How to leave ASNEF for free

Discover how to get off the list of defaulters for free and urgently: what ASNEF is, for what reasons they can put you on it and how to get out quickly and easily

Let's see how to leave ASNEF for free, quickly and easily. And in recent years, in times of crisis, many people have unfortunately ended up being part of a list of defaulters. It is mostly about defaults of credits or invoices that could not be paid due to setbacks labor, putting many families to the limit in the economic field. ASNEF is the most recognized entity in the field of lists of defaulters or defaulters and below we will see how to get out of this type of lists for free and paying, for what reasons they may have gotten us into them and how to get out easily and quickly.

Learn what Asnef is, how to consult it and how to exit the delinquency file

ASNEF: how to leave for free, easy and fast

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What is ASNEF

ASNEF is the National Association of Credit Financial Establishments, an entity that records the data of people who have considerable debt or have had it for a long time. Ultimately, it is the database on debt defaults largest in Spain and is updated thanks to the information provided by companies and financial entities with the aim of preventing future non-payments by these people. So much so, that many companies consult this database before entering into contracts to see if a client has previous non-payments.

What companies can include you in ASNEF

Any company or entity can add your name to ASNEF; with you having a debt with a company for a very long period of time, they can now include you in said database. Some types of companies that can add you to ASNEF are:

  • Service companies: for non-payment of water, electricity, gas bills...
  • Telephone companies: for non-payment of telephone bills.
  • Financial entities: due to non-payment of credits or mortgages.
  • Insurance companies: for non-payment of contributions of any type of insurance.
  • Other types of companies: any company that collaborates with ASNEF can include your name on the list of defaulters.

How to leave ASNEF for free

For what reason they can put you in ASNEF

Any company can add you to the ASNEF default list, although there are certain conditions that can determine your inclusion in this type of lists:

  • The amount doesn't matter that you must; No matter how small it may be, a company can add you for non-payment of a ridiculous amount.
  • The debt must be true and demonstrable; The company must be able to provide evidence of non-payment.
  • The debt must be demandable; If there is no evidence that the debt must be paid, they cannot add you to the list.
  • A period must have passed minimum time period in which no payments have been made.
  • A must have been sent before notification about non-payment or debt.
  • There must have been a request of non-payment and that has not been responded to.

How to leave ASNEF for free

It is possible to leave ASNEF for free and without paying, although the possibilities are slim. Still it is not impossible. Thus, you can rely on the law that directly refers to Right to Rectification, Article 16 of EU Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). In other words, you have the right to request a correction of your personal data in case there are errors or inaccuracies. The trick is that while the data review lasts, a temporary wipe is applied of the files until the checks are completed. For this reason, a period of time is given during which it is possible to request a loan or set up another business to obtain the requested money.

To do this, simply follow the following steps:

  1. Check if you are in the ASNEF Registry | The first step is to check if you are included in the ASNEF list. The entity is obliged to notify you via certified mail within a period of 30 days from the date of inclusion. In the case of taking the initiative, it will only be necessary to make a free request through the DNI and the required data.
  2. Download the Claim Form to ASNEF | Once you are on the list of defaulters, you will be able to benefit from the aforementioned Right of Rectification, Article 16 of EU Regulation 2016/679, General Data Protection (RGPD). Correctly fill out all the requested fields to process the request.
  3. Send the Form to the ASNEF office | Send the documentation to the required ASNEF office.
  4. Temporary withdrawal from ASNEF | If the data is correct, within a period of 10 to 30 days you will be unsubscribed while the required verification is carried out.

How to leave ASNEF for free

How to leave ASNEF paying

In this case, it is the only way to leave the ASNEF list permanently. It is only necessary to pay the requested non-payment, with the article 41.1 of Royal Decree 1720/2007 which establishes that “The payment or fulfillment of the same will determine the immediate cancellation of all data related to it.” This means that once the required amount of non-payment is paid, the creditor must contact ASNEF to cancel the person who previously had the debt.

It is important that keep the documents well that prove the payment of the debt, so that misunderstandings do not occur in the future regarding the payment or not of the required debt. Once you have been removed from the ASNEF list, the entity must notify you within ten days, even though the data may continue to remain. up to six years. Staying in the database during this period of time should not give you any more problems once the debt has been eliminated.

Still, you can always request the deletion of your ASNEF data If these conditions are met:

  • The amount claimed has more than six years.
  • It has not been informed by letter to the debtor of its inclusion in the list of defaulters.
  • The amount claimed it is not real or there is no conformity with the same.
  • There is not one real verification Of the debt.
  • The amount of the default cannot be proven.
  • The payment has been made but the name of the debtor still appears on the list.

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How to leave ASNEF for free

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