How to repost on Instagram

The best tricks to repost or regram on Instagram for mobile

Below we teach you how to make a repost on instagram, a method to share content on such a popular social network similar to the tool Share of Facebook or the retweets of Twitter. And although there is no tool per se to repost on Instagram, we can use different tricks and methods to share photos and posts. other accounts through ours, with our own solutions or third-party apps. Of course, the essential requirement to repost or regram on Instagram is cite the original source. Let's see how to make a repost on instagram.

How to repost on Instagram 2023

How to repost on Instagram

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What is an Instagram repost

A repost (also know as regram) is when an Instagram user posts a photo to their account by publishing said photo to another Instagram account, in a similar way to the Share tool of Facebook or Twitter retweets. In short, it is a form of share already published content through in other accounts; the problem is that Instagram does not offer a native tool to share publications, so it is necessary to resort to small tricks and other methods to achieve similar results.

How to repost on Instagram

Reposts are a method widely used by brands, influencers and more to spread their content, since in many cases they achieve higher engagement rates to other types of publications, giving rise to other users to also share them. Although as we say, Instagram does not offer an option or button to press to repost publications, so below we offer you several options to repost on Instagram.

How to make a manual repost on Instagram

Follow the following steps to make a repost on Instagram manually:

  1. Locate the Instagram post you want to share via repost.
  2. Make a screenshot from image.
  3. Now click on the camera button to upload an image to Instagram.
  4. Crop the screenshot so that only the photograph is seen; You can do it with Instagram's own image editor or previously with any other photo editor, like the one that comes with your mobile, for example.
  5. Before publishing, go to comments text box to write what you consider, in addition to including the source of the image.

How to repost on Instagram

How to make a repost with the app on Instagram

To make a repost through a third party app specifically designed for this, you will first have to download an application like Repost for Instagram, one of the most popular and recommended for reposting Instagram via app. It is available completely free of charge for both iOS as for Android.

How to repost on Instagram

Once the Repost for Instagram app is downloaded, it will be installed automatically and after a few moments you will be able to access it. Follow the following steps to use Repost for Instagram:

  1. When you start the app, log in to the Instagram account to use.
  2. Select the post with a photo to repost on Instagram.
  3. Click on it three dots icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  4. In the drop-down menu select the option Copy URL to copy the content to the mobile clipboard and to the Repost for Instagram app itself.
  5. Access the Repost for Instagram app again to view all the content copied from Instagram.
  6. Click on the content that you want to repost.
  7. The photo selected to upload will add a banner (light or dark) that can be placed above, below, to the left or right of the image; by clicking on Repost A default text will be saved with the mention of the author that will be added later.
  8. Now click on copy on Instagram to open the image on Instagram as if it were your own photo; and as with any new publication, you can add filters or edit and crop the image.
  9. Finally, you will only need to paste the previously saved text, edit it and share the publication on Instagram.

How to repost on Instagram

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