How to recover a lost Word document

Do you need to recover a lost Word file? Has the program closed unexpectedly? Has the power gone out and you haven't saved? We offer you solutions

Let's see how to recover a lost Word document, he famous program Microsoft word processor with which millions of users write their texts daily around the world. And there are few things worse in office automation than working on a Word document and, for one reason or another, the file is irremediably lose. Either due to an unexpected shutdown of the software. Or because the program has stopped responding or frozen. Or the computer has crashed or the power has gone out. All of this without saving the last changes and losing all the work done. All these things happen in more occasions of those desired. But don't despair; Below we offer you the best solutions to recover a file words that has been lost.


Word: how to recover a lost file

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You have been working for hours; and suddenly, you have lost the word file. Do not suffer. Below we offer you the best solutions to try to recover your document and avoid losing hours of work due to an error beyond your control. And despite these solutions, the first thing you should do is be patient and wait. Yes, because sometimes computing is somewhat capricious and keeps many processes running at the same time, which can cause unexpected crashes from programs like Word or from the operating system itself, like Windows.

So, if you have the Word file open, don't touch anything and wait some minutes to see if it reacts again to your typical commands, such as typing something or moving the mouse pointer. If you finally see that does not defrost, keep reading to try to recover the document with some of the possible solutions that we offer below.

How to recover a lost Word document

Find the document in Word

If you see that you have lost a Word file, the first thing you can try to do is search it in the search box. To do this, write the name of the document you are looking for, specifying whether it is a file type .doc or .docx and performs a detailed search in the list of files that open.

If you are lucky and find the lost file, double click on it and try to save it to a path on your computer that you can find easily. Although we also recommend carrying out a look at the trash, since you may have accidentally deleted it.

Activate Word autorecover

Microsoft Word offers a very interesting tool for file self-recovery which on more than one, two and three occasions will be of great help to you. This is a functionality of the program itself that is responsible for save temporary files automatically. These temporary copies are deleted when a manual save is made, since they are no longer useful, or when the program is closed. And if a problem occurs while using the program and you have not saved manually, you can always activate this tool to try to recover the last automatic copy stored by the program itself. Follow the steps below to activate Word autorecover:

  1. Go to Options of Word through the section Archive from the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  2. Click on the tab Keep, located in the left column.
  3. Activate the option Save AutoRecover information setting the minutes.

Use Windows File Recovery

Another possible solution is to use the program Windows File Recovery, a free Microsoft-specific tool that allows you to recover all types of files, from folders to documents that you have deleted. It is official software, so there is no problem using it, although you will need Windows 10 in version 2004 or higher.

How to recover a lost Word document

To use Windows File Recovery you just have to access Microsoft Store, install the program and open it to perform the specific search for that Word file that you have apparently lost. If you're lucky, the program will find a recoverable version of it that you can keep safe, now, on your computer.

Now you have several solutions to try. recover seemingly lost Word files. May you be lucky in your recoveries and may it be nothing serious!

How to recover a lost Word document

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