How to share on Instagram with a single touch

Discover the trick to share Instagram posts quickly with a single touch thanks to a new tool recently implemented

Let's see how to share a post on instagram with a single touch thanks to a new functionality implemented in the app of the popular social network. Thus, and thanks to this new method, you will be able to share your new publications with your best friends or with those users with whom you share the most content, in a quick and easy way through a single finger gesture. If you are a regular user of instagram and you like to share a lot of your photos or videos, don't miss this new method to easily share your posts with a single tap on the screen.


Instagram: how to share with a single touch

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Why one-touch sharing on Instagram

If among your most common Instagram activities The option to share your posts cannot be found, you probably overlook this new trick to share your content with a single touch; Therefore, you will surely continue with the traditional method, which is none other than press a specific button, search for contact of destiny, select it and give to Send.

But if you are one of those who does not stop share posts on Instagram with other people, maybe you're interested how to shorten the method to make it faster, more agile and easier. Thanks to this, with a single gesture you will have at your disposal your four most common contacts to share your content quickly and comfortably.

How to share with one touch on Instagram

Follow the steps below to share an Instagram post with a single tap, fast and easy:

  1. The first step is access the publication of Instagram that you want to share. Remember that it can be your own publication of any type or of any other user of the application.
  2. When you have it keep your finger pressed on the share icon that is shown in said publication. Important: Don't tap it, just keep your finger pressed.
  3. After a few moments maintaining pressure on said button a small floating menu will appear in which the four contacts with whom you usually interact the most on Instagram.
  4. Finally, you will only have to Swipe to one of these contacts to select the recipient with whom to share that post.
  5. Raise your finger to finish the process.

How to share on Instagram with a single touch

And that's it. Through a simple gesture you can share a post with one of the four contacts those you interact with the most on Instagram. Remember that the entire process is done holding down the share button and, without lifting a finger, selecting the contact of destiny. If at any time you lift your finger you will exit this floating menu and will have to start over.

Now you know like share Instagram posts easily with a single touch. This feature is even available with Reels, although in this case the share icon is somewhere else on the screen. Share your favorite posts, your own or those of other people, with the Instagram users you interact with the most with a simple gesture, conveniently and quickly.

How to share on Instagram with a single touch

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