YouTube: 7 essential tricks you shouldn't miss

Smartphone as a remote control, video quality, night mode... The best YouTube tricks

Youtube, the popular video platform Google, has become one of the most successful and busiest sites on the web, with millions and millions of users at all times throughout the globe. But many users They don't know all their possibilities beyond playing videos from your favorite content creators or channels. Therefore, we offer you 7 tricks to get the most out of YouTube, a series of tips that perhaps you didn't know with which you will make the most of many of its features.

Control playback quality

This is one of the most basic options on YouTube but one that we should never lose sight of. And we can always modify the quality of the video being played with respect to our connection and speed, in order to make the video lighter or heavier to guarantee optimal playback. For this only We must go to the gear wheel located at the bottom of the playback window to display the video quality menu, with options to modify the speed, resolution and other characteristics.

Create playlists

We can always create our own playlists if the default lists do not convince us. To do this, we just have to access the videos that are of interest to us and access “Add to” next to the “Share” at the bottom right of the playback window. We will have two options at our disposal, one to save it for later and another to add it to our playlist or start a new one.

Use your smartphone as a multimedia control remote

The latest generation smart televisions or SmartTVs present a more than interesting utility for the YouTube application; and it is that We can configure our smartphone or tablet as a multimedia remote control, in order to achieve a better experience and avoid the awkward use of the standard television remote to move through the menus.

To do this, we just have to download the latest version of the YouTube application on our SmartTV and log in with our YouTube username. On the television we must go to Setting and access Sync up, which will provide us with a URL and a unique code. Already since smartphone or tablet and from the YouTube application we must go to Settings – Connected TV – Add TV. Finally, we must add the previous code to connect our mobile device to the television, so we can view and control YouTube from our smartphone or tablet in the most comfortable way.

The best YouTube tricks

Clear YouTube search history

YouTube, like many other applications or web pages, stores our preferences and history in our account. But we can also delete said history in a very simple way. To do this, and from our active user account, we must access Record from the top left tab. From there we can delete specific played videos or the entire playback history using Delete all watch history. We can also stop the storage of the reproductions using Pause watch history.

Jump to points of interest with Transcript

Sometimes, viewing certain long videos can take forever. Luckily, we have the possibility of opening a menu called “Transcription” in which the most interesting moments of each video will be listed. To do this, we only have to access the three points of “Share” at the bottom of the video window and click on “Transcript.” A window will appear on the right side of the video with the key moments of the video and direct links to them.

Activate YouTube night mode

Along with the new YouTube design, came a new interface option, the so-called “Dark theme”. It is the typical night mode that darkens the entire screen to emit less light and thus facilitate video playback in adverse lighting conditions, thus avoiding eye discomfort. To activate YouTube night mode We must go to our profile and activate the “Dark theme” option.

Essential YouTube Tricks

Check the statistics for “nerds”

It may not be a very useful feature, but you probably didn't know about this option. So, if you do Right-click on the video being played, a floating menu will appear; Well, the last option is “Statistics for nerds”. If we access a small window will appear in the upper left corner with information of all kinds about the video. One more YouTube curiosity.

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