iPhone 8: How to fix the most common errors and failures

A guide to solve all the problems of the new Apple smartphone

The latest models of popular smartphones Manzana They make our lives easier thanks to their multiple applications, both in the field of communication and leisure. And the last to arrive, either iPhone 8 and 8 Plus or the revolutionary iPhone X, offer cutting-edge hardware with quality levels in line with their high prices. But not everything works perfectly and On certain occasions we can find specific cases where our apple mobile reproduces some type of error or failure.. Therefore, we offer you a guide with the main problems of the iPhone 8 and its possible solutions.

How to fix iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus errors

The screen does not respond or freezes

With the arrival of the new iPhone 8 in stores, the first problems began to be reported by users, such as screen locking and freezing. In some cases, in addition, certain functions remain operational, but this problem prevents us from using the mobile phone normally. Below we offer possible solutions to the problem:

  • Press and hold the Power/Sleep button and slide your finger over the Turn off iPhone icon if the feature is still enabled. Then press the on/off/sleep button again to turn the smartphone back on.
  • If the above method does not work, we can try a force terminal restart. In the case of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, the forced restart method has changed compared to previous models; Thus, we must quickly press the Volume Up button, the Volume Down button and the On/Off button until we see the Apple logo.
  • If it still does not work correctly, we will have to choose to return the iPhone 8 to its factory state. Do not hesitate to consult our step by step guide to completely restore your iPhone with a backup of your applications and content. If after reestablishing the terminal with a backup copy it still continues to fail, we must repeat operation without backup. Finally, if the iPhone 8 screen is still not responding, it will be time to contact the Apple technical service.

iPhone 8: How to fix the most common problems and errors

Terminal overheating

The iPhone 8 features state-of-the-art hardware that offers top-level performance; For this reason, and at times when the processor is most loaded, it may happen that the smartphone suffers from excessive internal heating, whether due to playing demanding video games, multitasking that strains the processor or due to high ambient temperatures. Follow the following tips to lower the temperature of your smartphone:

  • The first and most logical step is to stop using the iPhone 8 until its temperature stabilizes. If we use a cover, it will be advisable to remove it so that heat is dissipated more effectively.
  • Disable auxiliary services that are not essential such as Location services through Settings. On the other hand, areas with little data coverage cause extra effort on the terminal; Deactivate the data service until you find an area with more coverage.
  • If you are playing very technically demanding video games, take a break every so often so as not to stress the hardware more than necessary.
How to Force Restart the iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus

Noises and hums through the headphones

Already at the time of its launch, some iPhone 8 models presented certain problems with unwanted noise and hum through headphones, either in conventional calls or through video calls such as FaceTime.

With new versions of iOS, the problem should have been resolved, therefore, we encourage you to update the device to the latest version of Apple's operating system. However, if you continue to hear humming or other interference through the headphones, you should contact your dealer. Apple technical service or the nearest physical store.

iPhone 8: How to fix the most common problems and errors

iPhone 8 battery problems

Since its launch, numerous cases have been reported in which The battery of the terminal expanded excessively during the charging process, causing an unwanted opening of the metal body of the smartphone.. It is not a very widespread problem but it can affect several iPhone 8 series, since cases have been reported in countries as varied as Taiwan, China, Greece or Canada, among others. If you encounter a similar case, you will have no choice but to contact the Apple technical service or the nearest physical store.

iPhone 8: How to fix the most common problems and errors

The App Store is constantly updated

This is an error that occurred with the first units of the iPhone 8 for which the App Store app kept updating in a loop, something that also affected other Apple brand devices. The most recommended is update to the latest version of iOS, although if the problem persists we can try several solutions:

  • The first thing we can try is restart the smartphone. We simply turn it off and on again; Now we will have to check if the App Store stops updating in a loop.
  • Another valid option is close our session and log in again. To do this we just have to go to Settings and go to our name at the top. Then we must access iTunes Store and App Store – Apple ID – Sign out. Now we can re-enter our data and access the App Store.