a flat tip screwdriver in the visible gap between the two halves of the casing and gently pry.
  2. Now, to open the key case, place the teeth of the same between both parts of the casing and pry.
  3. Finally, you can now rremove and change the battery of the car control. To do this, insert the new battery respecting polarity and reassemble the car control by reversing the previous steps.

It is important that when placing the new battery in the car remote control, the battery poles do not touch at the same time. Moisture could cause a short circuit that can considerably shorten the life of the battery. For added protection, use disposable gloves or plastic tweezers.

How to change the car remote battery

Tips on how to change the car remote battery

Follow the following tips To change the car remote battery more safely:

  • Before opening the faucet, look at its design: each model has its own system, some with lever others with screw.
  • Once you know exactly how to open it, do it with care and delicacy, without forcing too much. And if the key is very modern, you could damage chips or key settings if we are not careful enough.
  • When you open the key you will see that the battery is held by several clips. Remove the battery carefully or use a suitable tool to remove it safely; or with your own hands.
  • With the new battery already installed, replace the casings with the same care but quickly so that the key don't get deprogrammed.
  • Before turning off the faucet completely clean your interior in case you see dirt.
  • Finally, check that the key works correctly; In the event that this is not the case, go to the dealer to check that nothing strange happens.

Now you know how to change the car remote battery, in addition to knowing how to detect that something is not right and some tips to make the change with maximum safety.

How to change the car remote battery

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