How to know the inches of a laptop

Guide to find out the inches of your Windows or Mac laptop; how to calculate pixel density

Let's see how to know the inches of a laptop through some simple measurements and mathematical calculations. And it is that the computers Laptops or laptops are manufactured in various sizes, from the smallest notebooks to the largest, also heavier laptops. So much so, that laptops are an essential tool for professionals who must carry out their jobs outside the home or office, thus the versatility of a laptop is essential; and that is why many people wonder what size a laptop is to make sure if they can or not transport it easily or simply know what size screen a device has. specific model, something important in the gaming PC. Next, how to know the inches of a laptop.

How to know the inches (size) of a laptop

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When we do not know the exact size of our laptop and we end up buying a model that is either too big or too small, it is necessary to know beforehand. what size do we need and how many inches is it a specific model of portable PC or laptop. As a general rule, laptops comprise sizes of between 10 and 18 inches; Let's see how to know the size of a laptop.

How to know the inches of a laptop

The first step to know the size of a laptop is to have a tape measure and a calculator to perform a simple division, which is the figure in centimeters of the size of the laptop by 2,54. We recommend having the laptop turned off with the screen open at an angle of about 90 degrees to be able to carry out measurements comfortably; Be careful not to scratch the screen!

Place the start of the tape measure in a corner of the screen and measures the distance to the opposite corner diagonally. Calculate from the beginning and end of the corner of the screen and not from the outer frame of the screen, since the frame of the screen is not considered in the total inches.

How to know the inches of a laptop

Now it will only be necessary to carry out the following division:

  • centimeters of laptop screen / 2.54 = inches of laptop screen

For example, if your screen has a 43cm diagonal, you will only have to divide that number by 2.54, obtaining the result of 17, which will be the inches of your laptop. However, below we offer you a equivalence table so that you have on hand the relationship between centimeters of the screen diagonal and its equivalent inches.




How to know the pixel density of a laptop

Once you have the pixel density of a laptop, you can also calculate screen pixel density of the computer through a series of mathematical operations; Again, we recommend using a calculator. Screen pixel density tells us the number of pixels in relation to their size; the higher the pixel density, the better the image quality will be. Follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to access the system configuration from the Windows or Mac laptop.
  2. Access the section dedicated to screen.
  3. Now look for the option advanced display settings.
  4. In section Screen resolution The maximum resolution supported by said equipment is indicated; you will get the width value x the height value of the screen.
  5. First Raise each of those values to the second power and add them.
  6. Now extract the square root of said result; save the value x.
  7. Now get a metric quote and measure the diagonal of the screen as in the previous section; save the number in centimeters.
  8. Finally, divide the value obtained after taking the square root of the sum of pixels and by the number of centimeters from the previous paragraph; portable cm / X value.
  9. The result will be the pixel density that the laptop has.

How to know the inches of a laptop

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