Tricks to clean your whiteboard

Do you want to enjoy a very clean and in good condition blackboard? We teach you how to clean your whiteboard, tricks and tips to keep your Velleda perfect

Let's see how to clean your whiteboard. Do the little ones in the house enjoy drawing, painting and writing on their blackboards? They love to play at being teachers or give free rein to their imagination by coloring their beautiful creations. What they don't love so much anymore is picking up everything and cleaning the blackboard. It is a mess, with the paint dried and it is complicated remove any type of remains that could have been left so that the little ones can continue enjoying the board day after day. That's why It is important to clean it properly.

After intense use it is normal that the blackboards suffer severe wear and tear and require certain maintenance, care and cleaning to prolong their use. Thus, We offer you the best tricks and recommendations to care for and clean your Velleda type whiteboard..


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How to clean a dirty whiteboard with a removable ink marker (the one that can be erased)

  1. To remove marker marks we can use a specific whiteboard eraser. They are special sponges of variable hardness that remove marker marks with a simple pass.
  2. If the draft is not enough, we can also choose to wipe a cotton pad with makeup remover nail polish remover for nails (better if it is one that does not have acetone) or spend cloth with isopropyl alcohol of a 90% to eliminate the most resistant marks and leave the surface completely white.
  3. Once we have cleaned the surface We can wipe it with a soft cloth or damp chamois to remove any traces of dust. of the markers.

The best tricks to clean your whiteboard

How to remove PERMANENT ink marker from a whiteboard

If the children have confused (little angels) the markers and have used one with permanent ink instead of the removable whiteboard ink, the methods mentioned above may not work or leave the whiteboard completely clean of remains.

In that case, the trick that works best is to use a removable whiteboard ink marker and paint over the lines made with the permanent ink marker. Let it dry and wipe it with a cloth and it is perfectly clean. The components of the removable ink mix with the dry ink and release it from the surface of the board and can be easily removed.


Repair scratches and marks on a whiteboard

  1. If after cleaning the whiteboard surface with the above methods there are still visible scratches we can use universal solvent to remove the most resistant marks.
  2. We can also go to a store specialized in office or cleaning supplies to purchase synthetic waxes to remove more pronounced scratches, although again it is a somewhat more expensive solution. Do not confuse with wax or cleaning products that contain waxes as they leave a very annoying film that makes the whiteboard unusable.
  3. In case that It is not very dirty but you can see the previous drawings. (known as “ghosting”) it will be enough to clean it with a mixture of equal parts of water and isopropyl alcohol, which is the best cleaner for this type of surface.
  4. Finally, we can go over the whiteboard surface a clean, dry cloth to achieve a more visible shine. To do this we must rub intensely until the surface is like new.

We hope that with these tips you can maintain the whiteboard well and that the little ones can continue painting and giving free rein to their imagination.


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How to clean a classic blackboard from chalk

  1. With a standard chalk eraser we can remove all traces of chalk that remain on the surface of the blackboard. Make sure the eraser is as clean as possible of chalk before cleaning.
  2. The most advisable thing is to carry out up and down movements with the eraser so that the chalk dust falls downwards; If we make circular or zigzag movements, the only thing we will achieve is spread the dust over the entire surface without achieving total cleaning.
  3. every few passes clean the eraser for better cleaning of the blackboard surface.
  4. Once we have removed all the dust from the board we can wipe a chamois or clean cloth over the surface of it to leave it like new.

The best tricks to clean your whiteboard

Chalk Eraser Tips

  1. The eraser is the main element to clean the chalk from our blackboard; usually made of felt, allows you to collect and retain the chalk while we slide it over the surface from the blackboard. Thus, it is vitally important to keep the eraser clean and free of obvious wear.
  2. Can Clean the eraser by shaking it on a rack to release any traces of chalk, something that we will have to do daily if we want it to clean properly. We recommend cleaning the eraser in open, ventilated spaces, since shaking it releases large amounts of chalk dust.
  3. If the eraser contains excess chalk dust, it is advisable to clean it with a cloth soaked in hot water to remove all dust and traces of chalk. Likewise, we can clean the eraser with specific products that we can find in stores specializing in office or cleaning products.

The best tricks to clean your whiteboard

Maintenance of chalk boards

  1. It is advisable Clean the blackboard wax regularly with cloths or cloths to remove any traces of chalk. We can find special cloths and cloths for whiteboards in stores specializing in office or cleaning products, although they are somewhat more expensive than a conventional chamois.
  2. We can also find special products such as sprays or liquids that are applied to the chamois or cleaning cloth to achieve a superior finish.
  3. We must pass this type of chamois as if it were a chalk eraser, that is, with firm and uniform movements from top to bottom, never with circular or zigzag movements.

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