How to download APK files for Android

Follow our advice for installing third-party applications on Android through APK format files; discover how to do it quickly and easily

Let's see how to download APK files for Android. And the ecosystem Android offers great freedom both in the configuration of our devices such as the installation of files and applications; so much so, that we can resort to other digital bazaars of apps without having to necessarily go through Google Play, how can they be Amazon AppStore either APK Mirror, a large database that houses the newest versions of our apps favorites. Sayings sites alternatives offer their files in APK format, a type of file that allows us to install third-party applications on our Android devices.

APK files for Android: how to download

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What is an APK file?

The acronym APK responds to the nomenclature Android Application Package, a kind of file with an extension .apk fully compatible with the Google operating system and containing everything necessary to install applications on our smartphone or tablet based on the popular green Android. Of course, to install this type of files, we need to perform certain actions on our device.

How to install APK files on our Android smartphone

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

Thus, if we try to install an APK file for the first time on our smartphone, the message will appear. Installation blocked. This notice informs us that we cannot install apps from third parties directly. To change it, we must go to Settings through the same window. In this way and already in Settings – Security, we can activate the option Unknown origins, in order to allow our system to allow the installation of APK files at any time.

What's new APK on Android 8.0 Oreo and later

As already we pointed out in another article about Android 8.0 Oreo and later, the latest version of Android offers greater complexity in security issues, including the installation of APK files. So, Starting with Android 8.0 we can no longer generally activate the installation of third-party applications, since it is each application that blocks this type of files.

How to install APK files on our Android smartphone

In this way, if we intend to download an APK file from Chrome or another browser, we must go to Settings of each type of application and activate the option Authorize downloads from this source. Thus, every time we want to download and install an APK file, we will have to do the same with each of the applications that we use.

How to download APK files for Android

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